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Hello guys…..

Swetlana Sees Soumya hiding behind the cupboard…. She smirks seeing her….

Svety-(thinks) Soumya. here why was she here and how did she  came… may be Oberois may have sent her here.. so they are keeping an eye on me… great well done Oberoi’s… you are smart..if you are smart I’m Swetlana… see what I will do with her..(she moves to take something)..

Soumya thinks nobody has seen her and again tries to unlock cupboard with small knife… while she is busy opening Swetlana  gives entry….

Svety- Hello Soumya… nice to see you after so long… So  If  I’m not wrong did Oberois send you here.. are they scared to come in front of me by the way what are you trying to find do you need something ask me I will help you come on baby don’t be shy…

So- (shocked but tries to show strong) Oberois didn’t send me here infact they are not like you who destroy own family  lives by sending them in danger when they doesn’t have interest… you just want their destruction even i want just want yours.. infact I will do whatever for keeping my family safe….

Svety- family The one who married didn’t accept the marriage, you brothers didn’t take stand for you still you support them…

So- so what  Shivaay bhaiya asked me about my opinion but Rudra  said he is not ready so I accepted it ..I love him all by my heart  and always will and its my family… I will bring happiness to my family even by giving my life muje koi farak padtha hai…  I have belief in my Rudra that one day he  surely will understand my love…  is there any problem for you…

Svety- Ithna pyar wo be nakli family ke liye.. I feel very sad for you… meine socha if you join hands with me  i wont hurt you but you didn’t gave me that option I’m so Sorry.. (she tries to smash bottle on head)

Soumya  sees this  through the mirror and tries to run away. showing  the knife on her hand….

Svety- Do you think I will get scared of this small knife haan? (she laughs)

So- I know you don’t get scared of this but its for my safety… nakli family(laughs really) haan for you even  own family is nakli family… have you loved someone or loved by some one  if any one happens you know what is family…

Svetlana nears and catches her but Soumya cuts her hand Swetlana  leaves her .. Soumya  tries to escape but thinks  I should take that proof  otherwise no use in coming here… by now Swetlana catches her and ties her too..

Svety-I will give you 2 hours time think about my offer on my side or with them…if you want to stay alive.. otherwise you don’t even have idea of how bad your death will be… I hope you have already seen  the house….

So- I’m Soumya Tendulkar ithna asanae haar nahi maanthi …  my dad  faced his death saving my family..  unki beti hoon mein  I will die either joining hands with you….

Svety- aapki marzi phir be… take 2 hrs time..

OmRu was in Shivika villa   till evening then they left  leaving Khanna  stay there…

A- OmRu is going important at least stay here  for today .. you can go morning having breakfast.. Shivaay to will get time to spend with you…. he will come after  3 hrs… till that time we can have our pagal chatting… after that I won’t disturb you  three..

O- Babhi  we are going as of now but don’t worry I promise you we both  not Mr.Oberoi and Mrs.Oberoi will come to take you by asking maaf kardo beta hum galat hai… (waise scenes hoga)  Khanna take care of babhi… hum chaltha hoon.. be safe..

R- Bye babhi.. Bye champ…. don’t worry you will soon meet your family….

They goes…. to their room in hotel…

O- Rudra…  we just seeing the house came out scared now it will be night too more darkness and  Scary.. what can  we do..?  kuch bolo…

R-(stays silent)..

O-Rudra…. Rudra… (go and shakes him) are you ok kis world hai aap..?

R- don’t know O but I  couldn’t focus on anything it feels somebody is taking my heart away from me.. its paining O but I  don’t know why….

O- phani piyo you will feel better..

R- are you serious Its about heart O…  until today I haven’t gone through this.. its strange…  O I think we have to go Swetlana house.. may be we didn’t find clue till now may be so I ‘m feeling like that…

O- I’m ready on Morning itself you were not ready…

R-ok ok leave me alone  for sometime…

After two hours Swetlana  starts torturing  Soumya giving electric shocks… Soumya just murmurs Rudra name.. The current shock is  making her so weak  she is saying to herself to stay strong as she has to give a bit of info which she knows… and she should  not die until Rudra comes because She is sure he will come if not today  the Other day….

Svety- wow such a will power.. you no what you should have died now as the  shock I’m giving is high.. I hope  you won’t allow  me to take next step of torture…

Its 9.00pm OmRu goes with a plan to deal face to face  with Swetlana if she doesn’t agrees they can kidnap her and torture her to spit the truth… as they don’t have time and they don’t want to stay quiet as its  so long they have been quiet.. today its Swetlana or them….

O- Rudra  we will go by back door  it will be easy for us .. she won’t be prepared but front door is not safe for us.. insted of her we will fall in trouble…..

R- Ok O…   Oberois never quit so what may be the situation we don’t back off…

Om is Shocked to hear this from Rudra.. he is behaving so mature today which doesn’t suit him at all..

O- Are you ok Rudra..

R- Hmmm…. It feels like somebody needs me O… why i’m feeling like that…?

O-kuch bi bolo kya who will need you.. may be Shivaay or Babhi misses you… come we have to do Oh My Matha of Botox kumari….

R- yes that is the main thing now…

They enters…

Precap: Whether OmRu Succeeds in their plan or Even now its Swetlana who wins…… Is Soumya alive…. many more…

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  1. Aafiya

    Precap is interesting..
    Post the next update as soon as possible.
    Take care..

  2. Hey dear can please post the link as I couldn’t read your past few updates due to exam..

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing…will be waiting for the next..

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    Awesome…waiting for next part update soon

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    It is nice one

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