Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 11

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Episode 11

Anika placed her legs on the floor. She was taking too much efforts to walk herself. In the lack of anybody’s motivation. She hardly stood up and tried to walk. It was really difficult to walk. Nobody knows that now she started to walk. Anika held the wall for a dependence. Then slowly slowly her legs moved.

“You Chor Mumma. Are you walking.”

Anika is about to fall off due to the sudden voice but thank god Karthik held her at the right time.

Anika interrogated him with gestures. “Why are you here.”

Kar: Mumma why are you panicking too much. I’m your son, not your lover.

Shivaay came inside suddenly and thank god Karthik managed to conceal. Shivaay shockingly came in front of her.

“Anika……. Walk walking.”

He hugged her immediately…


Somebody knocked the door and Vivi opened it with dizziness. Vaani and a bundle was gathering there. Bundle means her pillow and blanket.

“Give me some space. I wanna sleep please.”

Vivi: ?? What!! No no you’re a girl and I am a guy…

Vaani: Never mind. A girl’s self esteem will always be obliques, if she did something shameless or not. If it is my turn, then okay I don’t care. Nothing will happen to your reputation.

Vivi: Let it be, I will do something but what is the reason for this shifting.

Vaani: Woh Ahaan Bhaiyya hai na.

Vivi: Ahaan Bhaiyya!!?

Vaani: Urrff don’t you know. Adi’s bro. Chiku’s fiance. He is in our room.

Vivi: What?? ??

Vaani: No need to fear. Nothing gonna happen but my presence will be unfair na. So I excused myself. Adi and Kitto also need some privacy. I can’t access another rooms also. So I thought to come here. Please please.

Vivi: No no you can’t come inside.

Vaani: Please yaar. Only for this night please please.

Vivi: Do onething, shall we go for a drive.

Vaani: It is very cold outside. I can’t.

Vivi: So you are afraid of losing your control.??

Vaani: So cheap yaar. Let’s do something different. You have a plan to create a crack amid Chachus right. I think it’s the time to execute.


Night was getting concentrated and the masti mode is on in Oberoi mansion. Ahaan is still there. Chori chori chupke chupke. Ahaani and Advika were playing truth or dare. Vivaanika peeped inside.

Vivi: I thought something weird but four of them are playing like kids.

Vaani: I told you na. Come let’s join.

Vivi: But I don’t know him.

Vaani: Offo don’t feel shy. He is not a monster. He is so sweet.

Vivi: Sweet!! More than me??

Vaani: off course yeah. My cute Jiju.

Vivaan sighed but why he sighed?? He questioned himself. No reply and his mind erased the question in a minute. Vaani introduced Vivi to Ahaan. Both shook hands Vivaanika joined them.

Ahaan: So let’s we begin.

A feminine voice interrupted suddenly.

“Ohh really do everybody want to play without me.”

Shivaani: ?? Anu what a pleasant surprise.

Anu: I was wishing to meet you all so came with Bhaiyya.

Adi: Hii Anu

Vaani: Makhi tu ??

Anu: ?? look at the mirror and behave yourself. You cockroach

Ahaan: Phir se battle.

Shivika: Okay my baby doll. Come on.

Vivi: Adi who is she??

Shivaani: Our sister in law. ??. She is our Chotte mama’s daughter.

Anu: ??

Kittu: Ahaan Bhaiyya look at her blushing face.

Vaani: In your dreams Makhi. ??

Shivaani: Shut up Bitto. She is our little sister na.

Shivaani hugged Ankita.

Vaani: Little and she!! Are you out of your mind. Look at her she is a Qutab minar.

Anu: Toh?? Your brother is also not a shrub. He is a coconut tree and my height is perfect for him ?? hmm.

Adi: ssshhh is this a fish market?? Others are sleeping.

Shivaani: No way noise toh banti hai aur waise bhi inn sabko chup karaana humhaari bas ki baat nahi hai. I think it is better to go to the terrace.

Vivi: Yeah you are right.

Then everybody marched to the terrace. Like obedient KG class students.

Vivi: Anu why did you stopped just go on. Koi dekh lega.

Anu: ?? look my dream is coming.

Kittu: Karthi.

Ahaan: Yeh yahan kya kar raha hai.

Shivaani: Mumma ko milne aaya hoga.


Junior Oberois and their respective spouses peeped one by one like squirrels. There our real Shivika was doing their intense romance.

Kittu: Chiku look something is different.

Chiku: Yeah Paapa is hugging her.

Kittu: Look at her leg.

Chiku: Seems like butter.

Vivi punched on Shivaani’s head.

“Bewakoof she is walking.”

Chiku: ?? haan.

Vaani attempted to go near them but Vivi grabbed her towards him and they both fell off. Then a long eye lock.

Ankita started beating Karthik and jumped.

“I also wanna fall. Please please.”

Karthik: Shut up. Why can’t you understand that you are a child and I am celebrity. Stop this play okay it will affect both of our future. They can put me behind bars for child molestation. You are a girl don’t forget it.

Ankita started crying. Ahaan and Shivika hugged her.

“Kya hai yaar Karthi. She is a child and it is her infatuation. She will understand it once.”, Ahaan said

Ankita broke the hug.

“I’ll prove it that it is not my infatuation.”

Shivaani: He also hope so. Am I right my Batman ??

Somehow Vivaanika came back to their senses.

Vivi: Offo Shall we concentrate to execute our plan ??

Kittu: Okay okay. Tell us.

Vivi: First of all we have to take away Mama from the room. Adi mm

Vivi alerted Adi and he gestured like he understood. Adi approached Shivaay.

“Paapa I can’t bear that stupid girl. Woh bahot pareshan karti hai mujhe.?”

Kittu:?? I will show you akhir tumhe mere paas hi aana hai na.

Shivika muttered.

Shivaay cupped his face and tried to console him.

“Adi she is a poor cute girl.”

Kittu: Ho na ho Mr Oberoi is a gentleman.

Vaani: Ohh really. You started loving him in a sudden??

Kittu: Arrey Bittu I was just praising him.

Kar: Will you please stop this nonsense. Don’t forget he is the root of everything.

Kittu: I know ?

Shivaani: Me too but sometimes I like him.

Kar: Ohh wow how easily he created a crack amid us. Enjoy with your so called father. I am leaving and after all I have came to meet my Maa. It’s over.

Kittu: Karthi stop it yaar. Who told you that I’m inclined towards him. I hates him maybe more than you but I love Adi and I want him. I will do anything for him. Chahe mujhe uss ke liye Mr Oberoi ke saamne acting bhi kyun na karna pade.

Kar: You know what I don’t want to talk to you. I am leaving.

Kittu: ? get lost me too don’t want to do that.

Ahaan: Kittu, Karthi stop this yaar. You both are fighting with lack of a solid reason and the fact is both of you are sailors of same boat. You both are hating my would be father in law. So you both should stand together.

Shivaani: R u trying to fertilizing their hatred towards Paapa.

Ahaan: No no Chiku I doesn’t meant it. In fact I was trying to cease their fight.

Shivaani : Is this the way ??.

Ahaan: Stop it Shivaani. Why are you enlarging the topic. Please expell me from your family matter.

Shivaani: My family matter!! You and me amid us?? Kab se??

Bachpan se lekar ajj tak hum sirf hum the and now.

Ahaan: Tum baat ko kahan se kahan lekar jaa rahi ho Shivaani. It just came out of my mouth.

Shi: That’s why it was in your mind. Nowadays I am watching your insta stories. With that gone case girls

Shivaani moved aside her head.

Ahaan: They are my colleagues and I don’t want to show you their conduct certificate.

Shivaani: So according to you, you don’t want to prove me anything. I don’t have any right over you.

Ahaan: Think whatever you want.

Kittu: Chiku, Bhaiyya please stop this.

Karthi: You both are fighting cz of us. Sorry.

Shivaani: Not your fault. In fact I failed to understand that vaqt ke saath saath insaan bhi badal sakta hai.

Shivaani wiped her tears and left.

Kittu: Jiju console her na.

Ahaan disdainfully smiled.

“I’m fed up with this daily drama. Everyday, I have to prove myself. I’m leaving.”

Ahaan angrily left Oberoi mansion.

“Now who will drop me ??? to home. Ohh no Mumma will slay me.”

Karthik: Stop this drama I will drop you.

Ankita: ?? Okay.

Anthik also left. Now only Vivaanika and Shivika remained.

Vivi: Offo everybody spilled water on my plan.

Vaani: I’m feeling dizzy.

She yawned, “my room problem is also solved. Kk bye goodnight urrff good morning.”

Vaani and Vivi left one by one. Adi came out desperately.

“Saanjh somehow I managed to convey him. He is willing to come with me for a drive. Shall we execute the plan.

Kittu: Plan!! Kaunsa plan?? Kaisa plan??

Adi: ?? and what about the others??

Kittu: Gone ??.

Shivaay came to them while adjusting his sleeves.

“Come on Adi. Shall we. Anika is also joining us.”

An idea sparked in Adi’s brain.

“Are you coming with us??”

Anika grabbed her hand before she could nod no. Shivaay took three of them to a long drive.

To be continued…….

I know Shivika scenes aren’t included too many. I will try my best to add it in the upcoming chapters. Thank you anonymous for sharing your views. I will definitely strive to make Anika’s character strong and let’s wait for a major crack amid Shivika.

Thank you.

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