Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 8

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Episode 8

Evening, Manali.

Aradhya and Ambika (Saahil’s and VVT’s wives respectively) was doing their daily routine. Watching the evening daily soaps. Ankita read a magazine to ignore her boredom.

“Maa please my music channel please.”

She begged.

“Shut up here I am awaiting to unfold the truth about Vimala’s illegitimate child’s father. Her music channel ??.”

Amb: I think that Vidhyadhar.

Ara: Haan mine also.

Suddenly Ankita’s phone started ringing.

A blushing smile arised on her lips.

“Hello Karthik.”

Kar: Where is Kitto. I wanna talk.

Anu: She is engaged with her thesis. I think she faced some trouble that’s why madam is worried now and I can’t go near her. She will consume me.

Kar: Then okay. She is out of depression. It’s enough.

Anu: Do you want me to pass her some message.

Kar: No nothing. Take care and and that is a rumour say it to Mamis and Kitto.

He immediately hung up the call. Ankita smiled vainly. His relationship with that actress is a rumour. He has numerous paths to express it to others but why in this way??

VVT and Devyani came back to Manali. Their face was declaring their tiredness.

“Vishnu ji,Maa ji, I will on the heater. It is better to take a shower.”, Ambika said.

Aradhya: Food is ready Jija ji. Come fast ?

VVT: Where is Kitto.

Anu: She is busy with her thesis.

VVT: Al right.

“Good evening Mr VVT.”

VVT: You ??

VVT burned in anger after spotting Adi there.

“Why are you here. One minute, r u following my niece.”

Adi: I’m not following your niece but she is following me.

VVT: You are lying. She can’t do such misdeed. She can’t cross the etiquettes.

Adi: Then ask her. No no my spouse.

Amb: Spouse!!

Adi: I forgot to tell you something at that day.

Actually it was my Paapa’s back up plan. He registered our marriage before that marriage melodrama. And your plan backfired.

VVT: I’m trusting my niece. She can’t do that.

Adi: Haan she can’t. But we cheated her too.

Adi chirped like a lizard.

“I want pierce your heart through you your father’s also. In your dreams Mama ji.”

VVT: Shameless. How shameless it is?? Look you both have to break this marriage.

Adi: Ask your niece. If she is willing then I have no problem.

VVT screamed “Kittoooo” and kitto reached living hall like an obedient kid.

“Kitto, I will call the lawyer now. You have to break this marriage.”

Shi: No ??

Ara: Are you crazy Kitto. He is your…

Ara: No Mami he is adopted ??

Others shocked to hear that. Shivika held VVT’s hands.

“Mama ab toh maan jao please.”

VVT: No never ever.

Shi: Why.

VVT: How can I Kitto. You all are my responsibility. How can I give your hands to someone who doesn’t knows anything about his roots. His parents, the family he belongs to.

Shi: He is the member of this family. And you and Mami are his parents.

An unexpected bombardment.

Adi: What??

VVT : What??

Anu: How is it possible Di??

Ambika stood like a frozen statue.

” I donno how is it possible. Mama you know na I am a genetic engineering student. I wanted some DNA samples of 3 individuals without any genetic relation with each other for my thesis. So I used yours, Mami’s and Adi’s hair samples. I don’t know but the samples are matching. Me and my friends repeated the experiment. But it was unbelievable to me. So I compelled my tutor and HOD to do the same. Shockingly, their results were also the same.

Everybody except Ambika and Ankita refused to trust Shivika.


Anika touched Shivaay’s hand. Her eyes carried a question “What happened??.”

Shivaay: How dare you to eat that Aloo poori. I promised na that I will prepare it for you ??.

Anika tugged his hand and he moved forward like an obedient child. She leaned her head and kissed on his cheek.

Offo whose cough is that. ?? Shivaani.

Shivaay: Woh Shivaani woh woh.

Shivaani: I can understand Paapa. I will not misunderstand you.

Anika smiled at both of them.


Vivi’s room

“Yaar Vivi please do something. Otherwise Paapa will slay you.”

Vaani tried to advise.

“Tell me what is your dream.”

Vivi: Game.

Vaani: Haan game. I wanna create a unique game just like COC, Temple Run, angry birds. A unique name.

But I am not getting a unique concept.

Vaani: Think about it. You will get it.

Vivi: No yaar. I can’t.

Vaani: Kabhi kabhi safar zindagi se karo maqsat tumhe khud mil jayega.

Vaani dared to get up. She slipped accidently

He held her and both fell onto the bed. Four eyes shared a cute eye lock. They remained like the same.

Suddenly a call arrived for him. And both youth icons woke up from their dreams.

“I’m sorry.”

She said…

“Me too……. Sorry”

She nodded and left. The caller was Adi. He revealed everything to Vivi.


Anika left alone in her room. Thank god she was sitting on the wheel chair. It moved slightly according to her desired direction. She reached near the window… How many fights, consolings, complements… They did together here… Mind is still young but time doesn’t awaited to resume their lost happiness back. Her two butterflies are talking near pool.

“Shivaani is like you Shivaay, a stubborn tadibaaz. My Karthik… He is just like me. He likes to tease you solely but good in mind. Then Vaani… I just think she is made up of our good qualities. Thoughts like you and activities like me. Finally our Kittu. Our stupid younger daughter. 5 minutes younger than Vaani. Elder is Karthik then Chiku, Vaani and Kitto… Our Khidkithod family. We missed you alot. I won’t let you leave us and never leave you ever.”, Anika thought.

Vaani: It’s Maa’s wish.

“Shut up Vaani. Don’t you know Kitto tried to commit suicide.”

Shivaani screaming without noticing Anika’s existence near them. Her card palace ruined in a second. She strived to remember her daughter’s face. She met her 3 months before. She were the most happiest girl in the world. She mentioned a guy’s name. She loves him. Does he betrayed her?? Anika again tried to find the reason.

“What happened Anika?”

Shivaay touched on her shoulder. She hugged him suddenly.

“What happened?? Give me some signs. I can understand.”

Anika started giving him some hints.

She touched on his and her chests respectively. Then showed four with fingers. Next indicatted a kid with actions.

Shi: We have four kids right.

Anika nodded yes.

She touched her 4th finger and did some actions.

“Yeah our 4th kid is not here. Yes Adi is not here.”

Anika hitted on her forehead. She tried to indicate a girl.

“Ohh you want our daughter.”

She smiled.

“But Anika in such condition you can’t.. We have Shivaani and Vaanika.”

She started crying again. She again did some signs to tell Shivaay that Shivika tried to commit suicide.

“What?? You want our daughter otherwise you will commit suicide.??”

Anika nodded unwillingly.

“One second.”

She alerted and wrote in a paper.

“Shivika our daughter.”

Shi: Definitely Anika we will name her Shivika. Naming is your department. Get well soon.”

Anika furiously threw the paper away. She again weeped.


Ambika unbelievably touched Adi. She stroked his head

“Are you my Chotu??”

Adi: I I donno Aunty.

Shi: Chotu!! Who is he?

Devyani: Vishnu’s long lost son. Tell me one thing you boy. Shivaay adopted you from where?? From some orphanage.??

Adi: No from Dwaraka. He found me from Dwaraka. He told me that I was in the clutches of some smugglers. And he saved me. I am unaware of my past. I think I was 1 or two years old.

Ambika hugged him tightly. Adi felt a special feeling which he never for anyone.


He called.

“Vishnu ji our son is back. I told you na. He will be back and look he is back”

VVT stood numbed…

He started talking slowly.

“I want to pierce your heart through you, your father’s also but I didn’t knew that I piercing my heart. I am a bad Dad. Ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena.”

Adi: What are you doing. This apology won’t suits you. I like my villain Dad.

VVT hugged him. Then some family moments.

“Ohh now everybody deserted this elder son.”

Everybody looked at the direction. A guy carrying his American tourister was standing in front of them.

Aradhya: ?? Ahaan (Ranbir Kapoor). Are you back??

Ahaan stuffed an envelope on VVT’s hands.

“Dad here is the test report. At least you can trust me right. Kitto knew that you will suspect her intentions and she sent the samples to. Now it clear like water. He is my brother.

Ahaan hugged Adi…


Some days later.

“Shivaay I think you should try artificial insemination.”, Om advised Shivaay.

Rudy: Yeah he is right. Bhabhi is becoming adamant about her wish of getting a daughter. This probz affected her frequent recovery and leading her to cerebral hemarag.

Shi: I think she wanna meet Adi. We don’t know na what is her wish.

Om: Then call him… It is more than a month I think he should come back.

Meanwhile in Manali Ambika was feeding Ahaan, Adi and Shivika.

Advika’s phone rang united.

Adi smiled due to Shivaay’s name on the screen.

Ahaan: Kitto my chipkali is calling you.

Kitto: Don’t you dare. She will eat you.

Ahaan: Hehe.

Both attended their respective calls.

Shivaay: Did you forgot us??

Adi: No no Paapa.

Shi: Come back soon okay. We are missing you.

Shivaani: Kitto Maa got to know about your suicide attempt.

Shivika: What ??

Shivika shouted loudly.

To be continued…….


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