ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-31

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Here the episode starts….

Anika was going to hit vikram from hockey but shivaay holds her and said   that’s enough jhansi ki Rani he will die….anika try to free from shivaay’s grip and said shivaay leave me i won’t leave this 6.5 foot cheepda aadmi…..

Shivaay shouts khaanna…..and try to calm anika and said its OK anika the way u beat him in his dream he never tried to touch any girl….

Vikram said i..i..m sorry… Shivaay is ….right i never try to touch ….any girl in dream ….also

Anika said shivaay leave me…today i will his hands….

Shivaay said anika he is saying sorry….just forgive him…

Anika said shivaay what u think first do some one’s murder then say sorry and u think everything will be fine….

Shivaay said for murder case police is there to punish the culprit…
Just then khanna comes…

And said shivaay sir what happen?…
Shivaay said khanna r u blind first take this vikram from here …..

Khana takes vikram from there ….and anika somehow relaxed….and he leaves her…

Shivaay said anika …anika u just stay here i will just come…. And he goes from there…

Shivaay comes to vikram…. and holds his collar and said don’t u dare to touch anika or some other girl else the consequences may be worst today i saved u…but u know very well who..i m and what can i do…and one thing more our friendship ends here as the man who don’t know how to respect women that type of cheap man can’t be my friends and he pushed him and said just get lost from here….

Vikram leaves from there….
Shivaay go to anika who was standing near pool area shivaay is facing back of her….
Shivaay sees her and said anika today u did a great job the way u beat vikram i thought that soul of durga ma come inside u….and anika turns toward shivaay…. She is still holding her chandni in her one hand….

Shivaay see this and said anika vikram has gone u can drop ur chandni now…

Anika said becoz i want to beat more…
Shivaay said anika but vikram left whom will u beat..?

Anika said you…..

Shivaay gets shocked and he also get 440 volt listening her….

Shivaay is little bit scared and said anika…why…will…u..beat me..what i have done?

Anika come closer to him holding her chandni in one hand and said i will tell u why will i beat u ….and she starting hitting shivaay near her shoulder ….

Shivaay shout and said anika what i have done ? He start ? running and anika goes behind him with chandni in one hand and said what u were saying what will i do if vikram try to molest me now i tell u what should u do….

Shivaay while running i m sorry anika i did this becoz i want u to take stand to urself… And while running  he comes in the room and. Anika also comes in the room….

Shivaay still ? running and anika is behind him and saying what u think shivaay i can’t stand for myself….

Shivaay said if i beat vikram for u then u didn’t get chance to beat him and u can’t overcome from ur fear…

Look at urself u become that much khatron ke khiladi  u r beating shivaay Singh oberio…. Like no one has dare to do this….

Listening all this anika stops and drops her chandni and shivaay while running turns back to see anika …he saw anika standing…. So he also stops…

Shivaay said thank god u stopped ….i think now u r also tired he goes near to her with a glass of water ? he said to anika who said u to run ? that much he saw her standing silently he asked her what happen before a minute u r running after SSO and now u came on silent mode….then he says OK take this water and drink u will feel relaxed…

Anika take water from shivaay and splashed ?on shivaay’s face….shivaay said what the wuck he looks at anika…

But anika suddenly hugged him and start crying loudly …

Shivaay was shocked by her sudden gesture… And her crying loudly…

Anika said to him while crying u always wanted to know why i m scared of everything….. Because the way today…. I beat vikram….. Da… Daksh….usused…to beat me…he knows very…. Well that i m….scared of ….darkness instead of this he used…to lock me room….and i have no one to tell …my …pain….i can’t even tell this….to sahil becoz he is so small….with tym i m used to of fear….pain…..i m scared of….his..presence…..

Shivaay while patting her back he said relaxed anika……nothing will happen to u no one will beat u… No one will anything to u …..

They broke the hug shivaay makes her sit on bed… Anika said u know before marraige i was a dabang anika but after that i become scared anika

U know…. U asked me many…tym.. Why i m scared… But i never… Tell u…becoz i thought… U will also leave me our friendship…

Shivaay kept finger on her lips and said i will never leave u our friendship…. U know u r stupid…
How can u even think this

And said now no more tears he wipes her tears and kissed on her for head..

and said if daksh will try to beat u from now u will beat him back…..and u can use hockey stick also i will not stop u…and  They smile….?

Hope u guys liked it

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  1. Emotional but liked the way sso supported her post next one fast wating for it

  2. Awesome…. loved it a lot..finally Annika has overcome her fear…I like how shivay care for Annika hope you will update the next episode soon…you are really great

  3. Aashi9

    glad Anika turned dabang
    update soon

  4. Yvonne Codner

    Hilarious..they way Annika was chasing SSO with her slippers to beat him :DWL… I am happy that she has finally expressed herself to Shivaay so he can understand her strange behavior.

    Happiness is around the corner for Anu! Superb Savera!!!

  5. Super update di. ….
    At last anika came out from fear……
    Now daskh ka omm will happen ☺☺
    Update next asap…..

  6. Ashwinee

    Dabang anika. Just loved it di had a whole lot of laughter. Amazing

  7. Niriha

    Awesome…loved it to the core…jhansi ki rani is back ??waiting for next part update soon

  8. SatyendraSharma

    I loved it heights????Awessoommee..Daband khidkitod anika is back with full on tadi.Plzz plzzz post soon.
    With love

  9. eagerly waiting for the next

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

  11. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved it….

  12. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

  13. Gayathri.visu

    Dabang Anika is back….yayyyyyy! Atlast her spoke her heart out in front of Shivaay. Loved the way, Shivaay consoles n cares for her.

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