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hello guys em back again with another episode ….sorry for late update
thanks for commenting without demand

episode 12

episode starts with morning in mansion

anika woke up and feel headache
@anika oh mra sir itna phata jaa rha hai
and sees shivaay sleeping beside her and she is in his grip she tries to get up but shivaay pulls her and hug her (he is still sleeping)
she pinch his nose he chnge his side and she is free she tries to get up but feel dizzy and falls on shivaay
he woke up and sees her on his top and is shocked he sits and they both holds there heads and look at eachother

anika in her mind
huwa kya tha raat ko and fb scenes slideshow plays infront of her eyes
phail gaya raiyta raat ko hum yeh chumma chati kar rahy thy chipde ab mein billu ji se nazre kaise milaungi and closes her eyes and gets up from bed and goes to washroom

shivaay’s mind
raat ko hum ne kiss kia :O iss rudy ki waja se ek din sharam se marjaunga mein ab me paanika se nazre bhi nahi mila sakta ughhh rudraaa … kya anika ko yaad hoga … yeah obviously last time bhi usse sab yaad tha ab bhi hoga he too gets up and waits for anika to comeout
she comesout and he goes in

anika mind
billu ji ko kya yaad hoga sab? han zaroor yaad hoga bare chant kisam ke hai inka dimagh ek dam computer jaisa hai sab beech me save rehta ha agy bhi sab yaad tha ab bhi hoga ….cheeee rudraaaa

shivaay comes out and with buhut ziada hosla
anikaaa…. wohhhh… nashta krne chale ?
she complies both leaves in way to kitchen
anika- billu ji wohh raat ko
shivaay- k.. ky..kya raat ko raat ko kuch bhi toh nahi hua
anika with (inko kya hogaya vala look )at shivaay
anika- hume rudra se puchna chaheye kya milaya tha usne
shivaay- haan u r right and they both started finding him

ishkara priveer
4 too gets up and holding their heads looks at eachother (in seperate rooms)

ishu holds her head and closes her eyes kiss scenes flashes
she opens her eyes with shock

same with om
and they look at eachother
and gets up and shouttt noooo rudraaaaaaaa
they both leave the room and searches rudy

prianku holds her head and she too gets flashes of her moment with ranveer and same with ranveer
they both looks at eachother with shocked
prianku- kya tmhe kuch yaad hai ?
ranveer denies
ranveer- or tmhe?
they both sighs
prianku mind
iski shakal ke expressions se toh nai lagta ke isko kuch yaad nahi shock toh tha yeh

ranveer mind
i know tum jhooth bolri ho shock tmhre face par clearlyy dikh raha

both togather says dont lie
and again look at eachother
prinku- me hosh me nahi thi maine jankar nahi kia

ranver= me b hosh me nahi tha so nor mine fault neither yours

prianku- its all
both says togather
rudra’ss fault and goess out of room
and searches him

now these 3 couples are searching rudy

and bump into eachother
and togather asks u know rudy kaha ha?
and is appalled that they all are searching just him

rudra and somu are sleeping in rudy’s room togather hugging eachother

they all reach there
anika= somu ko pata hoga usse puchte hai

and they enters the room
and they all cups there mouths seeing them togather

shiv om ranveer tries to wake him up (rudy)
prinku ishu anika tries to wake her up (somu)

but in vain they are in deep sleep

they togather shouts rumaaayaaaaaaaaaa
and they both wake up in shock
rudy kya hoogya and holds his head

somu ap sab chilla ku rahy hai and holdes her head

they both look at eachother and standsup in shock

somu eudy tum yaha kaya kar rahy mere room mein

rudy is speechless

he closes his eyes and holds his head
nights flashes
of his confession he opens his eyes

somu too sees flashes and they both shouttt noooooo

they all togather stare rudy with anger

rudy ab kya kacha khaa jao gy?
meine kuch nahi kia o btao na apke samne hi banaya tha na punch maine

and makes puppy faces

shivika notices ishkara
ishkara notices priveer
priveer notices rumaya

they all cough at eachother’s situation

and stunned that why they togather coughs

shivika looks at eachother and laughs

same with ishkara

same with priveer

rumaya does’nt understand why they all r laughing so they both too laughs

then suddenly stopped and ask eachother togather why u all are laughing

om- shivaay tu bara hai na toh tu phle bta

shivaay looks at anika and they both smiles and signs om to see his cheek

ishu looks at his cheek and is embarresed

o asks ishu and she tells him he rubs his cheek and is embarresed
they all laughs again

raveer- now o tu ku hans raha tha

o signs same as shivaay to ranveer’s cheek now prinku sees and tells him he rubs his cheek
and they both embarresed

rumaya togather now why u was laughing prinku

b4 they could sign
soumaya herself sees his cheek and he understand and rubs it
they are now embarresed

(they all were having lipstick marks on their cheeks except shivika as they came out of room after freshen up but rest of all have’nt freshen up yet )

shivaay- tum sab fresh ho jao mein or anika breakfast banany ja rhy and hangover drink bhi so come fast

they all complies and they both leaves

they all gather in kitchen and drinks hangover drink
and have their breakfast their

after breakfast shivaay goes for meeting on video call in his room anika prinku and soumaya cleanup kitchen
ishu lefts saying that she is going to check anika’s gifts
o for his gallery room
rudy to his room
ranveer for an important meeting on call he goes to o’s room

all 3 girl after cleaning kitchen too lefts for ishu to check gifts with her

ishu is in music room (in which anika used to work)
she sits there and starts unwrapping gifts
3 too joins her

shivaay finishes his meetingg and searches for anika

after sometime they hear a blast

(dadi tejanvi shhinky with sahil are not at home they left for some yatra )

boys gathers in hall

and tries to figure out where the blast happened

and they reach outside the room where girls are

there’s smoke everywhere
outside the room shivaay shouts khaana he comes
shiv- open all doors and windows
he complies and does same

they togather enter the room and sees girls there on a couch fainted

they togather pushes the couch out from room rudra runs to bring water
they sprinkle water on their face they get concious
boys holds their girls and sit beside them
shivaay- what happened>?
anika- billu ji ek gift blast ho gaya
ishu- kisi ne prank kia ho ga
om- ha ho skta kyunke yeh just normal smoke hai
somu- but koi aisa prank woh bhi di ke sath kyu krega
ranveer- koi friend hoga
prianku- lekin anika bhabi ka koi friend nahi aisa jo aise prank kare ya koi party me bhi nahi aya
rudra- maybe koi attack ho ussi kidnapper ne krwaya ho just to scare bhabi .
shivaay- han possible hai rudra pehli bar kuch logical baat ki hai
( no one notices anika she is totally scared after haring rudra
all are asking their girls if they are okay and shivaay is thinking about that attack and thats why none of them notices anika )
she starts panicing
and eveyone’s attention diverts to her
shivaay too comes out of his thinkings and notices anika
shivaay calls out anika several times but no response he shouts anika she looks at him and faints

shivaay gets worried and all tries to wake her up but in vain

shivaay calls doctor and narrates him her condition

doct- take her to saicologist

they rushes to saicologists
he checks her
and injects her

doc- shivaay she’s fine now and will be concious in minutes
shivaay- lekin doc hua kya hia?
doc- app btaye mujhe inke sath past few days me kya hua?

ishu- doc di got kiddnaped
om- bhabi ko torcher kia gaya
somu- darkness me thi di for about a week
prianku- abhi 2 din phle hi mili hai bhabi and is afraid of fire and darkness
ranveer – anika dari hui thi
rudy- doc aj ghar me aik normal smoke ka blast hua uske baad yeh behosh ho gayi and jab hosh aya toh theek thi bus thori dari hui thi lekin mujhe lagta ha kiddnap and attack ki baat sun kar panic hui and again fainted
doc- so yeh hua thanks rudra thats the main point

shivaay- anika theek ho jayegi na??

doc- me ek thrapy karne laga hu maybe uske baad yeh trauma se bahir aajaye and andhere or aag se na dare

he goes in and do some threapy with her

doc comes out after half hour

shivaay – kaisi hai mm anika?
doc- she’s completely fine and ab no fear she have

shivaay – thanku doc

doc- but me apko yeh medicine likh kar de rha hu its injection ap inke sath rkhna yeh injection
agar dobara kabi wese toh nahi hoga lekin agar kbi panic attack aata hai to giv her this injection and after she is out of attack give her this medicine

they all thanks him and leaves with anika

in mansion shivaay calls khanna in his room and aska him to buy several of these injections and medicines
he leaves with chit

they alll ask her to rest and leaves to their rooms with their partners

shivaay- anika tum theek hona
yeah billu ji am fine dont worry
anika mein woh raat ko jo hua uske liye em sorry
actually cuts by anika
billu ji isme apki ghalti nahi na mein hosh me thi na aap so yeh ho gya
he smiles yeah
she too smiles wese bhi ap mere hone wale husband ha so not a big deal haina?
he smiles at her and says yeahhh

he pulls her closer
aisa hai toh agar mein dobara tumhe kiss karu toh tm mind nai karogi ryt?
she is surprised and shyly tries to look away but suddenly he again kisses her
she too reciprocate the kiss and they both have passionate long kiss and break the kiss for some oxygen they both smile at eachother and she hugs him tightly and says i lovw u shivaay he too says i love u too anika

ishkara are in coridoor
om ishana im sorry for last night
ishu its ok om we have done this b4 and shly smiles
he too smiles
ishu u r sooo good i love u ishu
i love u too om they hug eachother
and kiss too

ranveer prianku woh kal raat ko jo bhi hua
prianku jo bhi kya ?
ranveer wohi woh woh
prianku woh kiss ranveer?
ranveer han wohi kiss prianku em sor…
and prianku kisses him again he is surprised with her this sudden gesture but he too kisses her back and they both have a passionate kisss after kiss she hugs him
its ok ranveer it happens and smiles


somu rudra kal raat ko maine jo bhi kaha
rudra kya kaha somu
somu wohi rudra ke me tmse…
rudra ke tm mujhse pyaar karti ho? or mein bhi tumse pyaar karta hu?
somu han rudra wohi i think tmne nashe me kaha …
rudra cuts her and pull her closer and looks in her eyes
han somu maine nashe me kaha lekin i mean that
she is amused and apalled
han somu i do mean that all i wanted to say that for so long but ho nai payaa but now keh chuka

so oficially gf bf bnty he
sits on his knees and forwards his hand to her
moti i know tmhe bura lagta hai jab mein tumhe moti kehta hu lekin mein pyaar se kehta hu na just mein or koi tumhe bole to me uska rohan jaisa hall kardeta hu (fb rudra calls somu moti in college she ignores this a boy named rohan comes to her and says in serious tone somya mujhe nahi pata tha ke tumahara asal nam moti hai everyone laughs but rudrA is fuming in anger he starts beating him and he starts bleeding chabby stops him )
u r just mine moti so somu will u be my gf ?
she smiles and give her hand in his hands
and tears roll down her eyes(khushi ke ansu)
they both hug eachother ( they are too young so kiss will be later )

shivaay goes to basement to inquire

all girls and rudy are in hall chating

om in his art room

ranveer in prianku’s room finalizing his deals

shivaay to those man whom he caught
kisne karwaya yeh sab
man- hume nahi pata kisne karwaya yeh sab humne uski shakal nahi dekhi
shivaay- toh tum logo ne yeh kaam ku kia
man- hume 1 crore mile thy yeh sab krne kke

shivaay- throws bundles of money on them
yeh lo paise or btao kisne karwaya yeh sab
yeh paise sab tumhare hai lekin tum isse istimal tab hi kar sko gy jab yaha se bahar jaogy or yaha se baahar tab jaogy jab woh admi jisne yeh sab krwaya wh mere hath ho ga so tell me fast

man picks up bundles
hum nam shakal nahi jante
lekin woh hai to koi apka kareebi kyunke apke bare me sab janta hai ek ek baat

shivaay – koi bhi hint ?
man- ha hai woh ek young lady hai 25 -29 saal ki.
shivaay – ok
man- let me go
shivaay- after getting her

screen freezes on shivaay’s tensed face

precap: masti of them and secret lady caught

thanks for reading




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