Ishqbaaz Ten Years Later (Episode 2)

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I will write a long episode on your request. Hope you enjoy….

Everyone is present in the dining room for dinner. Shivay is the last one to come. Shivay sees Om’s red face. Shivay asks him,’what happened?’ Om says nothing, but in a hesitant tone. Shivay sits down for dinner. There’s an unusual silence in the room. Dadi says, ‘ agar aaj Anika yahan hoti, toh is waqt kuch aisa karti ki hum sab hasna shuru kar dete .’. Shivay hears this and looks down in shame. He gets up and goes saying he’s not hungry. Everyone look on. Anika’ s bungalow-Anika goes to Shivansh and Shivika’s room to check whether they’re sleeping or not. She sees both of them sleeping. Then she goes to her room and tries to sleep, but she finds she can’t. She thinks of Shivay, which makes her cry. Anika thinks in her mind, ‘ aisa kyun hai ki main chah kar bhi aap bhula nahi Sakti ? Aapne mere saath kitna kuch kiya, lekin for bhi aapko Shivansh aur Shivika mein dekhti hoon. ‘ A tear falls from her eyes.

Rudra’s room-
Soumya is sitting on the couch, reading a book. Rudra comes and asks her,’ why are such a bookworm ?’ Soumya says ,’ what kind of a question is this ? Mujhe padhna pasand hai, so I read books. That’s it.’ Soumya gets up and accidentally steps on Rudra’s dumbbell, which makes her fall in Rudra’s arms. They have an eyelock. Rudra says,’ tum sweet to ho hi lekin aaj tum sundar lag rahi ho.’ Soumya blushes and goes from there.
It’s morning and Shivay gets ready to go somewhere. On the other hand, Shivansh and Shivika too get ready for school. Shivansh and Shivika ready their bicycles and leave. Shivay sits in his car and leaves. On the way, Shivay and Shivansh’s cycle comes in the same lane. Shivay is in a hurry and speeds past Shivansh’s cycle. This makes Shivansh angry and he too speeds past Shivay’s car and stops right in front of him, making him stop. Shivay gets angry and comes out of his car in his regular Shivay Singh Oberoi look. Shivansh looks at him with piercing eyes. Shivay says,’are you mad ? Meri hi gadi mili this Marne ke liye? ‘ Shivansh says,’ If you don’t know how to drive a car , join some driving classes.

First of all aap driving me rules Tod rahe hain aur upar se aap mujhe hi daat rahe hain?’ Shivay says, ‘ you’re a kid and that’s why I don’t wanna argue with you. And by the way who are you to teach me driving ?’ Shivansh replies,’ kisi kokuch sikhne aur sikhane ke liye koi umar chhoti nahi hoti. Aapko pata hai meri mama ek phrase bolti
hai mujhe, ka hi aankhon wala bagad billa. Yeah phrase aap par thik baithta hai.’ Shivay sees Shivansh and thinks of Anika.

PRECAP- Ishana gets exposed.

P.S guys I know some of you are not Indians and want only English episodes. I’m trying my best to write the upcoming episodes in English.

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