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Hii guys back again well I want a suggestuion that if I imply something mysterious in shivika’s love story will you all have any problem. Do comment and let me know whether I should imply something mysterious in their love or not. And thanks to all of you for commenting. Now let’s move on to the next episode.

Anika get’s shocked after knowing the fact that Shivay has told them that she has undergone abortion. She clarifies everyone’s doubt and she ask
Anika: where are omru??
Everyone breaks down after listening to this. Pinky consoles jhanvi.
Daadi: om died anika three months after you left oberoi mansion and rudra will come back after some time from office
Anika: what are you saying daadi it is not possible. I left this house when my pregnancy was of seven months that means om died just after the birth of shivam.
Jhanvi: I know beta you are shocked but this is the truth you know om got missing for 5 days and then we got the news of om’s dying
Pinky: anika shivay has killed him
Anika: no pinky aunty I met om after one year of shivam’s birth
Rudra: what are you saying bhaabhi?
Anika: rudra?????????
Rudra: I was listening to all of your conversation but no one noticed me
Jhanvi: what did you say anika? Om met you after one year of shivam’s birth matlab mummy ji my om is still there at some corner of this world.
Everyone sees a ray of hope of om’s coming back
Pinky: but mummy ji that video all those paper all those recordings of shivay torturing om are fakes?
Jhanvi: but how is it possible? All those papers, videos, and recordings are true as per every expert photographer, video makers. Also police cannot find om out. If he is alive then we have traced him out till now.
Anika: wait jhanvi aunty everything can be made fake in this world. Some raita is there behind all these dramas. Now I should move can I take rudra along with me?
Daadi: han puttar take him he will then also help you to find all these mysteries.
Anika was going and suddenly something came into her mind
Anika: daadi why shivay is out of ths house?
Pinky: because he killed omkaaraa and married tia who wanted to destroy our family
Anika: ok

Anika thinks this can’t be the only reason something more is there behind all this. Anika moves out of oberoi mansion she was trying to understand all what have happened to oberoi mansion after she left and she don’t know about any of the incidents shocked her even more.
Anika and rudra was travelling by car shivam was also there with them no one was taiking to other. Shivam was playing with his mumma’s hair but anika was not noticing and was deeply involved in her thought.
Rudra: bhabhi you said you met om 4 years ago whereyou met him and how you met him.
Anika: om came to my house he was not in him he was total stressed and was just repeating that I should return to oberoi mansion or else I will loose everything. I asked him what is the meaning of all those which he was saying. I asked him to sit down and I went away to get some water for him. But when I returned he was gone from there. I was totally shocked and tried to contact him but could not find his any trace. Once I thought to return but then shivay’s words came infront of me and I stopped.
Rudra: bhabhi bhaiyaa is married to tia then how come you are living with him.
Anika: he said he is not married to her
Rudra: but bhabhi they showed us their marriage certificate to us.
Anika: rudra bahut saaraa raita ek sath phaila hai if we have to get answer of everything we have to think all the incidents that happened together as I feel like all the incidents are liked to one another.
Rudra: ok bhabhi let’s meet at the coffee shop tomorrow I will also called soumya.
Anika: ya rudra where is soumya why is she not there at oberoi mansion?
Rudra: bhabhii I will clear all your doubts tomorrow.


Guysssssss please please do comment. Hey another thing I was writing another ff on shivika but I was thinking that whether to post it along with this one or after completing this one what do you guys suggest please comment and tell me. Love you all guys loads-NILASH

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  1. Fabulous

    1. Nilash

      Thank You ANAYA

  2. Sairan

    Wonderful… ur interpretation…How thoughts of Suspense story are appreciable…Plz post it side by side if u can ???

    1. Nilash

      I will try to post the two ffs side by side. Also give me suggestions that how can I improve the mystery

      1. Sairan

        U r absolutely awesome…No need of any suggestions..Go on..U r rocking

  3. Shuklarashi

    Wonderful know anika, rudra & soumya will find om know

    1. Nilash

      Maybe let’s see what happens next. Stay tuned for all the upcoming shocks as?????

  4. Gangu

    Full of suspense .you how to keep us in line

    1. Nilash

      Please give some suggestions that how can I make the story more mysterious

  5. Vincy

    Nice… Pls no mystery

    1. Nilash

      Vincy I promise the mystery part in Shivika’s life will be interesting ass well. It will be full of Shivika moments and shocks

  6. Its superbbbb……????

    1. Nilash

      Thank You BHAVNA

  7. A lot of mysterious. Good one dear

    1. Nilash

      Thanks NIKITA

  8. loving this sooo much

  9. loving this sooo much yes we neeed mystery which will make it more amazing plss post soon

    1. Nilash

      Ayesha I will surely try to implement some twists along with mystery in Shivika’s life and will try to post ASAP



    1. Nilash

      Are you calling me Sir??? I am a girl and ya we all love ISHQBAAZ

  11. Shivika

    Osum……post soon…eagerly waiting for nxt

    1. Nilash

      Will try to post ASAP. Hey give some suggestions that how can I make the story more mysterious

  12. Pls do post nxt epi soon………waiting eagerly.!!!!

    1. Nilash

      Will try to post ASAP

  13. Interesting

    1. Nilash

      Thank You SSO

  14. Superb…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You ANKITA

  15. Mrunal

    super duper episode…

    1. Nilash


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