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How many of you are intrested in watching Anika’s kidnapping drama????

As ShivIka marriage happened… Anika who is fianceeof obsessive lover Daksh but Shivay married to her and coming to the upcoming twist news all are saying that according to twist Daksh will kidnap Anika as he can’t see her with any other man so how many of you are intrested in this drama???
Actually I’ve once even thought of this as ShivIka’s story is going in the same flow as ArShi’s story so already this is what all have presumed but this is happening little early.

All I wish is if this going to happen then they won’t drag it like Pragya’s first kidnapping in KKB and Arnav’s kidnapping in IPKKND….

And hope this kidnapping (if it happens) will clear all misunderstanding created by Daksh between Shivika atleast…

So what do you guys are thinking????

  1. Sanchi

    If the track goes in a similar way to ipkknd I will stop watching it.. what yar this stupid kidnap drama has no sense it n if they drag it like for 2-3 months it will loose its charm for sure

  2. Sanchi

    Probably the kidnapping drama is the one played by Tia to get Shivay back.. I just hope that he does not be dumb this time and believe that hag

  3. Akshaya

    Same chocopie

  4. I’m with you and hope that this will open Shivaay’s eyes to Daksh’s truth because there is no way that he kidnaps Anika and walks away looking innocent. His actions will undoubtedly raise red flags in Shivaay’s mind as he hopefully puts together the missing pieces. I think this is the worst misunderstanding in terms of how easy it would have been to resolve. That day in the kitchen Shivaay should have questioned Soumya about why Anika was in Daksh’s room! And all he needs to do is ask Dadi, or dare I say ANIKA, in order to know about the loan. In my opinion these differences between them are born from Shivaay’s low thinking. He was quick to believe Daksh, granted the latter made the situation look questionable, but he KNOWS Anika.

    She has done so much for him and his family yet he can’t spare her a conversation to clear the air? How easily he reverts back to the cold and elitist Shivaay Singh Oberoi. In true bride-swapping fashion, Anika should make him earn her forgiveness and suffer more than just a little. He did everything not considering her at all.

    Plus, the double standard is insane! As a commentator mentioned before, Om and Rhidima were going to live with each other and that was fine with him even though the two weren’t near getting married. Also I recall the time that Tia came over late at night with the room lit with candles and everything, when he mistook Anika for her on the balcony and was going to get romantic, but of course this is fine because both examples have people of “high class.” At least Anika is engaged to Daksh, and he should know her character better by now, but still acts oblivious. I get that he listens to facts and his mind, but come on yaar! I am glad that the kidnapping will happen soon since I can’t stomach SSO’s stupidity like this.

  5. Samaira20

    I think so if daksh kidnaps anika then atleast Shivaay would realize his feelings and also misunderstanding would get clear….

  6. ShubhangiRokxx

    no dear they rnt going to drag coz it isnt ektaas drama its gyl khanptoduction nd moreover shivay isnt double standard hes jst hurt nd jealous frm daaksh

  7. I think it’s a good track.so that shivaaay can know the truth .and can trust anika

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