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Anika reaches home, hastily pays the driver and with eyes completely blurred with tears reaches home in a hurry. Opening door seemed toughest task for her for she couldn’t focus on the keyhole. Somehow she managed to open the main door, enter her room and started throwing things around. She seemed quite hurt and her face said it all. Eventually she fell on her knees and couldn’t control herself.

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Meanwhile while dinner Dev was worried on whether Anika reached home or not. Same was the case with Shivaay. He didn’t wanted to hurt her but the whole day’s tiredness vented out in form of anger and that too on ANIKA…

Dinner was done and taking leave all went to their respective homes. On reaching home, Dev finds Anika asleep and decides not to disturb her and he too retires in his room. Whereas in Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay retires himself in his room and seems to be lost in Anika’s expression. Gradually he too falls asleep….

Next morning, Anika wakes up to find a tray next to her bed. She gets up to see Dev also sitting there.

Dev: Did you eat food yesterday night?

Ani: No.

Dev: Y? Bcuz Shivaay shouted on you??

Ani: Really Dev?? I wasn’t feeling hungry so didn’t eat.

Dev: Achcha… Leave that… I m returning today. I got an urgent call from office to be present there.

Ani: Hmm Its Ok. Work comes first.

Dev: Um…. why don’t you also join??? Anika, please find a job in Delhi itself please…

Ani: Dev not again… (pushing him) Go you are getting late…. Sona must be waiting…

Dev: Hahaha very funny!!!

For ShiOm, it was another regular day with Anika as a new member in their lives. Om was preoccupied with Gauri’s thought while Shivaay with Anika… Rudy had gone to college. So they immediately left for office.

In Delhi,

Sonakshi had a ramp show for bridal season and she was busy with looking to the model’s dress and make-up. While she was busy with this, her assistant came up to tell her to reach her vanity van forsome document discussion. As soon as she entered, she sensed some hand passing through her waist and she immediately turned around to slap only to find her love of life DEV DIXIT standing there…

Sona: Dev, u scared me idiot!!

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Dev: Hey it was me ok just calm down. By the way I am back from Mumbai…

Sona: Hmm I see that… u look happy on seeing ur sister after such a long time…

Dev: Who wouldn’t be?? she doesn’t open up now also. don’t know how she manages. No anger, No irritation and doesn’t open herself out….

Sona: How’s she?? U told about our marriage??? What did she say???

Dev: She is good and was very upset on our marriage. She said she didn’t expected this…

Sona: Oh so now??? I told u na to first talk to Anika… But no u only do what u want I don’t under…….

Dev: (interrupts in between) She is happy and said that it was expected!!!

Sona: U know what I hate u to the power of infinity…

Dev: And I love u to the power of infinity…

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This line made Sona’s day for sure…

On listening this Sona blushed hard and hugged her to be husband tightly…

In Mumbai, in café,

Om: Hi Gauri…

Gau: Hi… (hugs him) how r u???

Om: Fine… Gauri look here once please.

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Gauri looks up. Om finds her eyes a bit swollen as if she had been crying for sometime.

Gau: Om I want to talk about something…

Om: Hmm carry on…

Gau: My parents are talking about marriage.. and they want me to be atleast engaged

Om: u know na Gauri… I don’t believe in institution of marriage..

Gau (irritatingly): I knew it.. Knew it.. No one cares for me… u care about your trust issues and Mom-Dad about their own. No one thinks of me

Saying this Gauri starts crying…

Om: Gauri listen (cups her face) stop crying. Crying is not the solution

Gau: Toh what should I do??? Om at least just talk to my parents and let’s do engagement please.. At least u will be with me..

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Om gets up from his place and hugs her tightly and goes into deep thoughts..

Meanwhile a guy is seen sitting on a lake shore.

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Author’s Note: Hope u liked it… please do like and comment on how it was… please comment ur opinions matters a lot..

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