Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 6

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Episode 6

Shivaay unbelievably kneeled. His broken heart tried to repair itself. Tears doesn’t ended it’s flow. Somehow he managed to wipe it off.


She was also sobbing… silently. Her eyes identified him and she tried to call him. But it was not an easy task. She wasn’t healthier. If she was, then at least would have tried to get up midst of fire.

“Anika get up. Why are you lying here. Get up damn it.”

Shivaay taunted her, but any of his scolding showed any change in her.

“Ohh planning to commit suicide??”

“Tumhe aag se michmichi machti hai ki nahi.”

She smiled.

“Anika you are a single piece in the whole world, who is smiling in such deadly situation. Please get up.”

Shivaay rubbed his forehead.

“Urff I think I should do something.”

He lifted her and somehow managed to get rid of the burning outhouse.

Even now fire spreaded over Shivaay. He doesn’t cared about it. Anika is his priority now. But there is an individual who is caring for Shivaay. His stubborn daughter. She rubbed and beated on Shivaay’s back to vanish the immediate spreading of fire.

“Take care of yourself also ??.”

Shivaani roared at Shivaay. Vaani and Anika are damn surprised. Anika began to cry. Shivaay tried to made her stand on ground. But she was about to fall off. Thank god, OmRu held her at the right time.

Om: Shivaay what are you doing. She is paralyzed.

Vivi shocked. He rubbed his forehead in regression.

Shivaay also stunned.

Shivaay: Paralyzed!!

He remembered the moments with her. Her blabbering. Shivaay once again gazed at her.

But how. Where did you get her from??

Rudy: We don’t know Bhaiyya. Somebody left her in my car. Maybe Saahil.

Om: Sahil!! Where is he??

Rudy: We don’t know. It all were our assumptions.

Tej: But yeh aag kisne lagaai.

Vivi panicked. He covered his mouth and breathed fast in fear.

Vaani: Woh Uncle I lighted a candle for something and forgot to… I am sorry.

Then she don’t know anything. She just know the feeling of that tight slap. Shivaay was shivering in ire. Vivi touched his own cheek. He deserves the slap na.

“How easily you apologized. Do you know who she is?? She is my wife. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.”

Shivaani and Vaanika got surprised by Shivaay’s action.

Om: You promised us that you will take good care of her. Right Shivaani. Is this your great way of hospitality??

Shivaani crouched her head.


VVT was having his morning tea and reading the newspaper. Nani sat beside him, her eyes were swollen.

“I wanna meet her, my long lost daughter.”

He placed the cup on the table.

“I don’t think so. It is not fair. It will affect our revenge.”

Nani: Revenge revenge revenge. Always same replica. Gauri is my daughter and your sister.

VVT: This relationship will affect her family life. Don’t forget, she is a wife and mother. I don’t want her son suffer from the same problem which I had undergone through. You hails from an elite family. The love in your love marriage doesn’t supported your external needs. Paapa was a middle class ordinary employee. You forcefully separated yourself and his son from him. Then always tried to snatch his daughters. I tried my best for making you understand your mistakes. Aur main ne jab samjha liya tab tak bohot dher ho chuki thi. Now he is no more. No no my sister is leading a happy life. I don’t want this relationship affect her marital status. And Maa sometimes I am feeling that Oberois are innocent. They are treating Gauri as their daughter. The real antagonist is SSO.

Nani: Blame me as much as you want. But I want to meet my Chutki. It is my right.

VVT: Hmm okay, I will try my best.


“Do you want apples. Pesticide free, tension free. Himachal is known for apples.”

Shivika kissed on an halfly eaten ripened apple and bounced to Adi. He also kissed and had the Apple. Shivika again tried to acquire one.

“aah my eyes.”

Adi: What happened, maybe dust. Lemme check.

Shivika removed her lens and rubbed her eyes. The dust particle came out. Her eyes resembled like Shivaay.

A marble eyed girl. Kanchi aankhon wali.

She happily gazed at Adi.

“Now it’s….. Ohh ??? ohh no.”

Adi furiously walked from there and she followed him.


Vaani opened the door of that dark room. She heard silent weeps from a corner. Vaani switched on the lights.

Vivi was sobbing like a lil kid. Vaani ran to Vivi, kneeled beside him and hugged.


He bowed his hands like a child.

“I deserved that slap. I am really sorry. But I didn’t knew that she is paralyzed. I did a sin. Don’t you see her. She can’t utter just a word and I.”

Vaani: It’s k. Past is past.

Vivi: Like they are saying, I felt like I a parasite. None told me that she is Mama’s wife. Am I a parasite.

Vaani: Stop it yaar and come with me.

Vivi: Where.

Vaani: Say sorry to your Aunty. Then you will feel relaxed.


Om’s room

“Today our family is complete. I am so happy Shivaay.”, said Om.

Shi: No Om somethings are missing. I can feel it.

Rudy: Maybe Saahil Sahil. You are missing him maybe.

Shi: Then what happened to Anika. I have to find out.

Om: Urrff Shivaay, at least now lift this CID veil. Bhabhi wants you. Go and take care of her. She is showing good signs of recovery. She will confess you everything.

Pinky approached him with a bowl of soup.

“Shivaay feed her something. She will feel good.”

Shivaay happily nodded and went to his room.


Vivaan stood on his knees and held Anika’s arm. He was crying badly.

“Please forgive me. I didn’t know that you are paralyzed. I thought you will rush out after seeing that fire. Everybody was mocking at me and deserted also ??. Sorry.”

Anika slowly touched on his head and patted. She wiped his tears. Nodded no. Then a superb gorgeous smile.

Vaani: Offo Vivi now stop this emotional drama. Acha don’t tell anyone. Hai na Aunty ??.

Anika rudely frowned at Vaani. Anika nodded willingly to Vivi.

“This secret will remain amid us.”, Vaani said.

She showed a hand for promise. Anika held Vaani’s hand and awaited for Vivi’s. Finally he also. Ohh no. SSO was overhearing everything. He felt bad for his actions against Vaani. Coincidentally Anika saw Shivaay.

“Sssshhhh ?”

She alerted him to be silent.

Shivaay smiled at her.

He slowly arrived near them.

“I’m sorry for that slap.”

Vaani: It’s k Uncle. It is your right. That slap recreated my childhood.”

She easily ignored her grooving tears.

” Ok. From today you both will live with us. In Oberoi Mansion.”

Anika and Vaani’s faces sparkled in rejoice.

“I will say khanna to set up your room.”

He screamed.


And Khanna obediently stood forth to them in a minute.

“Arrange their room. Right now.”

Suddenly Anika clutched Shivaay’s hand. She raised a finger on Khanna. Next signed ‘why’ by hand then touched on Shivaay’s chest. Next raised her finger on Vaani and then like? and dislike ? symbols.

Shiva: Ohh “Why Khanna, I have to arrange their room according to their likes and dislikes.” right.

Anika showed a thumbs up and threw a vase on window and the glass has broken into pieces. Anika then pulled Shivaay’s cheeks. Shivaay touched on his head irritated.

“Ohh Khidkithod Baagad billa right.”

Anika nodded yes. Vaani shocked to see Anika’s sudden behavior change.

Vivi: Aunty you are awesome ??. I can imagine your power at those periods.

Shivaani and Bhavya rushed to the room.

“What happened Badebhaiyya.”

Shi: Nothing your Bhabhi tried to visualize khidkithod.

Shivaay said with pointing at the broken window.

Bha: Really Bhabhi. We are missing your self-made dictionary. Khidkithod,, michmichi, phail gaya raayta, 2 rupees and something something.

Anika smiled at Bhavya.

“Start talking soon okay. We will plan some conspiracy against these Obros.”

Anika and Bhavya did a hifi.

Shivaani also surprised to see the sudden change and happiness in Anika. She tried to smile at Shivaay.

SSO: Anika I will make up a room for them tomorrow but what about today??

Anika punched on the bed two times.

SSO: Here ?? and me??

Anika raised her finger towards the couch.

SSO: Couch ??. Hmm Okay.

Vaani pulled Anika’s cheeks.

“Aunty, Uncle can we call you Mumma Paapa. We lost them already, now I’m feeling that I regained them.”

An unknown happiness originated in Shivaay’s mind.

“Haan haan why not.”

Vaani looked at Shivaani. She moved her head disdainfully.

“Call him otherwise you will loss the right to call her Mumma.”

Vaani whispered in her ears.

Shivaani: Theek hai Paapa ??

Anika sighed due to relief.

SSO: We already have two sons and now 2 daughters also.

Anika rudely frowned at him again.

Vivi: No worries Aunty. One of them is me and the other one is Adi. He is adopted. I’m the son Ranveer Randawa and Priyanka Randawa. Now both are no more.

Vivi said everything in a breath. Anika shocked by Prinku’s death news.

Bhavya tried to console her. Shiva and Vaani both hugged her.


Shivaay laid on the couch. He is watching his dear ones are sleeping. His heart saved an unknown affection for these both girls, an unknown bond. But he is still feeling something missing.

To be continued…….

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