ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-36

Here the episode starts…..

Anika slapped daksh and said not a word more about her character…..

Shivaay smiles seeing her new avatar….

Daksh while keeping his hand on his cheek where anika slapped him and said how dare u to slap me…

Anika said i m very much dared to do anything ….

but i m just regretting of one thing that i should do it much before….

When u slapped me for the first…. It was my mistake to stay quite

But not now…Mr daksh khurana… What u said or u did with me i always stay calm i thought it will me normal after sometime ….

But today u crossed ur all limit…. What u said to me that everyday i slept with shivaay…. Chi… Chi…how can u be so cheap…

Shivaay was shocked listening what daksh said to her about him and her character….

He is about to go to beat him but omru hold him and said let anika handle this…..

Daksh get angered and said so my wife become jhansi ki Rani she learnt how to raise voice but not in front of me….saying this he cluchted her hair….

Anika screamed in pain….shivaay sees this and shout daksh …..i will not leave u….

Anika said no shivaay u will not come in between i will handle him.

Now i tell u daksh how it feels when u get torture…..

Daksh said u got that much courage even in pain u r still jhansi ki Rani but kab tak i will break u….

Anika still in pain said daksh u already broke me the day when i get married to u..

But now i will…its tym to get back that anika who some where lost after marrying u….saying this she goes near daksh with force and said going near to his ear now i will show how it feels when ur husband romance with u like a wild animal…..

Saying this she go near his neck and bite on his neck….
Daksh shout in pain and leave her hairs….

Anika bents down take her chandni and starts beating him …..

Daksh shout in pain but anika didn’t stop….she make him black and blue with her chandni….

Daksh in pain said i m really sorry anika what i did with u….plz forgive me…plz….

Anika said i will never forgive u but u can do me a favor….

I want divorce……meet u in court and now get lost..

Daksh said i will not give divorce to u….

Anika said Mr daksh u have to give me…u had no choice else i will complain in police and then u will be arrested…

Sahil come and said then u will be chaki… Pissing pissing in the jail then think which option is better…

After all this insult daksh left from there….

Omruhil hugged anika and said well done didi

u did o my Mata of that daksh…. Saying this all laughed and they all left….except shivika…

Anika smiles and said to shivaay finally i did it…..

Shivaay smile and hugged anika but she get shocked but then she repricrote…

They broke the hug…anika said to shivaay… U did a lot for me can u plz do one more thing for me….

Shivaay said anika u just say once i will do anything for u….

Anika said shivaay i want freedom from daksh as soon as possible will u help me …that the hearing of divorce will be over as soon as possible plz…will u do this to me….

Shivaay said anika i will help u ,u need not to ask me…

He called some one and after talking… On phone

Shivaay said anika tomorrow ur divorce procedure will finish and from tomorrow onward daksh will be out from ur life….

Anika said thank u shivaay for all this…

Shivaay said no need of this…. They go back to hall….

And they saw Tia is back…..

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  1. Ashwinee

    Awesome update di

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    wow back to back 3 episode thanks anika did daksh ommt was lovely amazing keep writing

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome

  4. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

  5. Yvonne Codner

    Amazing Savera. I do hope that Daksh era is over.

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    Superb update…

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