Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 7

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Episode 7

Adi quickly packed his luggage. He furiously stuffed his belongings inside of the baggage.

“Where are you going.??.”

Adi: Kyun bataun. Tumne mujhe kuch bataya kabhi. Saanjh I am feeling that I am in love with an unknown girl. I know but I don’t know anything about her. You are under a veil. Don’t you think I have the right to know about the girl I am in love with??

Shi: You also concealed the truth na Adi ??.

Adi: Which truth.

Shi: That you are the adopted son of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Adi: Don’t change the topic. My adoption isn’t interlinked with our relationship.

Shi: Who told you?? It is interlinked.

She cupped his cheeks possessively.

“Look at my eyes. Can’t you see someone’s shade in it?? Someone who is close to your heart.”

Adi unbelievably separated her hand from his cheek.

Adi: Saanjh.

Shi: I’m in love with you. I am trusting you. I told you right that I will be back for completing our incomplete wedding vows. But I couldn’t, I couldn’t become your spouse.

She kneeled and sobbed. Adi stood on his knees. He held her shoulders.

“Why?? I want to know that.”

Shi: Marry me. I will tell you.

Adi: Saanjh I think you’re forgotten. We already registered our marriage. Do you remember, we signed in the register office. If you want a wedding including all rituals then solely it will takes place in everybody’s presence. Now tell me.

Shi: You won’t Leave me ever na.

Adi: Never ever baba tell me ?.

Shivika stood and walked a little.

Shi: I was unable to take the wedding vows with you kyunki.

Adi: Kyunki.

Shivika looked at him.

“Kyunki main khud ek oberoi hoon. Yes I….am…. an Oberoi. Your so called adopted father’s daughter. Shivika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Daughter of Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.”

Adi couldn’t believe his ears.

“Paapa,……daughter… No….no

I can’t believe this.”

Shi: I thought that you’re my step brother. I doesn’t heard about custom of marrying my own brother. It is against our etiquettes na. Then I got to know about you are adopted. You know I was dancing in the seventh sky. Finally I rescued you.”

Adi: I can’t believe this. You are my Paapa’s…

Shi: Look at this eyes. It is just like your dad’s. I hates him, I hates his eyes, his name… Everything. I was hiding my identity and I will do it for lifelong. Because I hates my so called originator.

Adi: Why??

Shi: Because he robbed our Mumma from us. He already gained a father’s love, affection and care from us. Then our Mumma. That ruthless human being had sent a goon for killing our pregnant Mumma. We never got any right which we are deserving for. You don’t know how many times we wished for those parental care. Mamas were always there for us.

Adi: No Saanjh Paapa can’t do that.


Oberoi Mansion

Shivaay was feeding Anika some soup. Anika tightly closed her lips after one or two spoons.

“Anika please have.”

She assertively nodded no. Shivaay got an idea suddenly. He kissed her….


She widely opened her mouth. Shivaay stuffed a spoon full of soup in her mouth.

“Don’t don’t dare to spit.?”

Anika moved her head unwillingly. She was chewing the mushrooms like a kid. Shivaay sighed irritatingly.

“I will cook Aloo poori for you. Wait a little.”

Her eyes sparkled, she opened her mouth widely. Vivi arrived with playing the video game.

“Did you called me Mama.”

Shi: Yeah. Kal se tum office jaoge.

Vivaan looked at Shivaay with his goggle eyes.

“That is Adi’s department na.”

Shi: Then what is yours?? I wanna know.

Vivi: My dreams.

Shi: Didn’t you find it till now??

Anika held Shivaay’s hand and told him to give Vivi an another chance by expressions.

“Okay 3 days. Till then try to reach your motive. Otherwise…”

Vivi: Okay ??

Vivi desperately left the room. Vaani was watching all these.


“Mam here is your parcels.”, a servant came with some accessories which Shivaani ordered for. Meanwhile Shivika Ruvya and Vaanika were busy in arranging the room for Vaanika and Shivaani. Vaani easily mingled with Ruvya.

Bha: Vaani I am in your team. We will make up your portion.

Rudy: Yeah me too.

Shivaay: Me and Anika are in your side.

Shivaay said to a distressed Shivaani.

“Okay Paapa ??.”

Then a celebration occurred there.

“Paapa Paapa this Disney princesses is in my portion.”

“Rudy Chachu that stars and lights are mine.”

Anika’s mind sparkled in rejoice. She missed her Karthi and Kitto.

“Shall we help you??”

Rikara’s entry.

Rudy: No no we don’t want anything. It is all over.

Om: Shivaay, they are our children also na.

Rudy: No no. Vaani is our daughter.

Shivaay: And Shivaani is ours.

Gauri: ?? Our mango tree will also flourish once.

Om: Come on Gauri. Rakhlo apne betiyon ko apne paas. We are going.??

Rikara furiously left and Khanna entered.

“Shivaay sir that cricketer came to meet you.”

Rudy: You mean Karthik.

Anika started searching him in her surroundings. Her heart rushed for meeting him. Anika moved her legs. But none noticed it.

Rudy: Ohh it is time tell the commentary.

Bha: Commentary??

Rudy: You wait and watch.

Bha: I’m his fan. He is playing well.

Shivaani: No no Chachi he is not much good. ??

ShivRu: Correct.

Vaani: I am agreeing with you Paapa. He is a worst player. ??

All of them marched to the living hall.

“hmm ??. Your pakoras are mind blowing Aunty.”

Karthik praised Gauri’s cooking skills.

Jhanvi: Waise recipe is mine.

Karthi looked at Jhanvi.

Kar: Kisne kaha??

Jhan: What??

Kar: I mean kisne kaha ki Shridevi is no more. She is in front of me. You are Shridevi’s carbon copy.

Jhanvi reached at nineth sky. Anika covered her mouth and started giggling.

“hmm dramebaaz.”, Shivaani hitted her forehead and muttered. Meanwhile Shakti and Om was silently watching all the dramas.

Shi: Somebody can tell me, what’s going on here??

Sha: Shivaay who is she??

Shakti raised his finger at Pinky.

“She is my Mom.”

Sha: No Madhuri, Madhuri Dixit.

ShivRu: ??

Jhanvi told Gauri to give him more Pakoras.

“No Aunty my stomach is full. If I will continue this then I can’t have my lunch. I am going.”

Dadi: No you have to stay here and have your lunch with us.

Karthi: No no Dadi. How can I. You all are elite people and I am…

Dadi: Chup ek dum chup. Waise I am jealous. You have praised my devil daughter in laws. Never did mine ??.

Karthik pulled Dadi’s cheeks.

“Cutie Cutie Dadi you are my Hemamalini.”

ShiRu stood beside Karthik. Shivaay started looking here and there of the ceiling.

“Rudy, inform Khanna to arrange my chopper. Somebody has lifted my family to seventh sky.

Rudy: Shivaay Bhaiyya ki jai ho and the score is 3-3. Nobody can beat my Bhaiyya.

Bhavya approached Karthik and introduced herself.

“Hiii I’m Bhavya Rudra Singh Oberoi.”

Kar: Aww it is a pleasant surprise. I didn’t knew that Rudra Singh Oberoi has such an young daughter.

Bha: ??

Rudy: What?? I am her husband. In fact I am 4 years younger than her.

Kar: Sorry Uncle I solely said what I noticed. ??

Bha: I am your die hard fan Karthik.

Kar: No Aunty I am your die hard fan. The way you are proving cases. It’s just amazing.

ShivRu shivered in anger.


Om: Shivaay what are you doing??

Shivaay: Nothing Om I am preparing Aloo poori for Anika. After long long years. ??

OmRu looked each other and smirked.

Shi: What happened. Why are you both smirking??

Rudy: Come with us I will show you.

Meanwhile at pool side.

“Mumma you don’t know. He is a no. 1 attitude Raja Mumma attitude Raja.”

Anika started giggling……

“Are you giggling at me. I know you are also in his side.”

They did more chit chats.

“Why are you so sad Mumma.”

Anika touched her chest. Then showed 4 with fingers. Then indicatted a kid with hand.

“Ohh you wanna see your 4th kid. Kitto. Mumma you are right. She is always a kid among us. I will fulfill your wish soon.”

  1. He fed her a pinch of Aloo poori.

Rudy: Did you see that?? He already made it. His score is increasing Bhaiyya and yours is still 3. But this Rudy found out the solution.

SSO: What?? Tell me.

Rudy: Not now I have a demand.


Karthik sat close to Dadi. He side hugged her.

“Sorry Dadi. I can’t have lunch with you all. I have a meeting. It is urgent.”

Dadi: I will feel bad ??.

Kar: Dadi please it’s urgent. But I will be back. Promise.

Dadi: Ok, but stop praising haan.

Kar: I ceased early cz tariff sirf ajnabi karte hain apne nahi.

Some special feeling has striked in her mind. Pinky came with a bowl of halwa.

“You are not having lunch. At least eat this halwa.”

Kar: K but in one condition. You have to feed me.

Pin: Off course.

Pinky fed him and he finished the full bowl.

“Hmm sweet. Just like you.”

He pulled Pinky’s cheeks.

Kar: I’m leaving….

Karthik walked away from them. They felt something bad like someone is going who is close to their hearts.

To be continued…….

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