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Hello peeps…???? Remember me and my crazy OS??? (You must be remember me but not my OS as since long I don’t have post any crazy OS) So finally here I am once again up with my crazy OS… Hope you all will like it…

Om’s murder mystery case get solved by Inspector Rajveer and now they have Jones their help with Anika. So now Anika, Omkara, Rudra, Saumya and Ishana and Prinku are on mission of Expose Tia and finally they succeeded in it and Shivay’s marriage cancelled due to this and all are happy in Oberoi family and sane time Rajveer ask for Priyanka’s hand for him And Omkara declared his decision of moving in with Ishana and all member of Oberoi are happy with both proposal…. And after all this now all youngsters are sitting at poolside and sipping coffee… And soon Rudra broke silent and speak

Rudra: Are why are we people are doing such kanjoos party let’s celebrate our victory over lady baba in grand way…

Omkara: You are right Rudra, We need to celebrate our victory and have to chill because after this Shivay once again will be busyvin his business and all and you’ll be busy in your parties and girl friends (And same time On and Rudra looked at Saumya whose face is lil SAS with girlfriends word) and can’t say anythng about girl.

Rudra: So, Today we’ll go to club and will enjoy there…

Shivay noticed that mere mention of ‘club’ make Anika feel uncomfortable and Om noticed that Saumya to is not happy with this and Shivay to notice bit and he speak

Om: Waise Rudra I think how about day out tomorrow instead of your club night???

Shivay: Waise On we can go to our farmhouse tomorrow and we’ll be back on Sunday night???What do you all say???

All are agreed fir this excluding Anika and before she can speak anything OmRu knees din in front of her and speak

OmRu:Anika didi plz you to have to come you can’t say no to me. And Rudra continue alone “Anika didi you can’t say no to me I am your friend and one friend can’t say no to other friend so you’ve to come with us say yes plz plz plz say yes…

Anika give You-are-impossible-and-gone-case wala loom to him and finally Shivay jump in between and speak

Shivay: Just shut up Rudra, So she can reply her decision.

And soon Anika to agree for plan and that night together they do packing of bedded things and Rudy make fruit punch in strict observation of ShivOm and girl pack few food items which they can eat on way and finally they pack their required clothes and other stuff and call for night early as they want to start their journey early in the morning and girl together sleep in Prinku’s room and boys make them selves comfortable in Shivay’s room.

Next morning they meet in parking lot and IshKara and Rumya already have them selves comfortable in one car so Shivay move towards another car and in that car Rajveer is already there on driver sit and Priyanka in his company so ShivIka adjust themselves in back seat in comfortable silence and they are looking anything but not at each other but same time stealing glances of each other and PriVeer looked at them and giggled silently. And soon they reaches to farmhouse and they had their breakfast ad later they palyed volleyball and basketball and boys let girl win as they want them to have smile on their faces and later they enjoyed swimming in pool but that time ShivIka are sitting at the edge of pool and talking with each other comfortably and finally they had dinner and Rudra decide to have bonfire and enjoy fruit punch by sitting around them…

And soon they settled and sitting but soon Rudra himself find it boring so he and Omkara suggest playing truth and dare game and all become excited and they started playing game and first bottle stopped at Rajveer and he choose dare and danced with Priyanka on romantic song and they share their romantic moment and next come Priyanka’s turn and she choose truth and answer Rajveer’s question that whom she love the most and she hugged her three brothers and smiled at him and speak after them come you with all family member and then bottle stopped at Anika and she choose dar and OmRu give her daret propose someone and she request that she’ll do it later and now bottle stopped at Shivay and surprising everyone he choose dare and stunned OmRu give Anika chance to give dare to him. And Anika speak

Anika: Billuji we all know that you are successful businessman and an amazing chef (all of others eyes turned into saucer size and their jaw dropped to land listening Anika praising Shivay and that to in front of every one) so now amaze us with some other skill of your so sing for us…

Now Rudra and Om are shocked beyond limit and they are about to inform Anika that he don’t like to sing but they get another shock of their life as Shivay agreed for that and he run inside and comeback with guitar in his hand. And he took his place and started playing guitar with ease.

Omru are shocked beyond limit seeing their brother playing guitar like its a daily chaos for him and giving him another shock Shivay started singing…

Saajna.. Saajna…
Ek tujhko hi bas dekh kar
Bhooli mujhko hi meri nazar

and he remembered how he forget everything when for the first to Anika come in front of him and break his car’s windscreen…

Tujhko shayad nahi hai khabar
Tujhko jeete hain hum kis kadar

And he remembered how badly he lost in her that day hen she is enjoying her ‘Budhiya ka Baal’ while they are on hunt of that con girl.

Jude jo tere khawab se
Toh toote hum neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

And he rembers how much he become excited and called her on day of Rakhi repeatedly even after listening her angry words…

Tu haathon mein toh hai mere
Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

this time hr remember their moment from pool party and a smile crept on his lips and he looked at Anika and seeing his smile she know that he is remembering their pool party moment and she to look into his eyes.

Tere bina kabhi raatein na ho meri
Tere kareeb ho, mere yeh din sabhi

And he remembers how they woke up in each others arms next morning of pool party…

Jude jo tere khawab se
Toh toote hum neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

And this time memories from day rush into his mind when he called her gold digger and other words.. Ad with that his eyes filed with years remembering all the pain he have given to her and seeing him crying even Anika too had tears in her eyes and other are feeling sad for Shivay and his pain and their situations thorough which they went in past few days. Though his eyes are moist but h continue his singing

Tu haathon mein toh hai mere
Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

And he remember their dance on pool party night and even on his sangeet.

Tu saath hai agar
Tanha kyu hai safar
Itna toh bata mujhe
Kyu hai mujhse bekhabar

And he remember how he went to her home after missing her can that day and how he sooth her that day after first attack on her from stalker Daksh.

Tu saath hai agar
Tanha kyu hai safar
Itna toh bata mujhe
Kyu hai mujhse bekhabar

And this tie he member how he drag her out of Oberoi mansion after hearing Daksh and his cheap words for his Anika.

Jude jo tere khawab se
Toh toote hum neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

And he remembered how uneasy he was feeling when she is attacked second time by Daksh..

Tu haathon mein toh hai mere
Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

And he remmber how he asked for her for marriage and her expression on that day at first and after hearing that’s its for Daksh..

And with that he completed his song and then he felt that his song have make everyone sad and atmosphere heavy and there are so many quesin everyone’s mind but right now he is not in state if answering any of them as he have to fight with his own emotions now so excused himself and started moving inside home but his legs stopped at the second her mind registered his name spoken by Anika and hearing Shivay with lots of emotions from her he turned and look at her and next second he blink his eyes one more time as he saw Anika crying and he run into her direction and he hugged her and Anika adjust herself in his arms and keep sobbing and speak

Anika: I am sorry Billuji, I’ve given you so much pain and sadness in your life. I thought I you were counting me a weak girl so and I said yes to Daksh just to….

Shivay kept his finger on her lips and sshhh and speak

Shivay: Anika shhh you don’t need to give me any explanations I’ve misunderstood you, given so much pain to you even ai tries to destroyed you and I don’t know how many time I’ve insulted you due to your surname without thinking how much it might be hurting you at that time so I am sorry for all this time…

Including Anika all are stunned hearing the great SSO speaking sorry with tears in his eyes. And giving all of them last shock for night or may be for lifetime Anika knees down on her knees and speak

Anika: Billuji now I want to steal your last name for lifetime will you allow me???

Shivay is smiling ear to ear and happy tears are now in his eyes and he can’t believe that his Panika have proposed him for marriage and within second he to knees down on his knees and and taking Anika in his arms he speak

Shiavay: I would love to allow you stal my last name and even myself from me.. And he kissed her in her forehead and pecked her lips softly and blushing Anika hide her face in his muscular chest..

And all are happy with and for them…☺☺☺☺

Phewww done this is so long at a time I think of posting it as 2sS but later I cancelled all that thought and complete typing it as OS… And this one is one of my favourite and special OS hope you all like it… *Fingers crossed*

Now I am eagerly waiting for all of your feedback…☺☺☺☺

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  1. Jazz1

    Fabulous ?????

    1. Pri_24


  2. Priyali

    Awww pri… it was a unique + cute and funny and perfect and magical proposal….. awesome os once again …

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Pia for comment…

  3. that’s truly unique proposal….
    nailed it priya dr

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks dear…

  4. Samaira20

    Wow…that was so awsum dear…..just loved it….hope so it becomes true….

    1. Pri_24

      thanks for comment Samaira …

  5. Sanaya_malik

    Awww…. This cute…. Anika proposed wow seriously a different concept…. And a different Proposal…. Loved it… I dont knw frm where u get so many ideas….
    Awesome update❤❤

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Sanu bay for your comment…

  6. Samm

    wow! so sweet, billuji!!!

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you…

  7. Well song is trp of this… I must say… So meaning full … Clear writting as u always do… So ya I love ur writings… Shivay way mature guy…. love the way u portrait him

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Hina for comment and this is means alot to me..

  8. Tulasi

    Suprrbbb dear….awesummmmmm……i luv u dimpleee….??????? aisa propose kiya tho hayeee koyi bhi ha kah dega……..??? sooooo sweeet n cute…tht song…..n their momentssss….lovelyyy…..

    1. Pri_24

      Thansk for comment Tsunami…

  9. Shivika

    Wow….fab dear…u nailed it…….i wish i could read more of that sort in future…..i would love to read it………i loved it a lot….and love confession was awesome as shivika union happened with full romantic and memories presence……

    1. Pri_24

      Thansk for comment Shakti…

  10. Nansshivika

    Its is so feel good and shivika song moment and anika proposal is so sweet???????? arey chocopie tumare os ka maza hi much aur he

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks alot Nandupie for your comment… And even for this compliment… 🙂

  11. Sat_9492

    I m speechless…. ???

    1. Pri_24

      🙂 🙂

  12. Mukta

    Truly a unique & peculiar proposal??? awesome update di?????

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Mukta for comment…

  13. Aarya

    Its really unique one???fantastic os pri…..so lovely…..beautiful piece of work…..great job my dear…..??was out of station…. So couldn’t read ur updates….bt now am gonna read it one by one…..

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Aarya for your comment and take your time dear and do not need to be sorry…

  14. Tany

    super cool bro very niceee…..

    1. Pri_24

      I am a girl…. And thanks for comment…

  15. Pinkyyy

    Awww nice os Priya??

    1. Pri_24


  16. Sanchi

    I saw a new promo of ishqbaaz.. Bagad billa s gng to force her to marry him.. the original story track s similar to that of ipkknd.. Pri ur os s great but all our hopes of love confession before marriage went down d drain?.. typical serials!!!

    1. Pri_24

      Eaxctly I felt same..
      🙁 And thanks for comment..

  17. Nainaa

    All this hearts are for you my Dear Cheeky.
    I am spellbound after you act of making Anika on her knees to propose Shivaay…
    It’s so cute no no damn cute….
    Truth or dare is very nice and I am like sitting along with them in bonfire and the level of intensity in Shivaay’s emotions while singing the song is hell high…???
    So, you never leave any stone unturned to o make us amaze either with you ff’s or with Os…. keep going ChocoPIe….
    Love Ya…?

    1. Pri_24

      Love you cutie your comment bring big wali smile on my face… And thanks you for commenting…

  18. Anujohnson

    It is Awesome…no words to express……very good…pls write more such os…..!!!!

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment and I’ve written few OS before too check them may be you find them Interesting…

  19. ulala OS and that proposal of Anika is just wow and perfect all of your OS till today is potraiting Shivay proposing to Anika and this time you went in totally opposite direction and make Anika propose Shivay and that Proposal is so much perfect that I want to steal your last and Shivay answer is lovely specifically that you can steal my self from me that was like ?????????

    I loved this OS… Plz keep posting such OS…

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for commetn and Avi…

  20. Perfect OS… Combination of all the emotions pain, sadness, happiness, fun, love and joy excluding jealousy but I don’t missed it… Just loved each and every word of this OS…

    Great work. Keep writing… keep smiling…

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment Rads..

  21. Reminiscing memories of Anika is best part if OS you take us on ShivIka’s first moment and make us ride all ShivIka’s moment land with this OS and I find it awesome and I like it..

    I feel like reading it again and again.. And that proposal is perfect girl power yo…?

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks fro comment Vani… 🙂

  22. I didn’t find any word other than perfect for this OS..

    Pri well written and sing selection is amazing…??

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Aish…

  23. I never thought you can write this well… I just thought you as nerd girl of our class but you surprised me a lot nice work… I like it…

    1. Pri_24

      Hehe thanks fro comment and I not only nerd girl…

  24. lovely OS… ?????

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks… 🙂

  25. Akshaya

    Aww that’s so cute . I thought he will sing badly like how he tried to say shayari like om

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Aksh… 🙂

  26. OMg someone please pinch me… Am I seeing any dream???? Oouch I pinched my self and come to know it not dream it Pri’s OS… Its amazing actually I felt I was there and this all happening in front of me its so much perfect every words are smoothly written and emotions are taken care perfectly an that proposal by Anika I am stunned yet…. ☺☺☺☺

    Actually since long I am waiting for your OS and today when I checked TU I saw 2 OS of yours seems like good day of mine…☺☺☺☺

  27. Ishqkum

    Wow super Dr shivika scene awesome

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Kavi…

  28. Shakthi

    Sry fr d late comment pri episode was awesome…so nice dear

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment dear

  29. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

  30. Wow…it is awesome and unique os…really enjoyed shivika moment…how cute Anika proposed shivay…and so sorry for the late comment…

  31. Pri_24

    Thanks for comment dear

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