Ishqbaaz-Shivika: A love story (Episode 10)

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Hi guys thanks for my protein shake,I mean your comments! I miss Vrushika a lot!!!So,guys,Vrushy would be playing the role of Ishana in my ff.

A short Precap:youngsters return. Ishu is out of coma. Anika is her so called sister(both are actually real sisters but don’t know that yet)

Here is episode 10:
When Ishana saw Om,she joined her hands and said,”mujhe maaf kar dijiye,Omkara ji.”
All stood in shock. They were confused.
Ishana:Anika di, why is everyone staring like this?you told them the truth right?
Anika:yes,I told everything. But,can you explain what exactly happened that day?
Ishu:ya,sure. Actually,that day after I did jhagda with Omkara ji,I ran and went to my favorite place,that road which was surrounded by trees. I saw that Riddhima there who was ordering some people to cut those forests. I thought to inform this to Omkara ji,but I knew that he won’t trust me,because I broke his trust.

I broke down in the middle of the road. I disconnected your call twice,but finally lifted up thinking it was urgent. I told everything to papa and you. Then,a car rushed in with full speed and hit me. That Riddhima came and crushed my phone. Riddhima said that only because of me,she couldn’t loot Omkara ji,and she hit me with a stone. Then after a while,you came and rushed me to the hospital,that’s it.
All remembered the day when Riddhima’s truth was out,however,no one thought that she would be so deadly.
Anika:(hits her playfully on her cheeks)that’s it?is that you speaking?you know what Sahil must have been through,did you even think about your di?(faking anger)
Ishu:oh please di,don’t show me your tadi. I know that you are angry,that doesn’t mean you will show your tadi in front of everyone.

Heading this,Anika melted down and everyone burst out oneinto laughter.
Ishu:kya maine idhar koi joke mara,ki aap log has rahe ho?
Rudra:no Didi. Actually we are laughing because you use the same language as Anika Bhabhi.
Ishu(controlling her laughter):woh toh hai.
suddenly,she realizes what Rudy said.


She looked towards Anika and saw her wearing sindoor and mangalsutra.
Ishu:di,you married?very bad. You didn’t call me to your wedding. Vaise,where is my jiju?
Shivaay comes from behind and holds her hand showing brotherly love.
Shivaay:I’m your jiju.
Ishu:wow di,you are Great. You are Shivaay right?
Shivaay(a bit confused):yes,why?
Ishu bursts out into laughter,leaving everyone confused.
Ishu(controlling her laughter):di,this was the same person right,whom you used to describe as the great kanji aankhon wala bhagad billa,having lots of tadi filled in?
All burst out into laughter,Shivaay gave a death glare to Anika,Anika bites her tongue.
Anika:uh…Ishu I think you should rest,OK?

Ishu:di,baat jalebi ki tarah ghoomane ki koshish mat karo.
Ishu and Rudy have a high five to each other.
Anika(thought something):Ishu,I thought you were asking someone for apology,right?
Ishu:uh…voh…(she tries to get up,but falls,suddenly she is saved by her hero,Om)
Om:sambhal ke!
Ishu:can you forgive me Omkara ji?
Om:first of all,I’m Omkara Singh Oberoi. Then stop calling me Omkara ji. Second,you should use the word ‘ please ‘.

Ishu:OK. Let’s try again.(clearing her throat)so,will you please forgive me,Mr. OSO?
All(shocked):yeh OSO kaun hai?
Ishu:you told your name is Ones Singh Oberoi right?it’s so difficult to call you Omkara Singh Oberoi,and I can’t even call you Bhaiya also,so I called you OSO,just like when Didi calls Shivaay Bhaiya SSO,then why hesitation when I call or your name?
All laugh.
Pinky:Oh My Mata! You are such a nice girl!you are my heera bahu ‘s sister. Such a nice girl. (Guys,now only and Anika are improving in English.)
Ishu:you must be Pinky aunty,right?
Pinky:no,I’m not Pinky aunty. Add you are also like my child and my heera bahu ‘s sister,you will call me Maa.

Jhanvi and Dadi were impressed by Ishu’s attitude. They thought that she would be the right one for Omkara. Jhanvi goes to Ishu and holds her hand.
Jhanvi:yes,you are right Pinky. You will call me badi maa. Om,you should forgive this kind hearted girl.
Tej:call me bade papa,OK Ishu?
Shakti:and call me papa.
Ishu:thank you all of you. Aap sab bohot achhe ho!
Om:OK. I will forgive you. But you will not repeat this mistake again.
Ishu:yes,sure. I promise I won’t.

Dadi:aur sab mujhe bhool gaye?
Ishu:arre nahi Dadi,aap sabse zyaada pyaari ho.
Dadi goes and Ishana hugs her tightly.
Dadi:thike ab sab chalo. Ishu,tum Soumya ke saath uske kamre main rahogi jab tak tumhara room thik kiya jaegaa.

Soumya:aur main aapka pura dhyaan rakhoongi,Ishu di.
Rudra:Didi,don’t trust her…yeh aapka khana kha legi.

Ishu:aisa kuch nahi hai. Tum use kyun chida rahe ho?
Rudra:because voh ek number ki Sumo hai.
Soumya:shut up,Dumbbell Oberoi.
Soumya starts chasing Rudra. All laugh and leave the room.
Anika leaves and after sometime,she returned holding a box in her hand.
Anika:Ishu,yeh le. Your dad gave it to me. He told that you open and see it. I haven’t opened this till now as he wants only you to open it.
She leaves.

Ishu opens the box. It has her mom’s ghoongroos(Ishu ‘s mom was a dancer)and 2 letters. One of her mom and one of her dad. She also saw a pendant and some childhood photos of her. She saw some money lying there.

She is very depressed after reading the letters. She was hell shocked.
Ishana:that means….Anika di……I have to tell her.

But suddenly,she notices the time. It was 11:30 pm. She decided to reveal the letter’s truth to all,but later.

Next morning…..
Ishana was sleeping. Anika came and caressed her face.
Anika:kitni pyaari hai. I hope she remains cute like this forever. Sorry Ishu,I totally forgot about you. If possible,please forgive me.
Anika starts leaving. Ishu holds her hand.

Ishu:you were never at fault,Didi. Then how will I forgive you?and I’d you think you are at fault,I will take the advantage of it.
Anika:achha beta!wah nautanki,showing your nakhre noorjahan to me?
Ishu:arre,no. You will have to tell me yours and jiju’s story to me. OK?

Anika becomes tasty eyed. This didn’t go unnoticed by Ishana. She becomes confused.
Ishu:what happened Didi,tell me or else I will also cry and I will not talk to you.
(Note:guys,Ishana sees Anika’s breakdown so she doesn’t want to tell her about the letter now)
Anika:OK. Then listen. Promise me you will forgive your jiju and Pinky maa,OK?
Ishu(confused):haan.ok. start.

Anika explains everything to Ishu. Ishana is coming with anger.
Ishu(shouting): how dare he?how dare that bagad billa hurt Didi and Sahil,even though he knew that the child is handicapped?and Pinky maa was supporting that cheapdi Tia?what nonsense!

By hearing Ishu shooting,everyone rush to Ishu’s room.
Ishu saw everyone. She stands up without anyone’s help and with much effort walls towards Shivaay and hold his collar.
How dare you Shivaay Singh Oberoi,how dare you?you hurt my sister?do you even know the torture she has faced during her childhood?how dare you?and,Didi after knowing this,you forgave him?I don’t have a big heart as you did,but how could you?

Everyone was standing in shock. Omru were pleased by her tashan.
Ishana:you know na Didi,Sahil’s bua used to torture you?after Sahil’s parents passed away,she came there to take away uncle’s property?after you used to return from school(government school),she made you do all the household work and locked you in a dark room?you used to take all efforts and she used to curse you,right? Now why,why on earth you lost hope? You know,I had promised you that I will never leave you,then why?
All are shocked and having tears in the eyes. (In my ff,bua died in some small accident.)
Anika:I know that,Ishu. But I am happy with him. Did you forget,he saved me from Daksh ‘s clutches?all had supported me. First you,then Omru,Dadi,Prinku,Soumu and now the whole family. Why to play blame game over here?
Om:I agree with Ishana,Bhabhi. You never told us what happened with you. You told explained me,right,that jab hum apna dukh share karte hain,toh dard halka ho jata hai.
Soumya:I agree with bade baal wale Bhaiya,didi. I have shared everything with you. why not the same when you have to tell me?

Rudra:yes Bhabhi,aap already mere saath share kar sakti thi,par aapne kuch kyun nahi bola?
Anika:I’m sorry. Mujhe pata hai aapko bahut gussa aa raha hai,par mujhe maaf kar dijiye.
Shivaay:you could have shared everything already with me,what was the need to hide it within yourself?(he goes to Ishu)
Shivaay:I’m sorry for not telling you everything. But,now Anika has become the most precious thing of my life. Now, I feel guilty. Will you also forgive me for what I have done?
Ishu melts down. She goes to Shivaay and both share a bro n did hug. Anika and Soumya too join the hug.
Om:Shivaay,you ate only giving girls?
Rudra:that means,no Obro moment?
Dadi:arre khotiya!jaa Shivaay se gale mil.

All youngsters share a group hug.
Pinky:Oh My Mata !ab main bhi apni bahu aur betis ko hugs kar loon,ya tum log unhe chhodoge nahi.
Anish go and hug Pinky. Soumya smiles and sees them.
Pinky:oye,maine bola tha meri bahu and betis. Soumya,tu nahi aayegi?
Soumya gets emotional. She goes and gets a tight hug. Jhanvi also joins the hug.
(Guys,priveer are not here. I’ll include them later.)
Ishu:vaise ek baat samajh main nahi aayi.
Ishu:ki Soumya,who’s this bade baal wale Bhaiya?
All laugh. Finally Rudra explains.
Rudra:arre Ishu Di,yeh lambe baal wala creature hi Sumo ka bhaiya hai(pointing towards Om).
Om:shut up, Rudra.

Rudra:don’t you have any other work to do rather than asking me to shut up?
All busy out into laughter seeing Rudy’s antics.
Tej:but this is not fair Pinky. I did not get an opportunity to hug my daughters.
Anishya run and hug Tej and Shakti.

Dadi:oye!yahan toh sab meri 3 pyaari potiyon ke liye lad rahe hai!
All:Dadi/maa/mummiji,itna emotional nahi hona chahiye!
Rudra:let’s do the Oberoi moment. Ishu Di,you also join us.
All:Dil Bole…….Oberoi.

Is almost 3 weeks
(guys,Sahil will be coming next week)Ishu has recovered.
Tej:bahut bhook lagi hai. Let’s have breakfast.

Omru remember something and smirk at Shivaay. They decide to pull Shivaay’s leg.
Om:oh ya!today we 3 obros have made a special breakfast.
Rudra:Bhabhi,can you guess what we have made?
Anika:koi Hollywood type breakfast hoga.
Omru:no. Pesh hai Oberoi kitchen se nutritious aloo puri!made by Shivaay Bhaiya.
Dadi:tum log mazaak toh nahi kar rahe ho na,kyunki Shivaay aur aloo kabhi ek nahi ho sakte!
Ishu:wait Dadi,I know why…..Anika di,if I’m not wrong,your favourite dish is aloo puri,right?
Shivika blush.
All:toh yeh maamla hai,huh?
All laugh and leave. Shivika come behind.

Dining table….
Everyone settled down. Rudy smirks and advised Shivaay.
Rudra:Bhaiya,aaj no romance under the table,OK?
Shivika again blush,all laugh leaving a confused Ishana.
Ishu:romance,under the table….what do you mean(with a questioning look)
Rudra:arre,you don’t know it di, I will tell you.
Rudy explains everything. Ishu laughs. Om notices this. A small smile creepy on his face.
Ishu:di,aap toh chhupe rustam nikle!
Shivika blush.
Ishu:vaise di,mujhe aapse zaroori baat karni hai.
Anika was eating food that time. She starts coughing hearing Ishana’s words. Shivaay gets tensed and feeds her with water and pats her back. Both are lost in each other’s eyes.
Ishu:di,are you OK?

Anika:you….and serious discussion? Aaj suraj east se nikla hai ya west se?
All busy out into laughter. Ishana makes a puppy face.
Ishu:this is not fair,di. Don’t compare me like Rudy. I’m not dumbbell Oberoi.
Rudy:what Di,now you also went to Sumo’s side.
Anika:what’s the matter?
Ishu:di,I want to join the dance institute again. Is been months since I’ve visited that place. I want to join and teach my students.

Anika:but you have just recovered Ishu. I can’t risk your life again.
Jhanvi:Ishu,you teach dance?
Ishu:yes,badi maa. I have even taught Anika di and Soumu.
Anika:yes badi maa. She’s a professional dancer.
Tej:then 1 dance toh banta hai.
Shakti:you are correct bhai. I want to see a performance of my daughters so that my sons can learn from them.
Pinky:correct Shaktiji. Hamare boys to sirf apne kaam main busy rehte hain. They should learn something.
Shivomru grin. Anishya laugh.

Ishu:Di,Soumu,let’s show these boys.
Soumya:you are correct Di. Now see dumbbell Oberoi and learn.
Rudra:par dono par girna mat.
Anika:do let’s go girls.

Anika rushes and gets the song and speakers. Everyone goes to hall and waits for the dance. They dance on cutie pie.
(They enter on stage. )
Tere vargi na pind vich duji
Punjabi koi chick mahiya

Kyun tu khidki te baithi sharmaaye
Barande utte dikh mahiya (x2)

Banno tashan tera atti fantastic
Social media pe hukam chalaaye
Phone pe baatein kare apne left hand se
Right hand pe mehndi lagaye (x2)(they take out their tongues showing a cute smile)

Boyfriend ki tujhe koi fikar nahin

Pehli date pe kahein, okay bye!
Devdas ki tarah afsos woh kare
Ke tu haske innocent si shakal banaye

(They make innocent faces)

Cutiepie.. cutiepie.. cutiepie..
Haaye haaye.. cutie cutiepie

Shivomru are mesmerized by the dance. All praise them.
Pinky:wow!kya dance tha!Ishu tu Anika ki bast mat sun. Jaldi jaakar taiyyar (ready) ho jaa.
Ishu shoes a smile to Anika. Anika shouts fake anger. She runs behind her. Soumya also runs behind her.
Shivomru conversation

Shivaay:I didn’t knew that Anika can dance so well.
Om:same. Ishana runs a dance academy?
Rudra:so Sumo can dance?funny,isn’t it.
ShivOm:she could dance because she is not a dumbbell like you.
Rudra:but she’s the wife of Dumbbell Oberoi,right?(realising what he said)uh…uh. he tried to solve the matter,but ShivOm already got a clue that he was hiding something.
ShivOm: you mean she is your wife Rudy?
Rudra: no, voh….galti se maine bol diya.

Till then the girls come. Ishana hugs Anika.
Ishu: thank you Di, you did lots of efforts for me.
Anika:achha beta,thank you abhi yaad aa raha hai?
She starts chasing Ishana. Everyone laughs.
Ishana: you can’t catch me Di,since childhood we use to play this game but childhood we use to play this game but you could never catch me and I am sure that today also if you would not break your record.
Anika:ruk abhi batati hun tujhai.
Ishana runs as fast as she could. She bumps into Om and was about to fall when Om catches her by putting his hands around her waist. They share an eyelock.
All:ahem ahem.
They break the eyelock. And realize their position. Ishana composers herself.
Ishu:voh…… Di

Anika: what I could never catch you?
Anika goes and parts her cheek lovingly.
Soumya:Ishu Di,you were late for your dance academy,right?
Ishana:oh ya,thanks. Anika di,give me your Champa ‘s key.
Anika:but you have just recovered. How will you drive?
Ishu:it’s OK Di,I’ll manage.

Om:how will you manage?I’ll drop you.
ShivRu:you will drop her,han?
Om:shut up(blushing)
Rudra:Bhaiya,see someone has become red like a tomato.
Shivaay:right Rudy.

Om:when did I blush?
ShivRu:when did we say that you were blushing? Leave it. Go and drop Ishu.
Om: come, Ishu.
ShivRu:you called her Ishu?
Om:so, she is my……
Shivru:she’s your…..
Anika:so pulling my devar’s leg……because ye sirf mera haq hai.
Soumya:aur mera bhi!
All were shocked. Soumya realized what she said. She composes herself.
Soumya:he’s my Bhaiya too.
Ishkara blush,while others are relieved.

Ishkara leave. Everyone busy.

Precap:Lohri function with the Oberois. Roop ‘s entry.

Phew. Done with the update. It was extra long,as it’s my tenth episode. Anyways,I’ll try to make it shorter. Bye guys…..??

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