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All the members of OM are busy with the marriage preparations. Anika, Dadi & Omru in the hall rechecking everything. Just then Shivaay comes there with bandaged hand.

Om : Shivaay, What has happened to ur hand?

Ru : Haan bhayya. What happened?

Anika : Rudra, Ur brother is a billu so he doesn’t know that glass pieces are harmful. He thinks that they are rose petals.

Shivaay : Anikaaa……

Anika : What? ……

Anika leaves from there giving an angry glare to Shivaay. Same as Shivaay. Omru give ‘what’s happening’ look to each other where Dadi enjoys the Tom & Jerry fight.


OM looks like heaven in marriage decorations. Guests are arriving to Shitia marriage. Dadi welcomes everyone. Dadi looks so elegant in Dark blue dress with golden work & matching jewelries.


Shakthi : Hurry up Pinky. This is not ur marriage this is ur son’s marriage.

Pinky : That’s why I’m preparing this much. After all I’m getting promoted as mother-in-law.

Pinky & Shakthi enter to the hall. Shakthi is in dark blue sherwani worked in gold meanwhile Pinky is in dark blue saree worked in gold with matching jewelries. They both get shocked to see their home like heaven.

Pinky : Oh my mata Anika. U have changed our home to heaven. It’s so beautiful.

Anika is in dark blue lehenga with golden touch & simple jewelries. Just then Janvi comes there.

Janki : U are absolutely correct Pinky. For sometime I got confused is this OM.

Both Janvi & Pinky gets shocked to see each other in same saree but in different styles. So as Tej & Shakthi.

Tej : Seriously Anika beta, The decorations are marvelous.

Shakthi : Thank you so much beta for making this day this much memorable to us.

Pinky : Haan. I don’t knows how to thanks u for this.

Anika : Auntyji, Uncleji plz… It’s great business tycoon SSO’s marriage so it should be like this and about making memorable this is small trailer the film is still on the way. Be ready for that & save some thank you for that also. (saying this Anika leaves from there leaving everyone confused.)

Anika is busy in helping pandith to arrange the mandap. Omru comes to Anika. They also in dark blue & golden touched sherwanies but there are some young touch on them. They looks somewhat sad.

Om : Anika, do u know what are u doing?

Anika : Haan helping pandithji to arrange mandap for Shitia marriage.

Rudra : Anika didi, Do you really want Shivaay bhayya to marry that Lady baba? Doesn’t it hurt you?

Anika : It’s really hurt Ru. I can’t bear it. I also don’t want this marriage to happen.

Rudra : Then for are u r waiting for. Stop this marriage Anika didi & tell bhayya that u luv him.

Anika : What???????? Luv?????? That with Billuji? No ways……

Om : Then why it’s hurt you Anika?

Anika : It hurts because after this marriage my job is done. I won’t come here again. So I’m going to miss u guys badly. That’s why it’s hurt so much. That’s why I don’t want this marriage to happen. Nothing else. And Love probably not.

Omru give ‘U r impossible’ look to Anika.

Anika : Why u guys stare me like that? Go & see whether that Billu is ready & ask Somu to check Tia.

Omru leaves from there.

Anika’s POV : Yes Rudra it really hurts so much as someone is stabbing my heart again & again when he calls me gold digger. But still I can’t stop myself from thinking about him. U r right Rudra I’m in love with him. I love him so much means I can do anything to keep him happy & safe even I can die for that. That only I’m doing now. U just wait & watch Omru. [ Dard dilo ke…….. plays]


Shivaay is in cream colour sherwani with dark blue touch & matching sehera (sorry guys I don’t know what u call which groom wear in his marriage in his head) but in dull mood. He sees a glass of water on his table. He takes it. He remembers all his moments with Anika which started with water. [ Dard dilo ke…….. plays] Just then Omru enter in & see Shivaay staring the glass of water. They understand the situation. Rudra comes to Shivaay & sprinkles some water on his face.

Shivaay : What the wuck? Anika…… (then he sees Omru in front of him with ‘what’s this?’ look.)
Why are u guys looking at me like that?

Om : Accept it Shivaay that u love her.

Shivaay : I don’t know Om that I love her or not. But now I miss her badly. I know she’s here in the OM but still I miss her. It hurts me when I see her with Daksh. I feel something is not right in this marriage.

Om : Not something Shivaay. This marriage is not right Shivaay. U love her Shivaay. That’s why it hurts you when you see Danika together.

Rudra : Haan bhayya, U love Anika di. Stop this nonsense marriage & propose her.

Shivaay : It’s too late Rudra. She belongs to someone else now. She’s not mine now. Let’s go down.

Om & Shivaay move towards the door. They turns back & see Rudra still there in cry baby face.

Shivaay : Rudra what happen man?

Rudra : Sometime later u will become pharya daan. I want a dil bole oberoi hug.

Shivaay comes there & hugs Rudra tightly. Om also joins the hug. [oberoi bro’s BGM plays.] Daksh enters to Shivaay’s room.

Daksh : Oh… ho. Now enough crying & hugging. Let’s go everyone is waiting for u.

ShivOmRu come down & Shivaay takes blessings from everyone. He sees his lady love & gets mesmerized by her beauty where Anika also sees Shivaay. Both of them share a cute eyelook with sorrows. Just then Daksh comes to Anika & starts romancing with her which makes Anika feel uncomfortable & Shivaay sees sadness with anger.

Pandithji : Bring the bride.

Tia comes to the mandap with beautiful red lehenga & heavy jewelries. Somu & Prinku accompany her. Tia sits next to Shivaay with the help of Prinku. Tia gives a victories smile to Anika while Anika gives a plean smile. Pooja starts. After some time Pandith asks Shitia to change the varmala when Tia makes
Shivaay wear the varmala quickly & waits for Shivaay. Shivaay takes the varmala to his hand & looks @ Omru, Dadi & Anika who is giving a blank look to him. [ Dard dilo ke…….. plays] He is unable to understand the expressions in her face. With this confusion Shivaay makes Tia wear the varmala. After some time pandith asks Shivaay to take pheras. Shivaay holds Tia’s hand looking @ Anika. Shivaay takes pheras looking @ Anika. Omru & Dadi look on sadly.

Person : Stop it……….

All gets shocked with that loud voice which is came from behind. Shitia look @ the OM’s entrance & get shocked. Same as others look back except Anika & get shocked.

Person : U are under arrest Mrs Tia Dhruv Kapoor.

Hearing ‘Mrs Tia Dhruv Kapoor’ Oberoi family get shocked as well as Tia’s family get panicked. Tia looks @ Anika in shock while Anika returns ‘I did it’ look & a broad victorious smile to Tia.

Tej : What?????? Who are u? Why do you want to arrest Tia?

Person : Sorry sir. We are from CID & Here is my ID. (person shows his ID to Shakthi. Shakthi signs Tej ‘It’s true’.)
We are here to arrest Mrs Tia Dhruv Kapoor & her family under complain of trying to fool Oberoi family by hiding her original marriage. Here is the arrest warrant sir. (Om takes the arrest warrant from person’s hand & go throw it while gets shocked.)

Meanwhile Shivaay gets down from the mandap & come to CID officers in anger.

Shivaay : Who gave this nonsense complain?

Anika : I gave it…… (saying this Anika turns who is still showing her back to CID officers.)

The whole family gets shocked to her Anika’s confrontation same time CID officers get shocked to see Anika’s face.

Recap : Oberoi family is in big shock. Dadi collaps while Omru holds her. Anika comes there with her
Anika : Mr. Shivaay I’m resigning my job. Here is my resignation letter.
Hearing this Shivaay & family get another huge shock.
Anika : Thank you so much for everything.
Saying this Anika leaves from there.

Shivaay reads Anika’s resignation & a smile appears in his face.

So guys this is the next part. Sry for the spelling & grammer errors.
I need guesses for Shivaay’s smile in precap. So guesses & comment.

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