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Hi ISHQBAAZIANS. I know u guys are now excited to watch SHIVIKA’S MARRIAGE. So as I. Sry guys today’s episode is little bit long. Hope you won’t mind it. I’ll try my best to make it short & sweet. Plz read and comment. Ur comments are my energy drink. So here you go.

Anika comes in front. Shivaay tries to say something but stops hearing something.

Person : (in shock) Anu ma’am?????? You??????

Suddenly all the CID officers salute Anika & the same time Anika shake her head to sign that she accept it. This shocks whole Oberoi family to the hell.

Anika : Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Tia is already married woman. She got married to a businessman named Dhruv Kapoor. Unfortunately his business got clashed & they faced a huge loss. To come out from that they needed huge amount of many. So they planned to fool u & ur family by marrying you & run away with ur properties after the marriage. And the surprising part is that Dhruv no one else it’s Robin.

Shivaay : Anika, What nonsense is this?

Anika : This not nonsense Mr Shivaay. This is the truth. They have proofs for it.

Person shows some video in which Tia confront all by herself & Tia’s marriage photos. Meanwhile Tia & her family tries to escape but failed. CID officers catch them. Shivaay is in huge shock he couldn’t come over it.

Anika : Not only this but when she comes to know that I doubt her she used Daksh to distract me by stalking and showing his fake love. Am I right Daksh? He tried to fool me by I did it back to him by accepting his proposal. (saying this Anika takes out the ring from her hand & throw it away.)

Hearing this Shivaay gets angry to the core. Omru comes to him to control him. Om asks officers to take Tia & her family away & as well as Daksh. Anika comes to Tia.

Anika : Poor Tia. You should have known me before challenging me. If that so you won’t be here like this. You know what Tia I have bad old habit. I don’t like to get defeated in challenges. After long time I got a challenge which equals to me. I enjoyed it a lot. For that thank you Tia.

Officers take Tia, her family & Daksh out.

Person : Anu ma’am, I so glad to see u like this. We miss u a lot ma’am. Anyway sir asked me to return this back to you. (he gives an envelope to Anika.) We can’t accept it ma’am. Think about it once again. It’s request from ur juniors ma’am.

Anika : Sure Shaam ( yeah the person’s name is Shaam) Thank you so much for the help.

Shaam : Anything for u ma’am. I’ll take leave ma’am.

Shaam & his team salute back to Anika & go from there. Guests also leave the OM. Family still in shock. Dadi collaps thinking all about this. Omru holds her. Shivaay is still unable to get over from the shock. Pinky is crying badly & Prinku, Somu tries to control her. Just then Anika comes there with her bag. All look @ her.

Anika : Dadi, I’m leaving. Thank you for the everything you guys did for me. You guys r such nice people. I’m going to miss u badly.

Everyone look each other & Anika in confusion. Rudra comes to Anika.

Rudra : Anika di, Why r u giving a farewell speech now?

Anika looks @ Rudra with forced smile & goes to Shivaay.

Anika : Mr. Shivaay I’m resigning my job. Here is my resignation letter.

This gives another huge shock to the family especially to Shivaay.

Anika : Thank you for everything you have done for me Mr. Shivaay. (saying this she turns to leave but stops & turns to Shivaay.)
I’m not a gold digger Mr. Shivaay. I did all this to protect u & ur family from Tia & Daksh. This family has done lot of things to me. U people treated me as ur family member. So I was unable to see u guys get fooled. Thanks for everything. (looking into Shivaay’s eyes) Especially for the respect you gave me.

Anika leaves from their hastily without waiting for their words. Tears roll down for Anika’s eyes. Everyone look on sadly. Shivaay stand there without any reaction. Omru come to him.

Om : Shivaay…….

Ru : Bhayya……..

Shivaay comes to sense & looks here & there.

Om : She’s gone. Shivaay.

Shivaay goes from there holding Anika’s resignation tightly. Omru tries to go behind him but Dadi stops them.

Dadi : Leave him alone for a while Omru.

Pinky : Why?????? Why always happens this?

Janvi : Thank god, Today we saved in nick time by Anika.

Tej : Yeah. Otherwise I don’t know what will happen?

Rudra : Haan. Anika di is an angle who comes to save us from every devil eye.

Sumo : But I have a doubt. What’s her connection with CID? They respected her with full honour.

Om : Yes. How do they know her?

Shakthi : Only Anika & that officers can answer that.

Shivaay comes to his room. His eyes are full of tears. Anika’s last words haunting in his mind.
He throws the letter in anger. Tears are rolling down through his cheeks. At Anika’s house, Anika gets in & shut the door. She starts crying badly leaning towards the door. Shivaay breaks down recalling his moments with his lady love where same happens with Anika. [Soch na sake ……. Plays]


Omru come to Shivaay’s room. They gets shocked to see their big bro broke down to pieces. They rush to Shivaay & hug him assuring everything will be okay.

Om : Don’t let her go Shivaay. Stop her. Fight for ur love.

Rudra : Haan bhayya. Don’t let Anika di go. Stop her. I want her.

Dadi : Rudra is right Billu. I don’t know what u will do but I want Anika back in this house like before. Plz call her back.

Shakthi : Yes Shivaay, We all want Anika to come back. Bring her back. Do something & bring her back.

Shivaay : But how can I call her back? How can I face her?

Om : U have to face her Shivaay. After all u r the one who made mistake in understanding her. So u have to win over her.

Rudra : Yes bhayya.

Shivaay : But how? I mean she was my wedding planner. Now my wedding is not going to happen so early. How I bring her back in that position?

Somu : It’s true bade bhayya. But u have to find some way.

Rudra : I have an idea.

Dadi : What’s that?

Rudra : See, Anika di was bhayya’s wedding planner right?

Somu : Do u have any problem in that?

Rudra : Moti, Don’t jump in middle. Listen to me first.

Somu gives an angry glare to rudy for calling her ‘moti’. Rudra continues.

Although she was his wedding planner Karwachoth, Diwali & that pujas were organized by her only right?

Pinky : Yes. Those events were organized by Anika & they were very well organized. There was nothing to complain back.

Rudra : So Badi maa. It means Anika di is good in organizing events. Why can’t we hire her as our permenant event organizer in OM.

Om : That’s sounds perfect Rudy.

Rudra does ‘logic sign’ While a hopeful smile appear in everyone’s face specially Shivaay’s.

Shivaay : Okay guys I’ll talk to her tomorrow. Now go and rest u people. After all so much happened today you must be tired.

Everyone’s goes to their rooms with a small hope about Anika’s rentry.

Shivaay comes out from the washroom & goes towards the pool side. Something hits his feet. He takes it & reads it. A smile appears in his face.

Shivaay’s POV : If she doesn’t resign why should I reappoint her? I just have to pick up her to her work.
So Anika wait my darling. I’m coming to u.

Recap : Someone knocks Anika’s door. Anika opens the door & get shocked.
Anika : You?????? Here???????
Person : Yeah. It’s me.

Who’s that person comes to meet Anika. Any guesses?????
Why Shivaay thinks ‘If she doesn’t resign why should I reappoint her?’ any guesses??????
Tell me in ur comments. Love u all.

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    I guess maybe Anika may have forgotten to sign the resignation letter and the person on her door is Shivaay.

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