Ishqbaazi ff by Rena (Part-4)

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Hi i am rena agian witha another episode
Thankyou all for your comments and rohan is varun toorkey
Anika and rohan are always seen together shivaay is angry and anika always ignores him

Dining table
Everyone are present
Anika came
Pinky:anika you don’t want to serve food for us dont know weather there is poison in thagh
Rohan sees this and anika is hurt
Shivaay looks on and was about to say
But rohan holds her hand and makes her sit near him
Shivaay was angry
Shivaay : rohan what are you doing
Rohan : what shivaay if my jaan does not eat then how can i eat
Anika: rohan i am fine i will eat in my room
Rohan : then i will also eat in room
Anika: no rohan don’t show tadi
Rohan : i am not showing tadi

Atlast after arguing anika agrees
Anika: ok i will eat frm here
Shivaay pulls his chair near him thinking that
Anika will sit there but anika sit near rohan
Pinky keeps on taunting anika and anika is not eating anything
Rohan understand this
Rohan: aaaa! My hand
Anika: rohan what happened she opens her mouth and rohan feeds her food
Anika : rohaaan
Rohan : now can’t you do anything for your rohan
Anika feeds him

Shivaay was burning
Om: rudra something is burning
Rudr: shivaay bhaiya something is burning right
Shivaay don’t respond and glares at anika
Shivaay pov : who yhe hell is he to feed anika
And why is she feeding him what kind of freindship is this why am i feeling like this
Do i love her
No shivaay sing oberoi don’t love anika and can’t love anika but he is thinking and he see anika and rohan holding hand together
Shivaay: shouts anika

Everyone was shocked and looked at shivaay
Shivaay : vo meri file kaha hai
Anika : i don’t know
Shivaay : come with me to my room
And search my file

Anika: excusme what do you think of yourself
O am not yourservant to search your thing and i don’t know anything about your things you take your tia with you and search the file
Everyone was shocked but omru was happy seeing anika so strong
Rhoan got a call and he went frm there everyone went only youngsters are left
Anika was talking to rudr
Rudr: bhabhi mere saath bahut bada tragedy hua
Anika : kya hua rudr
Rudr: mere girlfriend se breakup hua
Om : its not a new thing and you have many other girlfriend right
Rudr : but om now i have only 10 gf
Om shivaay gives impossible look
Rudr : by the way bhabi do you have boyfriend
anika : vo.. mai
Shivaay was keenly listening to her replay
Rohan : anika…. can you come to my room i need help
Anika : ya i am coming
Anika goes frm there

Shivaay : when i asked her help she can’t help me and when rohan asked her she can help
Rudr : some one is jealous ha…
Om : ha rudr shivaay is jealous
Shivaay : why should i be jealous
Rudr : and by the way bhaiya rohan is more handsome than you he is so cute than you
Rudra winks at om and omru went frm there
Shivaay : is rohan more handsome
No even i am also hamdssome
Shivaay went to ofice
Rohan room
Anika : rohan did they find me
Rohan : yes anika and they are searching for you and may arrive here at any time
Anika : are you sure i am the person they are looking for
Rohan: yes anu.
Anika : i can’t wait anika cries
Rohan side hugs her and tickles her and they have a friendly talk
…… i stop if you all don’t like it plz say


BYE RENA sininh

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