Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 8)

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Hi guys sorry for the extremely late update I know you guys are very angry but I had exams so I couldn’t post anyways here are the previous parts of my FF you can refer them if you forgot my ff story line.
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Till now
Tia is exposed and arrested along with her sisters and mum .Pinky accepts on a car as her daughter in law and Anika is now Mrs Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi.
Note: Shivika do not remarry but accept their marriage whole heartedly. Anika had got a new passport.
Episode 8
Oberoi mansion ,dining table

The dining table was in shape of an oval .Dadi was on the head seat Pinky and Jhanvi were sitting on either sides of her beside Pinky was Shakti and besides Janvi was Tej beside Tej was his darling daughter Prinku and Soumya was sitting beside Shakti. Beside Soumya was Anika. beside Anika Shivaay beside Prinku were Om and Rudra no one was sitting on the other end.
Shivika were having happy faces Om Rudra Soumya and Priyanka looked confused actually Shivika cover holding hands under the table and so they was smiling.
One’s discussion (whispering)
Om: Rudra don’t you think Shivaay badla badla sa lag raha hai?
Rudra:yes O. You are right.kuch toh ho raha hai…..table ke niche (suspiciously)
Om:table ke niche?

Rudra:yes,O.Bhaiya usually table pat dono hath rakh ke khate hai. Par aaj……
Om:oh ya!nice guess Rudy!
Rudra:yeh toh had.I have a plan.
Pinky notices them whispering.
Pinky:kya khusar phusar kar rahe ho?
Rudra:kuch nahi choti maa. Bas aise hi.Voh mere jute(shoes) nikal gaye the,use fit karna hai

Rudy bends down to check whether he was correct or not. Surprisingly,he was correct.
He gets up and starts singing the song “do dil mil rahe hain,magar,chupke chupke”.This was enough to bring Shivika back to their senses.
Pinky:kya baat hai Rudra,tu bada mads gaya hai jo Hindi songs sings kar raha hai(guys u know pinky’s English right?)
Rudra:voh Bhaiya and bhabhi agar table ke niche hath pakad kar khana kha sakte hai toh kuch bhi ho sakta hai
Everyone smirks and say “Oh….”,while Shivika blush

Pinky:vaise mummiji,Rudra is rights.Inko honeymoons main bhejna toh chahiye.
Dadi:arre?main iske bare main bhool gayi thi. Toh tum dono kahan jaaoge?
Rudra:Dadi,mutse puchiye main inke saath jaunga.
Dadi:oe khotiya!tu kyun unka honeymoon waste karna chahta hai?
Om:waste nahi dadi, khayal rakhne ke liye. Kahi yeh dono wahin naa ruk jaaye.
Rudra:aur vaise bhi meri picnic aur Bhaiya ka honeymoon bhi ho jaayega.
After lots of talks and arguments,it’s decided that Shivika will go to Maldives with OmRuSomPri.

The next day,shopping mall
Shivaay:uffo Anika!kitna time lagta hai tume!ek simple dress nahi khareed sakti toh shop ko hi khareed lo…
Anika:aap itni tadi aur nakhre noor jahan kahi aur nikaliye. Mere samne nahi kyunki main ye sab aapke liye kar rahi hoon.
Shivaay:mere liye?magar kyun?
Anika:kyunki main nahi chahti ki aap kisi aur ladki ke saath bhaag gaye.
Shivaay:voh tumse jyaada sundar nahi ho sakti.
They have an eyelock,which is further broken by OmRuSomPri.

Anika runs into the trial room and Shivaay tried to handle all of them. After the shopping,they arrive home,add they have to stay packing for tomorrow.
Next day…
All are bidding bye to the youngsters.
Pinky goes to Anika.
Pinky:Anika beta,mujhe jaldi grandmas banna hai. Samjhi naa?
Shakti:aur mujhe granddad.

Rudra starts his teasing. All join him.Shivika blush.
They hug everyone and leave along with their teasemates i.e the youngsters( OmRuSomPri).
They get in the plane which was specially booked for them.
Anika leans on Shivaay’s shoulder and Shivaay lays his head on Anika’s head and both fall asleep cuddling with each other.

At Maldives….
They check in at a hotel (guys,I’m not good in keeping names,so imagine/suggest whatever name you like)
They change into their beach outfits and go to play.
Shivaay as usual was in his suit,but in a different avatar. He had taken off the blazer and waistcoat and was in his white shirt and blue pant. Anika had worn a blue frock having the same pattern that Shivaay ‘s shirt was having.
Soumya was wearing an off shoulder peach color frock having black polka dots in it. Rudra was wearing a peach T shirt and half pant. Om was in his same dress(half sleeve shirt and patiala pant). Prinku was in some frock.
They decided to have a Volleyball match.

Volleyball match :girls v/s boys.
Anika’s team:Anika,Soumya and Prinku.
Shivaay’s team:Shivaay,Om,Rudra.

However,Om and Rudra knew that they can’t win now add they wanted to take their Bhabhi’s side.

After lots of playing……
Girls shout: oh yeah! We won!!

Shivaay:koi baat nahi. Ham jan buchkar har gaye taki tum logo kon khush dekh sake.
Anika:I knew it Akdu Singh Oberoi,I knew it. Aap kabhi har nahi maanenge.
Both start arguing. Everyone give “inka kuch nahi ho sakta wala” look. Rudra somehow stops the fight.
Rudra:Bhaiya,Bhabhi,stop it. Aisa karoge toh main chachu nahi ban paunga.
Shivika(a little blushing)shut up Rudra!

At night,Shivika’s room.
Anika comes out of the washroom wearing her night suit. Shivaay was in his usual kurta which was off the same colour as Anika ‘s. Shivaay was busy staring at her which didn’t go unnoticed by her.
Anika claps to bring him back to his senses. Now Shivaay cannot control and moves closer to Anika. He holds her and tucks her behind her ears and whispers.
Shivaay:tumne suna na?mom,dad aur Rudra ko gift chahiye?main unki wish puri karna chahta hun.
Anika blushes.Shivaay is now more close to her.they could count their heartbeats. Finally,Shivaay pulls her into a kiss. And then…..(guys,give them some privacy!?)

All of them meet.
Rudra:Bhaiya,kal suhagrat kaisi thi?
Om:ya. Main toh puchna hi bhool gaya. Now tell.
Shivika blush hard and hold hands. Omru notice this. They get their answers.
Few more days. More masti and more teasing.

Just an evening before the return…..
Shivika have packed. Anika goes to SomPri’s room to check if they have packed. Shivaay goes to OmRu’s room.
Both find that they are not finished with packing,so they decide to spend sometime alone at beach.

At beach…
Anika rests her head on Shivaay’s shoulder and Shivaay rests his head on Anika’s head. Both enjoy the sunset,together.
Shivika(together):I love you!
Both are surprised and then say.
Shivika:as Dadi says,takkar ki jodi!

Suddenly the hear the sound of the ice cream van. Anika runs and gets ice-cream for them.
Shivaay:Anu,yeh health ke liye achha nahi hai.please don’t….
Before he could say anything,Anika makes him hold the ice-cream and licks her’s.
She didn’t notice that some ice-cream had got stuck on her nose while licking it. But our hero is here.
Shivaay wipes off the ice-cream with his napkin,lovingly. They both have an eyelock,a lovely one.

At Hotel….
When they return,they see their teasemates smirking at them. They act normal,because they know that if they blush again,they will be teased but everyone.
Shivaay:why are you all here?go to rest. We all have to leave early. Come Anu.
Rudra:I know Bhaiya,I know how much tired you are. That’s why you are talking Bhabhi with you.
They ignore his words and go hand in hand. This leaves everyone confused. But when everyone notice them going hands in hand,they smile. Everyone goes to rest.

Precap:youngsters return. Ishana’s entry….
Guys,done with the update. Some of you had asked about priveer ‘s story.So let me clear,Ranveer is Priyanka ‘s boyfriend,as well as Soumya’s brother. Soumya got to know about him first,so she informed it to the whole family. Rumya ‘s marriage secret will be revealed,soon. Anyways,it was a long update,I’ll try to make it shorter in the next episode. All comments accepted. ??

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