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Om art exhibtion is successful he thought to share the good news to shivaay before reaching home but his phone is not reachable.he enters into the
house.the hous was very dead silence he was surprised to see no one in the hall as it is unusual.he remembers dadi and shivaay having morning chat after
some time whole family of now whole family should be here.he is even shocked to see the line in centre of hall.he calls everyonebut only rudhra
comes and hugs him tightly.
O-Rudy where is shivaay i called him but his phone is not reachable everything ok na…
R-you come and sit gauri bhabi is inside.i will call her.
O-i am asking shivaay not gauri.
R- (he cant be good now to control his feelings.he cries uncontrollably and explains everything and shows the line)see this is the line.
O-Mr.oberoi(he call continously till tej comes)
T-om when did you come.and why are you shouting like this
O-wow wow Mr.oberoi i know you are not good father,husband but i thought you are changing for good before some days you proved that a man like you can’t seperated me from my soul.till now you didn’t interfered in our brothers bond now you didn’t leave that too.what do you want?why did you send
shivaay out?
T-he insulted you and rudhra , took you twos share and gave it too swethlana!!!
O-This is small matter when compared with what you did to my mom and us.we have to go through a lot to pass through that situations.shivaay was the support
system for u too forgetted what shivaay is for us.i didn’t expected this fron u mom.
J-om listen i was so stressed to know what i’m doing.i’m sorry.your dad got heart attack sooo.i’m sorry.
O-good mom you tried to save your husband but couldn’t try to stop him.swetlana came in our lives because of this man.if shivaay is not there where will be we
mom? Mr.oberoi don’t try to be so good we all know about you.(he goes)
J-Om sorry beta wait om ommmmm…
O-no you changed lot mom. now you are looking like Mrs.oberoi for me not as my mom.(goes to dadi)
D-puttar.i’m sorry
O-i know you very well dadi and i promise you i will bring my brother back.
Tejvi is left alone.days passes omru is trying hard to find shivaaybut couldn’t trace him.

In goa shivaay started SOR constructions basic fomalities.Annika is trying hard to become good GL but everyday she makes some mistakes and shivaay makes it
clear.she is so worried that she didn’t became good GL.
S-Annika breakfast is ready come
A-(in room cries and doesn’t reply to shivaay)
S-Annika come na(he goes to roomand sees her crying)what happend Annika?
A-nothing is happening because of me.i wanted to become good GL but i can’t.i want to become like sas bahu serial bahu.but(cries).wife should take care of
family and husband should go on work but here you are doing two duties.
S-its ok doesn’t matter you can become good GL but it takes time.iam with you even if it takes life long time to GL i dont worry my annika is always
special for need not change yourself.
A-you are so didnt get angry for my r you like this?
S-iam such and i have to say iam missing my tadibaaz annika more. she won’t cry she doesn’t runaway from her problems she fights on her own.this is not at all
a problem so she will win this easily if not too its ok.iam there na.
A-(she hugs him tightly)
S-(he kisses her on fore head and takes her downstairs for breakfast)..

PRECAP-Annika falls unconscious shivaay at office….
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