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Hello guys em back again with another episode
Im really sorry everyone i thought you all know hindi that’s why i posted mostly paragraph in hindi in last episode but i was wrong so now I’ll Not use hindi much even if i use I’ll Translate them
@sat she’s not tia as tia is in jail i mentioned that b4 in First Episodes

So moving forward to Episode

Episode 13

Episode starts with
Shivaayyy does his signature step and leaves the basement in anger

They all gather in hall for Lunch (as u all know all elders of house are on yatra so only couples are in Home)

Anika:: kya billu ji app sab itna mazay ka Chatpata khanna kha rhy hai or mjhy yeh soup wh b pheeka sa de dete hai isko Dekh kar hi mujhy michmichi hoti hai [what billu ji you all are eating Tasty Food and giving me this Soup and that too light Salt eww)

Shivaay:: anika tum ajkl medicine le rahi and according to doc tmhe mirchi wala khanna mana hai dawai asar nai karegi na (anika u are taking medicines now a days and according to doc u can’t eat anything spicy else medicine will not work)

Anika pouts cutely and shivaay pats her
Everyone smiles seeing them

Ishu:: di aap jaldi se theek ho jaao then me apko buhut Tasty si spicy si dishes bana kar du gi (di get well soon then I’ll make tasty and spicy dishes for u)

Somu:: han di Me bhi apko khud paratha bana kar dungi ( yes di and I’ll make paratha for u)

Rudy:: Han somu tum phir anika di… Sorry bhabi ko bhi apne jaisa mota bana dogi then mere bhaiya ka kya hoga (yes somu than u will make anika di… Soryy bhabi fat just like u then what will happen of ny bhaiyaa)

Somu:: fuming in anger cry baby Har time roty hi rhty ho (cry baby u always keep in crying )

Rudra:: moti…motiii. Motiiii somu motiii

everyone togather shutup rudra

Rudra:: kya hai yeh ap log bhi o ki copy karne lag gaye hai o dekha tmne sabko beemari laga di (what is this u all are copying O look O ur disease Spread In them Too)

o:: what? Me ne? Noway

Somu:: Yeh koi beemari ni ha crybaby tMhri harkate hi aisi hai tbhi sab tmhe shutup khte (this isn’t a disease crybaby ur doings Made everyone say Shutup )

Everyone laughs

Rudy makes sad face

Rudy:: anika bhabi ap bhi inke sath mil gayyi or bhaiya ap bhi ( anika bhabi u too joined then and bhaiya u too)

Anika:: ghalti tmhri hai na Rudra tmhe somu ko moti ni khna chaheye tha (fault is urs rudra u shouldn’t call somu moti)

Rudy makes puppy face

Somu:: cry baby and teases him

Anikaa::rudy say sorry


Rudy:: somu im sorry..!!!


Anika::gud boy

They all Continue dinner

Ranveer try to touch Prianku’s With his foot but by mistake he touches Om’s
Om coughs
Om:: yeh mera hai and smiles (this is mine)
Ranveer Moves Back his foot and feels awkward

Then Now ishu Tries to Touch om but end up on shivaay

Shivaay :: ishu Control its me
Ishu awkwardly moves her foot bCk

Everyone is confused what is happening

Now its rudy’s turn he tries to touch somu but end up hitting her foot she fumes in anger and tries to hit him back but she end up hitting prianku
Prianku thinks it’s Ranveer who hitted her and she hits him he think it’s om and hits him he thinks that it’s ishu and hits her ishu thinks it’s shivaay bhaiya so she hit him shivaay totally confused that who hit him and hits anika’s foot thinking it was anika (With every hit of everyone table gets a jerk) when Shivaay hits anika’s foot She shouts in pain everyone’s attention diverts to her

Shivaay:: what happened Anika

anika:: someone hitted on my foot

Shivaay:: show me

He sees there is a wound and blood oozing out from that due to strong hit

shivaay:: I’m sorry anika i thought u hitted me so i hitted back i forgot abiut the wound Servent comes with bandage he does her dressing

Anika :: it’s ok billu ji I’m fine now. …

Shivaay :: lekin mujhe maara kisne (who hitted me)

ishu::bhaiya sorry mjhy lga apny mjhy mara issi liye mne apko hit kia ( i thought u hit me that’s why i hit back)

O:: ishu don’t be sorry I hitted u because i thought u hitted me so i should be sorry

ranveer :: o I’m sorry i hitted u thinking u hitted me

Prianku :: ranveer i hitted u Coz

B4 she could complete

ISHKARA and shivika :: cuz u thought ranveer hitted u

Soumaya :: No no its not ur fault prianku not any of u Is guilty i think Mistakenly prianku got hit i was going to hit rudra because he hitted me first

o:: so rudra this all happened because of you

rudra again makes sad face

anika is going to say something but

They all cups their mouths

Rudra is fully wet
somu throws water on him saying its for hurting anika di 😑

rudra::moti I’ll not spare u

Shivaay::anika u taught somu na how to throw water on someone

anika:: hawwwwwww u all boys are saMee and throws water on him

now Shivaay is fully wet

Om starts laughing and suddenly he too is wet
ishu have thrown water on him

Ranveer is left he laughs Uncontrollably ishu signs prianku to throw water on him tOo
she picks up glass and throws water on him
he stops laughing

now they are divided in two gangs

boys gang:: u all girls are same u just know how to throw water nothing else…
u are mentally weak

girls gang :: that’s not true we are more strong than u people

boys gang :rudy: somu run there’s a cockroach

girls start jumping and moving here there shouting cockroach except Anika

boys gang starts laughing
Shivaay::so this it’s ur strength haha We have strong mental strength

they all challenge eachother

girls :: we will prove u that we are strong and that too tonight

Boys accepts challenge

they all give eachother evill look And leaves to their rooms

scene shift to an isolated place
a lady To another lady
lady one:: ur every plan is fail We can’t even harm them

lady 2:: i know But That gaytari is The reason we’re here with nothing

lady 1:: We Shouldn’t have used Herr for this woRk

lady2 :: what we will do now

lady1 :: I’ll Try Something u stay here I’m going she leaves

lady2 ::smiles and leaves

scene shifts to mansion

shivaayy’s room all boys are there planning something for tonight’s fun as tomorrow their parents will be back

Prianku room girls there planning something to scare them After sometime they joins hands and shouts yes

scene to Shivaay’s room khanna calls Shivaay
shivaay::khanna why u called any updates?
khanna:: no updates sir but we caught a woman she was peeping inside mansion come fast Sir I’m bringing her in hall

Shivaay cuts the call and rushes out from room boys notices him tensed so they too rushes behind him

in hall khanna is standing with a lady
lady is wearing saree face covered fully with Shawl And is wearing black glasses

om: shivaay who is she?
Shivaay :om i don’t know khanna just informed me
rudy: khanna who is she ?

Khanna :: sir i don’t know she was peeping in mansion i caught her i tried to remove her shawl but she Stopped me I asked her who is she But she didn’t respond

Shivaay :: who are u?

no response

shivaay starts fuming

and in high pitch With anger
i asked who are u

girls hear his voice and come running

they all in hall now

Still lady doesn’t respond

shivaay moves forward but ishu stops hiM

ish:: bhaiya I’ll remove her shawl

she moves towards lady and in one jerk moves her shawl from her face her glasses too falls dowN

shivomruprianku:: bua jiiii (u r ryt she’s rooop)

thet all fumes in anger

om:: what are u doing here? After accusing my mother for stealing diamond we still let u do rakhi with us but what the hell u r doing here

shivaayyy ::: tell me what u doing here?

Roop with fake tears :: beta I heard u three got engaged so i couldn’t stop myself and comes here seeing u and bahu’s And give u my blessings

rudy :: don’t try to be so caring because we know u don’t care about Us So don’t even pretend

roop:: tries to come close to him
shivaay pointing his finger towards her don’t u dare to come close to any of us

anika puts her hand on shivaay’s shoulder He calms down Seeing her hand

Anika let her bless Then she’ll leave

ishu somu too says the same

they all stand in pairs and Bent down one by one to take her blessing
its RUMAYA’s turn Rudy Bends down just then somu’s watch falls down she too bend to pick her watch
roop misunderstood that they too got engaged and blesses them too no one notices this

anika:: Now u can leave

she leaves the mansion with evill smirk

Shivaay instructs khanna to lock main door and check every single door make sure they are locked Just Keep an eye on Security Make sure nothing is wrong

they all sits in hall

anika:: billu ji Set ur mood
shivaay :: nods and smilEs

rudy:: actually we were planning to enjoy as from tomorrow our parents will be home And ranveer bhaiya and ishu Bhabi will be leaving to their house and we planned to watch a horror movie

everyone complies
Rudy:: So done its still 2 hours to Night I’ll arrange movies And We will watch that in My Room

O:: ok till then we should arrange something yummy to eat

shivaay:: yeah Lets make pizza and some popcorn

Rudy :: bhaiya i want to join u In kitchen But if I’ll Join u Then who will arrange movies

somu:: rudra we will arrange u Go to kitchen with bade bhaiya bade ball waly bhaiya and Ranveer bhaiya

he withh happiness somu u r so sweet

everyone Is shocked somu stare him (as what are u doing Duffer our rltn is secret)

rudy coughs and says lets go bhaiya and wink at somu

girls goes to rudy’s room
And as per rudy they arrange everything on floor like sitting arrangement With cushions mattt and blankets As Bed will be small for everyone

they are done with this in an hour and goes to kitchen

they smile seeing them

In kitchen they were dancing and Making pizza Somu Records them and smiles

They too gets there And helping them

2 hours passes and they all settles in room to watch MOvie

Movie starts

Shivaay ::this isn’t horror at all
anika:: billu ji u r ryt this looks funny

they all says Same thing

Anika:: isse ziada darawani to meri bua ha ( My bua is more scary then this)

everyone laughs

shivaay gets some message and Leaves
ishu:: bhaiya where u going? he goes to his room

and after some time same happens with om and he goes to his room

same with ranveeeR and he in prianku’s room

now rudy Same and went to pool side
girls are Still watching movie

shiv: sees someOne and shouts and same time all boys shout and runs back to the room where they left girls they all are sweating and enters the room
girls what happen why u r sweating like thiS boys are shocked to see them there
boys:: if you are here then who was there and turns to backside from where they entered and again shouts aaaaa and runs inside and locks the door
girls clixks their pics and start laughing
girls:: mental strength and laughs
boys:: are shocked and Decides to take revenge
They all again settle down

rudy:: how u did this?

Somu:: Fb ( after finishing arrangement for movies they sets holograms in shiv prianku O’s room and on pool side and one outside rudy’s room with Our scary pictures 😂 then we Sets timers on our mobiles With 2 minutes difference and our messages delivered to u automatically and u Goes there So when u was standig there we Saw u ppl and on the hologran and u got scared And runs back to us and finding us u got more scare 😂)FB ends

They all Are Angry

watching film

Rudy sends a message to His gang
and they agrees

they all sent video message to their partners
with a text Its a romantic vid and kiss emoji

girls looks at them And they wink they shyly oPens the video and Smiling ( their is a couple and they are about to kiss) girls shouts and throws their mobiles boys laughs (the couple was about to kiss just then A scary Image pops up)

Anika’s mobile is in her room so she isn’t scared

Rudy ::O ab bas anika bhabi reh gayi hai (now just she is left)
o:: We will se and they both wink

after sometime
anika standsup and take jug of water but it’s empty

anika:: I’ll be back Im going to bring water

ishu:: bhabi i have a jug full of water in my room I’ll bring

anika:: no u sit I’ll bring from there

she goes there
rudy follows her
she enters the room and mive forward to Side table where jug is she Picks jug
just then she saw a newspaper in the drawer as it was half opened she takes out the Paper and is dazed seeing that rudy had already closed the door (just closed) She starts shivering And Fear covers up her face Tears rolling down She was holding jug in her hand that falls down and paper too
hearing sound of Glass break Everyone Comes out anika is unable to utter a single word Due To FFear she starts getting flashes And closed her eyes With fear

everyone is standing outside Prianku’s room and trying to open the door and calling anika but door is jammed

Anika opens her eyes Theree is no light just darkness she sees some fire And a shadow she With much difficulty shouts no don’t do this And shouts for help Billu ji save me (there are lights but due to her fear she’s in trauma once again)
They hearing her screaming breaks the door
And rushes inside
they sees
anika standing near the table and there is blood Oozing out from her foot as jug falls on that
There are Pieces of glass around her
she faints Shivaay runs and catches her before she could fall on that pieces

they take her to Rudy’s room

ishu Gives her injection and dresses her foot

after 10 minutes she gets conscious

she’s shivering badly Shivaayyy could see that fear again on her face which he saw after she return home after week of Kiddnapp

not only Shivaay every one can clearly see

shivaay:: Anika what happened why u are scared?

anika:: in trembling tone b… Billu. Jiii woh aurat ko dekha maine ( i saw tgat lady)

everyone shockingly where

anika:: in news paper i saw her picture

rudy runs and brings that paper

Anika points finger on a lady Everyone is appalled seeing this and is angry too

Screen freezes on Everyone’s tensed face

precap: romantic Movie :p Lady in Shivaay’s custody

so I’m done writing Sorry I’ll reveal in next episode the mysterious lady please be patience and guess who she is? Except tia


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