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Thankss guyss for commenting on my ff but I know I have dissapointed many by my storyline but guyss I can promise you that my story will surly take positive turns but with some twists. so let’s begin with the story…….

shivay is hugging a small child and tears are rolling down his cheeks. the boy is holding a picture of a woman.he is none other than shivam.
shivay: say thank you to your mum for whatever she did for us.
shivam: papa you show this picture every morning and tell me to thank her but you never told me about my mummas name please do tell me today.
shivay: beta i can tell you your mummas name but you have to promise me that you will never say this to anybody and just promise me it would be a top secret between us.
shivam: i promise papa
shivay: beta your mummas name is ANIKA SINGH OBEROI.
tia: shivay and shivam what are you both doing.
shivay: nothing tia just showing him his mother’s picture.
tia: shivay you never showed me his mother’s picture and always ignored whenever i asked you.
shivay: tia wait for the right time to come when i can tell you the truth.
tia: ok shivay. shivam beta today is your 5th birthday just give your diary to me where all your friends numbers are written so that i can invite them for your birthday party.
shivam: ok tia aunty
shivay: tia i am going to office, will return early make arrangements for shivam’s birthday. in case you need anything just inform me once.
tia: ok but remember to come soon.

scene shifts to OBEROI MANSION.
daadi: tej and shakti today there is a puja at home and you both are going to office.
tej: maa we will not go if you need us for arrangements.
daadi: ok don’t go then and another thing i was thinking to call billu, tia and shivam also for the puja. what do you suggest?
shakti: if you call them then no one of us will attend the puja.
daadi: but beta
pinky: no buts mummy ji for him only our house has broken into picies.
rudra: leave it choti maa i am going to office and need all yours’ blessings.
daadi: what? today also you are going you are simply becoming like your elder brother shivay
rudra: daadi please never compare me with that man
daadi: can’t we just forget what had happened in the past and bring him back to this home
janvi: no mummy ji how can you say that he killed my son and also is the cause for rudra and soumya’s divorce.
daadi(in mind): god please make everything right and fine as before

scene shifts to SHIVAY’S HOUSE
tia: shivay you returned home so early
shivay: ya we have to make arrangements for shivam’s birthday so i returned
shivam: papa you returned so early??
shivay: yes beta today is my small charming handsome boy’s birthday how can i be late.
shivam: i need to tell you something
shivay: yes beta say
shivam: today i met my mother at the mandir near our school
(shivay recalls how he met anika first time in a mandir)
shivay: but beta it is impossible
shivam: but i saw her and she was looking at me from behind of a pillar.
shivay: ok shivam let’s go to that place right now
tia: where you both are going
shivay: we will return soon just don’t stop making the arrangements


guyss please stay tuned many twists and turns are coming in the next track. love you all and please do comment

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  1. Excellent

    1. Nilash

      thank you CHARITHA

  2. I love it

    1. Nilash

      thankss TWINKLE

  3. Please upload second part I am very curious to know what happen next

  4. Omg!!!!!! There are so many story’s linked. Hmmm you are creating a good suspense dear. First of all sorry as I couldn’t comment in the intro. But whenever I got time I will comment. I loved this.
    Waiting for Shivika moments.
    I have a Q om didn’t died Na??
    I am pretty sure.
    Pls continue.

    1. Nilash

      its a suspense about om and thankss for commenting SHALINI

  5. Shivika

    Fab…….u nailed it dear

    1. Nilash

      thank you SHIVIKA

    1. Nilash

      thankss ANAYA

  6. Gangu

    Serial killer ????

    1. Nilash

      hehehehe but thankss GANGU

  7. khushilovesroumya

    loved it keep om going.

    1. khushilovesroumya

      i meant keep on going.i loved it.

    2. Nilash


  8. Waiting for next part awesome episode

    1. Nilash

      thanks SSO

  9. Amazing

    1. Nilash

      thankss SHRUSVRI

  10. Amazing…

    1. Nilash

      thankss ANKITA

  11. Its great….?

    1. Nilash

      thankss BHAVANA

  12. Shuklarashi

    I am waiting for shivay & anika meeting

    1. Nilash

      thankss for commenting SHUKLARASHI

    1. Nilash

      thankss LISAAA

  13. Khushilovesroumya

    First of all and last of all update soon.i am waiting.good storyline by the way.☺☺☺☺☺?????

    1. Nilash

      i will try to post ASAP KHUSHILOVESROUMYA

  14. Manu24

    nice storyline..
    post next episode…soon please

    1. Nilash

      thanks MANU24

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