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Guyyss thanksss to all of you for commenting on my ff. no talks today just straight way let’s go to the ff

Shivay and anika was standing in the hugging position
Shivay (in naughty tone): anika see you again came back again in my life
Anika: hawwww mr. billu ji I did not come back you invited me back in your life if you don’t want me I can go out
After telling this anika tries to break the hug but shivay tightens his grip and kisses on the forehead of his cute angry wife
Anika: why are you not leaving me you don’t love me then why showing sympathy
Shivay understood anika really grew very angry
Shivay: allleee my paanikaa grew angry on me. I love my baby more than I love anyone and anything else

Anika: then why do you say those words? Do you how much those words hurts me
Shivay: I’m sorry anika I love you I love you I love you I love you loaddddsssss loaddddssss loaddddsss
Anika: ok now stop also
Shivay breaks the hug
Anika: shivay now go to your wife she must be waiting for you
Shivay (shocked): wife??????

Anika: ya I’m talking about tia
Shivay: have you lost it I said you that you are my only wife
Anika: but…. The whole world know tia is your wife
Shivay: anika they knew about it but now they know anika is my wife and I love my wife a lot
Anika: and what about daadi, omru, pinky aunty, jhanvi aunty, tej and shakti uncle. Whay do you leave over here you should be in oberoi mansion
Shivay get’s a shock and after a while of thinking he tries to ignore the question
Shivay: it’s quite late anika we should sleep now
Anika: we will sleep but answer my question

Shivay: anika I’m feeling very sleepy I’m going to sleep please you also come
Shivay goes to the bed and covers him with the blanket and tears rolls down from his eyes. Anika understands that there is something that is shivay hiding from her but she decides not to ask this question to shivay again. Anika goes and sleep beside shivam and starts to caress shivay’s hair. Gradually shivay falls asleep and so as anika.
Next morning shivay wakens anika from her deep sleep
Shivay: anika get up, get up anika, for god sake anika get up
Anika was still sleeping like kumbhkaran suddenly then shivay screams very loudly
Anika: what happened shivay why are you screaming like this

On hearing shivay’s scream shivam also wakes up from his sleep but is in shock then he realizes that he has to go to school and this is the only way through which shivay wakes him up every morning
Shivam: mumma this is the way papa wakes me up at morning as I sleep like a kumbhkaran
Shivay: anika your son is exactly like you he also sleeps like kumbhkaran as you do
Anika: what did you say I’m kumbhkaran
Shivay: when did I say that?
Anika: just now you said
Just after completing her sentence anika throws a pillow to shivay. Shivay in return throws the same pillow to anika. And they start a pillow fight. Shivam tries to stop them but in vein

Shivam: papa I have to go to school please you and mumma stop your fight right now
On listening to this anika and shivam realizes shivam is sitting beside them only
Shivay: shivam go and get ready I will drop you to school
Shivam goes to get ready for school
Shivay: anika we are 6 years old couple and we have a child of 5 years but still now we fight like before
Anika: ya shivay 6 years have passed since our marriage. But don’t say like that that we are siiiiiiiixxxxxx year old couple. I just stayed with you for one year only
Shivay: I won’t allow you to go from my life again and tries to kiss anika on her lips
Anika pushes shivay a little and says
Anika: ok billu ji just go and get ready shivam has to reach school before time he can’t be late for his naughty father
Shivay: can I show my naughtyness to you mrs. Anika shivay singh oberoi
Anika: just leave shivay
Shivay gives a very cute look to anika and starts to go
Anika: oh billu ji I forgot to tell you I will be going to oberoi mansion today after shivam comes back from school
Shivay: but why anika??

Anika: because I want to meet them
Shivay: but why are you taking shivam along with you
Anika: because I want to show him his actual family
Shivay: okk as your wish
After shivam comes back to school anika and shivam get’s ready to go to oberoi mansion
Shivam: mumma where are we going?
Anika: to your own house beta
Shivam: my house is this one mumma
Anika: ya that is also your house

Anika and shivam reaches to oberoi mansion
Daadi was sitting at the hall and was talking to pinky and jhanvi
Anika: daadi
Everyone get’s shocked after seeing anika
Pinky: anika beta you are alives?
Anika: haan pinky aunty I did not die I just lied to everyone because that time shivay wanted to throw me out from his life
Daadi: after you are gone from this house many cyclones came over the house. Now you are back everything will be fine as before I just hope puttar but beta why shivam is with you?
Anika: shivam is mine’s and shivay’s son.
Jhanvi: that time you did not abort the child?

Anika: abortion?
Pinky: ya beta shivay told us about your abortion and he also said us that he and tia got married and they have adopted shivam.
Anika gets shocked and asks
Anika: where is omru daadi and where is soumya?
Every one broke down after listening to this. Anika was unable to understand anything.


Guyyssss please comment and please inform me are you liking my ff?? with loads of love- NILASH

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  1. Sairan

    It’s amazing… Shivika moments.. they oberoi mansion.. Revealed truth…Post next one soon plz

    1. Nilash

      I will try to post the next one as soon as possible. Thank you for commenting and are you liking the story???

      1. Sairan

        Absolutely…So much suspense…It’s too good.. eager to know why shivay left his home..

  2. Parda utt gaya ab toofan aayega????

    1. Nilash

      Toofaan ko to aanaa hi hai. Just stay tuned to know the mystery. Thankssss for commenting

  3. Shivika

    Wowwwww……..omg a big twist……loved it dear….post soon

    1. Nilash

      I will try to post soon. Many more twists are coming….. Stay tuned to know them. Thanks for commenting

  4. Shuklarashi

    Awesome eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Nilash

      I will try to post the next part ASAP. Thanks for commenting

  5. Ruksy

    Totally cute loved the update ??????????

    1. Nilash

      Thanks for loving my ff ????

  6. Wow shivika moments are awesome but i hope everything will be fine

    1. Nilash

      Everything will be fine but I’m thinking some twists in life of Oberoi brotherss. What do you suggest???

  7. Its superbbbb…… 🙂

    1. Nilash

      Thanks for commenting. I hope you are liking the storyline?????

  8. Vincy

    OMG.. Shocking revelations

    1. Nilash

      More shocking revelations are yet to come please stay tuned. Thanks for commenting

  9. Awesome shivika pillow fight waiting for next

    1. Nilash

      Thanks for liking the ff and thanks for commenting

  10. Awesome update..

    1. Nilash

      Thank You ANIKA

      1. Nilash

        I’m sorry I mean ANKITA

  11. Mrunal

    super epi again…
    can’t wait to read next epi..
    i know u would had updated that..

    1. Nilash

      Thank You MRUNAL

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