ISHQBAAZ SS- Our Angel, Ishana- Chapter 10



While driving back…..

Shrav: Ishu, it seems like you are becoming closer with the Oberoi girls. (Ishana looks at her in surprise) As I know, you won’t easily get closer with anyone. But, you just know them yesterday but you invited them for shopping. That’s what surprising me.

Ishu: (smiles sheepishly) Nothing like that, Shravs. Woh… I saw Annika’s face is pale thinking of her husband. That’s why I want to change her mood by taking her out. Shravs, are you busy today??

Arjun: Your bhabhi is a cop. Don’t forget that. She always busy.

Shrav: Why, Ishu??

Ishu: No, I thought to ask you and Navya to join us too.

Navya: I’m sorry, my dear. I have important surgery today. I can’t join you for shopping.

Shrav: I too can’t join you, Ishu. I need to investigate Shivaay’s case. You know, right??

Ishu: Yeah. Shravs, did you get any information about that thangabali??

All: Thangabali??

Arjun: Who is Thangabali??

Ishu: (teasingly) Bahubali’s brother. (Arjun stares at her) Shravs, the tall guy came to their house yesterday.

Shrav: Oh!! That guy. Dr Veer Prathap Chauhan. I only will know if I go to office today.

Ishu: Shrav, if you get to know about him, can you tell me as well?? I too want to know.

Manish: Ishu, don’t interfere in her work. The details are very confidential.

Ishu: I know that, Manu. But, this case is looking like interesting. That’s why I want to know about it. Who knows maybe I can help her in this case.

Arjun: Ishu, seems like your interest is changing. You were keen to meet a soul or spirit before this. What happened to that now?? Have you lost interest in those things??

Ishu: You all stopped me. That’s why I thought to focus on different matter. If you don’t want to tell me about this case, never mind, I will go back to my previous aim. (Makes a puppy face)

Shrav: No need of that. I will tell you if I know anything about him. You can help me in this case.

Arjun: Shravani…..

Shrav: That’s ok, Arjun. I know about Ishu. She won’t tell anyone about my case.

Ishu: (jumps in happiness) Thank you, Shravs. (Hugs her) You are the world’s best bhabhi. (Kisses her cheek. Shravani too hugs her and kisses her head. Navya smiles looking at them while ArMan shake their heads)

Arjun: Navya, should I drop you at hospital??

Navya: No need of that, bhaiya. Just drop me nearby auto station. I’ll take an auto and go to hospital.

Ishu: What happened to your scooter??

Navya: I sent it for service and will get it in evening.

Manish: You don’t have to go by auto. Arjun, we will send her to hospital. (Arjun nods and drives to hospital. He drops Navya at hospital and drives back to home.)


ArMan and Shravani left to office after dropping Ishana at house. Ishana has her medicine and goes to her room. She erased the message that she has written for Shivaay on the mirror. Shivaay just came and looks at Ishana.

Shivaay: Thanks, Ishana.

Ishu: (turns to him) Thanks?? For what??

Shivaay: For inviting Annika for shopping.

Ishu: (smiles) I need to help you. For that, I have to get closer with your family. That’s why I asked her for shopping. But, your daadi is really great. She made all the girls to join as well.

Shivaay: (mutters slowly) You all will take whole day to finish your shopping.

Ishu: (heards him) Excuse me!! I don’t take much time for shopping, ok?? Shopping is not my cup of tea. I’m going for Annika only.

Shivaay: Hmm. Ok. I will be with you only. What time you all are going??

Ishu: In afternoon. (Thinks something) Shivaay, I wanted to ask you earlier. Who is that Veer Prathap Chauhan?? How long do you know him??

Shivaay: He is my neighbour and we just know few days after me and Annika came to Goa.

Ishu: How is his character?? I mean what type of guy is he??

Shivaay: He is so good. He has helped me and Annika a lot.

Ishu: Oh! He has helped both of you. So, he is good?? Who knows maybe he is having bad intention towards you both which you don’t aware.

Shivaay: Tell me one thing. Why are you suspecting him suddenly?? You just saw him yesterday.

Ishu: I don’t know why. I’m having bad vibes looking at him. I felt he is not good as you are thinking. Shravs too felt the same.

Shivaay: Ishana, you are thinking too much. Your bhabhi is a cop and she will suspecting everyone. You are staying with her and that’s why you too feel like this.

Ishu: Really?? Ok, fine. You just believe that guy. But, one day you will learn that I’m saying the truth only.

Shivaay: Ok. Let’s see. Now, go and get ready. You have to go for shopping. (Ishana leaves while he disappears from there)





Navya’s Cabin


Navya is busy working in her computer when Shravani enters her cabin. Navya is surprised to see her.

Navya: Bhabhi?? You?? (Gets up from her place and goes to her. Shravani just hugs her and cries. Navya rubs her back calming her)

Shrav: I’m scared, Navya. I’m scared that something might go wrong.

Navya: (breaks the hug) Bhabhi, please don’t cry. Why are you thinking like this?? What will go wrong??

Shrav: Just now at temple… That Baba ji…. (Holds her hand) I’m very scared, Navya.

Navya: (understand what she is saying) Bhabhi, please. Stop thinking like that. Nothing will happen like you are thinking.

Shrav:(cries) Why you are not understanding?? Whatever is happening now is just like what we are fearing about?? I can’t stand if anything happens to her.

Navya: Please don’t lose your hope, bhabhi. We won’t let anything bad to happen.

Shrav: You remembered right what the Baba told us two years back during her birthday?? (Navya thinks and nods her head) Now, she is behaving like he said. I’m scared if whatever he said will happen.

Navya: We won’t let that to happen. We will fight entire world to stop that from happening.

Shrav: How we will fight the destiny, Navya??

Navya: Why we can’t, bhabhi?? She fought the destiny for me. Why can’t we?? We will fight the destiny for her. (Shravani cries and hugs her. They break the hug after a while. Navya wipes Shravani’s tears.) Don’t lose your hope, bhabhi. Now, go to your office like a lioness.

Shrav: (smiles) See you. (Leaves from there)

Navya: (after Shravani left) Bhabhi is worrying a lot. How she will react if she got to know about present event?? (Goes back to her sit and continue her work)


IshAniSouRivYa reach a shopping mall and enter inside it. Annika has no mood for shopping but she couldn’t refuse Ishana and Kalyani just now. Moreover, she wants to know about Ishana and why she can feel Shivaay’s presence if she sees her. Ishana looks around for Shivaay and she sees him beside a pillar waving his hand to her. Ishana smiles and nods her head. Annika sees her smiling.

Annika: Why are you smiling alone??

Ishu: No. Actually, I was thinking that I just knew you all yesterday and now we came for shopping together. I think we are having some sort of connection.

Annika: I also feel like that. That’s why I couldn’t refuse you when you asked me for shopping. (Ishana just smiles at her)

Ishu: So, where do you want to go first??

Annika: Anywhere. I have no idea of shopping. I will follow you all. (Ishana looks at Gauri)

Gauri: Bhojai, I want to buy a shirt for Omkara ji.

Annika: Ok. Be careful.

Bhavya: I’m also going with Gauri bhabhi. (Annika nods)

Soumya: Annika di, I’ll be coming with you. So, Ishana, where you want to go??

Ishu: (smiles) Follow me. (Walks towards a shop. AniSou walk behind her followed by Shivaay)

They enter a shop and looking at the colorful lights decorated there. Shivaay sees Ishana is away from AniSou and walks towards her.

Shivaay: There are a lot of shops here. Why did you enter here??

Ishu: You will know soon. (Shows a lamp) Is this nice??

Shivaay: That one is better. (Pointing towards another lamp)

Ishu: Ok. I’ll take that one.

Shivaay: You are already having one in your room. Why you want another one??

Ishu: I said you will know it soon. I will pay for this first. (Leaves from there.)

Shivaay: (shakes his head) This girl is just impossible.

Ishana goes to AniSou who are still admiring the lights at the shop.

Ishu: Don’t you buy anything??

Soumya: Actually, we don’t have to buy anything here.

Annika: Have you finished your purchase??

Ishu: Yes. (Showing the bag) Come, let’s go.

They roam at the mall for sometime. RiVya too join them after a while. They are about to leave when Gauri sees a golgappe stall.

Gauri: (excitingly) Bhojai, let’s have some golgappe. It’s been long time I didn’t have them. (IshAniSouYa smile at her cuteness. They walk towards the stall and have some golgappe. Gauri sees them eating silently) Arrey, why you all are eating like this??

Ishu: Then how we should eat??

Gauri: I will show. (She takes a golgappe and throws it in the air and catch it in her mouth. Ishana is gaping at her in shock while AniSouVya shake their heads looking at Gauri. They already know this is how Gauri are her favourite golgappe but for Ishana is seeing for first time. Gauri looks at Ishana and pulls her chin up closing her mouth.) This is how we have to eat. Come on. You too eat like this. (All shake their heads saying no) Arrey!! Why you all are refusing?? All of you must eat like this only. (Pulls Ishana towards her) Chiraiya, you start first.

Ishu: It’s ok, Gauri. I don’t know how to eat like that. I will have it on my way. You continue in your way. Please spare me, my cute chiraiya. (Pulls her cheek gently. AniSouVya chuckle looking at them)

Gauri: (hugs her shoulder) I will teach you. Don’t worry.

Ishu: It’s ok, Gauri. I don’t want to learn. (Trying to escape from her grip but Gauri holds her tightly. Ishana tickles her and Gauri leaves her hand surprised with her act. Ishana laughs and runs from there.)

Gauri: This chiraiya… I won’t leave her. Hey, chiraiya!!! Stop!! (Runs chasing Ishana. AniSouVya laugh.)

Shivaay: (looking at them from far) These girls are really crazy!! But, I’m glad to see Annika smiling. (Looks at Annika)

Ishana stops running and sighs.

Ishu: This Gauri is really strange. Shivaay is right in calling her as Dabang Gauri. (She hears a voice and turns towards it. She sees a guy holding a knife staring at her.)

Guy: You are the one made my brother arrested, right?? I was searching for you these days. Finally, I got you. This is your last day. (He takes a knife and walks closer to her.)



To be continue…..



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