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Thanksss guys for commenting. But seriously after reading all of your comments I am really getting encouraged to write the next episode. And yaa sorry for this super late upload. Let’s move on to the story

Shivay and Anika are going to Shivay’s house. Anika did not utter a word while Shivay was driving the car shivay tells to anika that she has changed as before she can’t keep her mouth shut and now she is just not uttering a word. Shivam from behind says
Shivam: papa may be mumma is not saying anything to you because I am also there
Anika: no beta that’s not the matter actually I am angry with your father that he did many wrongs with us
Shivay: to phir anika madam you only tell what should I do to make you happy?
Anika: nothing shivay just tell me the truth
Shivam (suddenly): I love you my papa and mumma you two are very good and the best parents ever
Anika: see mr. bhagad bille for me only you are getting this compliments from shivam
Shivam: mumma you also call papa bhagad billa? You know I also call him by this name whenever I get angry on him. Mumma do you know he also has another name
Anika: which name shivam
Shivam: mr. billu and kanji ankho walaa bhagad billa
Anika laughs out loud after seeing shivay’s disgusting look
Shivay: now what see shivam is just becoming like you and also uses these cheap words for his father
Shivay made a puppy face while saying this just then shivam gives him a kiss on his cheek
Shivam: do not get angry mr. sso I am just telling my mother about your names
Anika: but from where did you learn these names
Shivam: tia aunty taught me
Anika: tia????
Shivay: yaa anika she is the only one who took care of your shivam when no one was there beside me
Anika: no one was there mane?
Shivay: we have reached I will narrate you the whole story after shivam’s birthday celebration get’s over

Tia welcomes them by doing aarti of them
Shivay: how you know that we are coming
Tia: shivam messaged me
Anika: thank you tia for what you did for my shivam
Tia: shivam is your child but he is my baby. I also love him so I did all of this for him
Shivay: hey let’s go inside everyone is waiting
Shivam enjoys his fifth birthday of life with his mumma, papa and tia aunty. At night while going to sleep
Shivam: I will sleep with my mom
Tia: who is your mom??
Shivam: you don’t know she is my mom (he indicates anika pointing towards her)
Tia: ok shivam beta you just sit over here I will just come
Tia: shivay what is shivam saying that anika is his mom is that true??
Shivay: yes tia it is true that anka is his mom. The time has come that I should tell you the truth
Tia: then tell me shivay why did you hide this from me?
Shivay: because I got scared after thinking about the fact that if your mother does anything to my child after knowing the truth
Tia: I remember shivay that what she did with you and how she forced you to marry me
Shivay: tia thank you for being so supportive to me and shivam
Tia: I said na shivam is my child also. The day when I lost my own child in the car accident you gave shivam to me and told me that he is my child also that day I realized my all mistakes that I did to you and your family
Shivay: leave it tia those are all past
Tia: ok shivay just go anika must be waiting for you

Shivay goes to his room and saw anika is lying beside shivam and shivam is sleeping so tensionless and happily after so long seeing this shivay becomes very realived. Shivay calls out anika very slowly
Anika: ya shivay tell me the truth now
Shivay: anika when your pregnancy is at seven months mrs. Kapoor met me and said that she will kill you if I don’t leave you and marry tia. I thought she might be giving simple threats but she tried to kill you when you were travelling alone to the mandir to give puja for all the members of our family
Anika: ya I remember the guy who tried to push me off the staircase of mandir but you saved me
Shivay: that was the day when I realized that mrs. Kapoor can do anything and everything for what she wants so I decided to leave you as it will also save you and my child
Anika: I’m sorry billu ji I have taken your love for me in other sense I loved you, I love you and will always love you
Anika hugs her billu ji as tight as she can
Shivay: when will you stop calling me billu ji
Anika: never as you are my kanji aankho waale billu ji
Scene shifts to the cafeteria where rudra and soumya are sitting and discussing about shivay
Rudra: soumya I know from deep inside my heart that bhaiyaa can’t do this to o he loves o more than himself but all those proffs are against him so…
Soumya: will you help me rudra to collect and catch the person who is behind all this
Rudra: I promise you soumya I will be on your side this time
Soumya gets shocked after listening to this and she also wonders what happened to rudra suddenly..


Guyyys om will be back soon but after few episodes so just don’t worry. And please do comment. Love you all loadsssss….

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      thank you RUSKY for those cute smilies

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    1. Nilash

      will try to post soon VINCY and thank you for commenting

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    Awesome lovely continue dear

    1. Nilash

      thank you SHUKLARASHI for encouraging me

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    1. Nilash

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  11. Mrunal

    ohhh so tia is changed…
    i think kapoors r only behind om’s mystery..
    shivam is so cute..
    and tia had taught him all nickname of shivaay…
    waiting for shivika moment

    1. Nilash

      well there is another mystery that whether tia is really changed or not. please stay tuned to know the further story

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