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Dev and Sona reach at airport. Dev looked a bit grumpy..

Sona: Dev, what happened??? Why r u making such weird faces??

Dev: Y did u have to call her??

Sona: When we broke up and that too bcuz of ur priorities for Anika as a brother and when u sidelined me, she was the one who stood up with me…

Dev: U know na, that Ani won’t get along with her…

Sona: I’ll try to keep them apart.. Like Ani is for u, she’s to me…

Dev: When’s she arriving?? I hate late-comers…

Sona: she is not here to impress u… (looks around) There she is…

A lady is seen arriving towards them in Denim thigh length dress and a no make up look…. Her face is gradually revealed to be that of TIA KAPOOR…

Image result for navina bole in ishqbaaz

Tia: Hi babes!!!! (hugs Sona) Hi Dev….

Dev: Hi

Sona: U took quite a lot time..

Tia: Yeah.. was stuck up with some work

Before anyone could say anything, announcement was made for the landing of flight…

Meanwhile as soon as flight landed, Shivaay delicately took hold of Anika’s hand and made her stand up.. All the way he didn’t leave her hands and was simultaneously watching Daksh’s steps…  And Anika was on cloud nine right now… The man whom she liked till now the most, was taking so much care of her…. (I would also have been equally elated)

As soon as they reached to Dev, Sona and Tia, Anika and Shivaay had a shocked expression on their face, OmRi had that confused look and Neil, Daksh had that evil smirk…….

Tia: Shivaay baby!!!!!!!!

Anika was drinking water and immediately spilled out the whole water and Shivaay looked as if he was electrocuted. Tia came and hugged Shivaay… Then she proceeded towards Anika…

Tia: ANIKA!!!! Don’t u get hurt quite a lot??

Ani: Yup… My body, my problems, my pain.. Do u have any problem??

Tia: NO just asked.. If u know it’s sympathy gaining stunt..

Ani: No… I m not Tia Kapoor….

Tia: How dare…

Before she could complete, Dev came and interfered,

Dev: Guys… let’s go.. the resort is on the outskirts….

The whole day went in travelling.. Daksh never left a chance to flirt with Anika and now Anika also started reciprocating just to make Shivaay jealous… Shivaay also was trying to make her jealous…

They reached the resort… It was late evening… Everyone decided to take a bath….

Anika went to her room and was unpacking her clothes when she heard a knock on the door… She opened the door and found Daksh standing there…

Ani: What happened???

Dak: Water is not coming in my tap…

Ani: So??? I m a doctor, not a tailor…

Dak: NO just wanted to ask if I can use ur bathroom??

Ani: I m not ready yet and get lost…..

Dak: But….


Precap: Anika is missing.

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