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Hello peeps… ??? Here I am with next shot…

After drive of half hour Shivay is standing out side a home and after few minutes of thinking Shivay finally press door bell and soon answered by Tia and first she is surprised to see Shivay there but covering her expression she speak

Tia: Shivay baby what a pleasant surprise…

Shivay: Tia it’s your birthday today so I’ve to visit you… (And hugging her by side he continue) Happy B’day Tia… And yeah this time instead of giving you gift I want a favor from you…

Tia: Yeah sure say me…

Shivay: I want to know what is exact matter due to which Anika did that all???

Tia: I don’t know anything all I know is she came to me and ask for chip and I hand over that to her…

Shivay: Tia you know me and you even knows that I am not a kid so don’t try to fool me say me fact… (Sternness clearly visible in his voice)

But again Tia give him same nonchalant answer but after time Shivay lost his control over his anger and patience and he shout

Shivay: Stop Tia, I thought you’ll support me but you too decide to ditch but you still don’t know Shivay Singh Oberoi always get things which he want. I tried being gentle but now you’ll face SSO here goes your birthday gift…

And he hand over his phone to her and played video in which Dushyant was driving car and before Tia can speak anything Shivay speak

Shivay: Tia listen me carefully my men have plant bomb with jammer in his car and before 20 minutes he have to jump out of car else along with car he too will blast so if you want to save him you’ve 19 minutes to blurt out truth and yeah swipe up yo see bomb Tia…

Listening Tia was shocked and shattered beyond limit and next minute without thinking anything she blurt out everything in front of him and same time crying bitterly and after completion of matter she fainted and worried Shivay called Dr.

And Dr. arrived and checked her and informed him that she fainted due to stress and tension in her last trimester of pregnancy and Shivay cursed himself for pushing her to that much extent and when he biding bye to Dr. Dushyant arrived and asked Shivay about Dr.’s visit and Shivay explained and informed everything to him and even ask for forgiving him and by now Tia to gain consciousness and seeing Dushyant in front of her without any scar she take of breath of relief and same time Shivay informed them about his departure but on insist of Dushyant he extended his visit till cake cutting and he opened cake box and seeing cake Tia screamed as that is same box which Shivay saw him and same bomb is there and she closed her eyes out of fear and Shivay laugh at her and speak

Shivay: Sorry Tia but this one is customize cake I ordered for you and I myself met Dushyant and hand over cake to him so you know…

And he winked and before Tia can react he ran out from house. But before he can depart Dushyant followed him and saw something to him which boiled his anger…

Other side

As soon as AniRu saw Siddhartha Rana as Siddharth they searching their eyes pop out from socket but they composed themselves and greet him and after few minutes finally Rudra speak

Rudra: Why are you ditching Mallika Di for that kamini Ragini???

Siddharth: Excuse me, what are you talking about???

Anika: We knows that you are obsessed for her and you are ready to kill Shivay in fact you attacked him and Ragini twice…

Siddharth: Hang on, I really not getting what you both are saying…

And finally Rudra saw him Ragini’s picture and told him about how she claimed that Siddharth aka he is behind her and called off engagement twice and all other things. Once he completed Siddharth speak

Siddharth: And how you come to know that I am here???

Rudra: That does not matter and you need to know that out of your obsession you are spoiling (thinking for a while) 4 lives but now I won’t let you continue your this silly game any more…

Siddharth: Rudy listen me…

But Rudra cut him in between and speak

Rudra: No you listen me, no wait first all of I’ll inform this to Mallika Di and then Shivay Bhaiya…

And second he dialled Mallika’s number but before it can connect Siddharth snatched his phone and disconnected line and speak

Siddharth: Don’t make me angry, stop now and listen me carefully….

Okay here I am done with shot… How it is??? Any idea regarding what Siddharth will say if yes then drop your view in comment section and don’t forget to hit star and leave comments aka review aka feedback…☺☺☺☺???

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