Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 18

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Episode 18

Oberoi mansion decked out in it’s party attire. It’s every pillar is arrayed with Shivaani’s favorite purple orchids, Karthik’s red roses, Vaani’s red carnations and pink star gazers for… Each corner saved Indian, continental, Chinese and Thai dishes for Karthik, Shivika, Shivaani and Vaanika respectively…….

Gauri came with Pinky due to the noise in living hall. This single year changed both Rikara and Ruvya also.. Bhavya took a long leave from her department and got engaged with NGOs and charity. And Gauri n her Shankar ji. Full time in Mandir. Om is not at all bothered about anything. His Shayari fever is increased,

Rudra ceased his loquacious nature.

“Anika you are here?? What are you doing here??”, Pinky questioned her surprised.

“Pinky Maa actually I didn’t wanted to come here. Your son insisted me so. One of my precious gem is with him.”

Gauri: Jijji please stop this fight. At least we can see your happiness na. Look nothing left for us.

Om also interfered.

“Haan Bhabhi please give us this lil happiness at least. Like she said, nothing left for us. We opened our mouths for only taunting them, when they existed.”

Jhanvi, Tej and Shakti made their entry…

Shak: Anika beta, what are you doing?? And this preparations!!!

Ani: Papa I’m planning to celebrate my children’s bday today.

VVT, Saahil and their respective spouses arrived suddenly…

VVT: Seriously Anika!!! How could you do this?? Woh bhi mere Kittu ke bina!!

Saahil: Haan di aur Bittu bhi humse rootkar chali gayi thi na. Because of we insisted her to love Vivi.

“Don’t mention her name Mamu. At least she could do a phone call. She has forgotten us completely.”

Shivaani came with holding Dadi and commented.

“Anu leave me……”

Ankita came with shrugging Karthik inside of Oberoi mansion.

Karthi: Mumma, tell me what’s going on here. I know you both are planning something.

Anika’s perfect assistant. It is Ankita… Alphabets are also the same… Haan Anu has an extra ‘T’. She is the shadow of Anika. Oberois’s upcoming bahu.

Let it be…

Here everybody are stunned to know that Anika is gonna celebrate the bday without Shivika and Vaanika. You know about Shivika but what about Vaanika?? What happened to her?? I will tell you later but I’m reminding you, her relationship with others (except Shivaay and Vivi) is not in a pretty good shape.

Shivaay made his entry with Vaani and Vivaan. Anika enviously gazed at Vaani’s hand which is holding Shivaay’s.

Pinky and Shakti hugged them.

Vaani came forth to Shivaani and held her hand.

“Nice to meet you Mis Oberoi.”, Shivaani passed a created smile.

Vaani: Chiku…

Shivaani showed hand and alerted her to stop.

“Please don’t use my pet name. It is using by the individuals who are close to my heart…

Vaani: Appu, Maa, what is she saying samjhao na usse. What is she saying.

Ani: Kya samjhaun main Bittu?? Main kya samjhaun?? A phone call At least a whatsapp message.

Vivi approached Karthik and said,

“Karthik please pardon her. It is your birthday today.”

Karthi: what was our fault Vivi. We just insisted her to love you, only for fulfilling our Kittu’s last wish. Aur humhari behen ne humse rishta hi tod diya. Ek ke saath saath humne apne doosri behen ko bhi kho diya. And which bday you are saying about?? She can live and celebrate without us but we can’t humhare Kittu ke bina kabhi nahi.

Vaani heard everything silently, with her tear brimming eyes. Shivaay side hugged her, which made Anika more and more jealous.

Vivi: Please don’t blame her Karthik. There is a solid reason behind it.

Ani: Ohh really !! What was it Vivi??

Vivaan abruptly looked at Vaani. She nodded no….

“Na na nothing Aunty.”

Ani: But I know the reason…

She moved towards Shivaay.

“The fact is… Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi is manipulated her against me…

Shivaay is super shocked. How could she dump such dirty allegations over him??

Vaani: What?? Are you serious Mumma??

Anika ignored her words…

“Where is my Kittu??.”

Now the others are super shocked.

VVT: Anika!! Kittu… She is…

Anika: She is alive Bhaiyya. She is in his clutches …

Shivaay: Yes Shivika is alive but she lost her memory.

Next shock for others…

Suddenly an argument interrogated.


“Kya Paapa Saanjh alive!! And she lost her memory aur mujhe bataana zaroori ni samjha??

To be continued…….

Sorry for the delay sweethearts. Actually I’m in a fix. There is some problem in my phone and my teaching practice is going on.

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