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Hello peeps… Good night… ☺☺☺ Today my all blah blah will be at end of the shot but you all need to read as its have something important.

Okay, here I am posting recap of first book.


Shakti forced Shivay to attend marriage of his friend Shekhawat’s daughter and after seeing bride-to-be there Shivay irrecoverably fall in love with her and he vow to make her his but she refused and this make Shivay furious and later he kidnapped her on night before her marriage day and this make people assume she is having affair and her fiancé brake alliance and later Shivay pretend to help Shekhawat in search of Anika and mark his name in good book of Shekhawat and after a day Shivay releases Anika, after few days Anika come to true color of her ex fiancé and then she try to forget everything but at last she solve puzzle which created by Shiva Singh Oberoi and she vow to make his life miserable and agreed to get married to him.

Now time for shot…???????

Soon Shivay come out from the state of shock which is given by his lady love but he reminiscence his past hallucination so to confirm that this time to he is not hallucinating he dialed Anika’s number and on first ring she received and he speak:

Shivay: Are you sure Anika that you are ready for marriage???

Anika: Yeah… Do you want me to write it on any stamp paper??? (Anger is clearly visible in her voice)

Shivay: No, but I just want to make sure that are you serious???

Anika: Mr. Oberoi you and your “EXTRA GOOD” plans had not leave any more option for me. (Sarcasm and hurt is visible in her voice)

Shivay: (Ignoring her sarcasm) Great, I ‘ll handle things you don’t need to worry my love…

Anika: Stop calling me that you heartless monster.

Shivay: I’ll consider it as compliment and sweetheart you are lil wrong cause I’ve heart which is beating only for you.

Anika: Just stop your drama.

And before he can reply she disconnect call and Shivay sprang out from bed and he felt whole thing around him is changed he is feeling extra happy now and after doing lil victory dance he once again rested in bed and looking at Anika’s picture on his home screen he speak

Shivay: I know you are angry on me but trust me I’ve done this all for us, for our future.

And smile is crept on his lips caressing her picture and soon he started thinking of plans how he’ll pay next card of him.

At Shekhawat Mansion

After disconnecting call Anika lost control over her tears and her mind told to her

Anika: Today, you lost in front of that devil, he win his battle and he got what he wanted, you by your own self agreed to surrender your self to him, you are ready to live your life with him.

And with that she felt like something inside her is broken and she tightly hugged her knees near her chest and let her tears roll and soon her heart replied to her mind.

Anika’s heart: You know you are not doing anything wrong, you are doing this all for your parents and their reputation (and she remember how media is yet making news of her disappear and sudden arrival and her secret affairs and how her parents have to listen taunt of society)

And with argument of her heart she felt lil solace as her mind accepted that whatever she is doing is for them.

And soon she decide to not over think on it and she rush to washroom for freshen up.

And rest of her day pass perfect in which she is pampered by her parents and they are standing by her side forgetting every words of society and media and they mask their feelings and their scar behind smile in front of her so she don’t break up much… But knowing them well she know their state and their actions broke her and tore part of her as once again her mind blame her for everything that happening around her while her heart try to calm her that she is already on way to bring smile on their face though for it she have to be with devil.

And at night she entered in side her room and she decide to drift to slumber before her mind and heart can start their argument but before that her phone ring catch her attention with Shivay’s name being flash on screen at initial she thought to ignore but his past stunt started playing in her mind and with shivering hand she pick up his call and press phone to her own ears and make her mind to bare that monster once again.

Okay, here I done with first shot… Now time starts for you all to leave feedback aka review aka precious comments… And big wala sorry in advance as due to exam I won’t be able to update soon.

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  2. Madhu.r

    plz continue dear nice

  3. Rithik

    Hello pri you know i waiting for your this episode since so long but you donot post i am little upset with u yar how can you do this this is my favriote ff and you post very late please post next part soon and this one is awesome post next soon

  4. Loveeeeed this part and before ones too…at least two days in a week I get reminded of ur story….though not remembering the title, I eagerly waiting every time I open tu and was literally surprised and shocked to see this f2f back on track….TYSM for updating….

  5. Superb…update soon…

  6. Sairan


  7. It is awesome dear… I am eagerly waiting for the next update….

  8. Sanjana24

    Nice start

  9. Alekhika20

    Amazing start

  10. it was my long long lonnnnnnnnnng waiting ff thanks for posting atleast now please be regular
    its an awwsome update

  11. Surbhi Sharma

    U know di , after seeing your ff u was literally jumping and dancing . U nailed it as usual di . I was literally waiting for ur ff everyday … Thankyou . Post soon plz . And all the best for ur exams ….

  12. It was awesome dear. I was happy for your update after a long back. Please if possible update asap

  13. it’s was an awesome episode. I’m a silent reader . I read all parts of your ff and os. I read the first season of your this ff. you said the end of the first season you are coming with the second season of this ff. After a long time you started the second season of your ff. I’m waiting for your next shot, update soon…..

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  15. Hey…waited for so long for this….but it was nice …it could have been lengthier…..

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  17. Aryaraju

    After a long time u uploaded….. Good one ?.. Plz try update the next one asap

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    Pri after a long time u posted this ff. I m very happy….!
    Very interesting start…. Amazing!!! Waiting for next part….

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    Had been waiting fr this….
    post d nxt ASAP…. 🙂

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  21. Awesome. Please write more. It’s very nice.

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    I had waited too much for this episode

  23. Hey Pri….. After a long time u post d 2nd season…. I read al d parts of 1st season but not comment there becz that time i was a silent reader…. Luv al parts dear…… This one also AWESOME……

  24. Superb

  25. Sanchi

    FiFirst of all I am sorry a thousand times for not reading and commenting soon. Today I just had this inspiration from nowhere to just read your stories and I have nothing but praises for you.
    You are simply awesome!
    Can I rent your brain for few days?
    JK, I loved this, this story was constantly on my mind. Yay!! Finally you started the second season for dark story..
    All the best for your exams, do well there and don’t forget to send me a link.
    I will be irregular due to my finals so again apologies in advance ?

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