Ishqbaaz Rumaya OS by annie

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Hello guys this is Annie I’m here with another os But this time of rumaya

On current track

Shivika marriage is done! ! Their all misunderstanding is cleared tia daksh out and they’re happy

So It starts

Somaya why u are sad? Asks rudy with concern

Nothing She replies in sad tone

Tell me why u are sad i kniw u are sad But don’t know why so just tell me he asked again with concern and holding her by her shoulder

She Looks up in his eyes and their marriage flashes infront of her eyes

Tears Rolls down her eyes and she With same sad tone replies Woh reyaan

He Thinks for a while and giving fake smile
Says ohh so you’re thinking about marriage again

She Kind of shocked Replies no rudra seriously I’m not thinking about our marriage again

Rudra’s lips escapes a smile

Somya i didn’t say that you’re thinking about our marriage i was talking abiut ur and reeyan’s marriage…. Says rudra With smile

Somya with tensed Face Looks at him again

No I mean Yes no no i mean Says somya

Rudra cuts her

Why somya tightining his grip on her shiulder and giving her a jerk
why U are marrying him if you don’t love him?
Why can’t u see what I’m feeling ? Somu just say no to him still ur marriage isn’t fixed Your mom will come Tomorrow na just Reject reeyan and looks at her with pain and tears and hOpe in his eyes..

Somya lost in his eyes

Scene flashes in her eyes.. .
Rudra makes her wear the ring. .
Their marriage
And then Suddenly
His Rude behavior scolding her for love angel secret and romi Without even Her fault
Then He denying that he knows her
……flashes end

She back to her senses
Jerk his hands away pushes him away

What u think rudra? Who said i don’t love reeyan i love him Alot alot. .. And what u said? That why i can’t understand ur feelings? Which feelings? Rudra u just Have Hate Feelings towards me….. Why should i reject Him? At least he never says that He don’t know me Because of my weight Or just because i dont have zero size figure.. .. U even didn’t Said that u accepted our marriage… I accept that it was an accident but that was done with every ritual So it was reak marriage but u Said no so i agree with u hoping that one day you’ll Understand our marriage my lo.. She Stops for a while.. Rudra i don’t want to argue with u about it more So just leave Now And keep one thing in ur mind I’ll not reject marriage proposal and I’ll marry him day after tomorrow so good bye mistar rudra singh oberoi

And pushes him out of Room she closes the door on his face

He’s in shock and tears rolling down he is still standing there with shock

Inside somya Sits leaning on door And crying remembering every moment Of her with him

After an hour she sleeps there while crying

But rudra is still standing there

Shivom comes there searching him and shocked seeing him outside soumaya’s room and that too in this condition

They runs towards him and takes him away from there

Shivaay’s room
Rudra sitting on bed Crying

3 of them asks him what happened but he is just crying Shivom hugs him and b
Now he breaks down and starts crying loudly

They all pacifies him
Anika gives him water
He stops crying and explains them everything from beginning

And they all cups their mouths hearing about marriage
Shivika looks at eachother

Phail gaya raita…!!! Our (shivika) marriage happened in front of everyone and they Was angry like hell
But rudra Ur marriage is seceret if dadi bade papa badi ma chote papa choti maa came to know this they will burst like a volcano.. . Says anika

Bhabi don’t scare me says rudy with sad face

But rudra why you’re crying? Asks om with Curiosity

O she’s going to marry him leaving me and again starts crying

They all together oho ishqbaazi So u love her and can’t see her with anyone else!

No nothing like that i don’t love her but she’s my somu how could she Marry someone else and that Too leaving Me rudra replies with Innocence

Everyone laughs duffer that is love

Oho like that But how can i love a girl That too fat one rudra asks With Confusing look

shutup rudra.. !! U are doing same mistake which We did Says shivaay

wait… Not we just u did this Just for ur so cold
Bloodline lineage etc.. Says Anika

Ok Fine I admit that i love her But how do I know if she loves me or not Asks rudra

Rudra she loves u definitely that’s why she is sad replies om

Ok so I’ll correct everything tomorrow he stands and hugs them And leaves happily

Next morning

somya Mom came to take her Reeyan is with her

Everyone is in hall except rumaya
Everyone greets Her

They sat On sofa

Somya comes there with her luggage

U are ready shall we leave? Asks Somya mom

Ha aai just let me Meet everyone Replies Somya with low tone And Fake smile
She meets Everyone

Reeyan forwards his hand towards her to hold
She was about to hold just then
Bummm reeyan 5 steps Back with Jerk

Rudra Throws Basketball on him And that hits his chest (no injuries)

Shivika om prianku smiles

elders Are Tensed and stare at him with anger
Somya is happy inside but doesn’t show

Rudra are u mad why did u hit him … Asks soumaya With fake anger

Rudra smiles
Because he was trying to touch my wife’s hand i mean hold my wife’s hand

Somya ia shocked
and everyone else was shock too..

Wife asks reeyan with shock looking at rumaya and somya’s aai

Yes wife she’s my wife and I’m Her husband replies rudra wit confidence and wide smile on his face

Rudra This isn’t a time to joke so please Go… Says Tej

Papa I’m not joking She’s my wife If u don’t believe me than ask her Says rudy while pointing his finger at her

Somya Beta tell us what is rudra saying? Asks Jhanvi

Soumya is quite

Mom dad She will not say just Check She’s still wearing mangalsutar

Somya Gets Nervous

Somya’s aai Checks and Find mangalsutar on her neck and is shocked seeing That

She is about to slap her just then rudra holds her hand

Aai please it’s not her fault neither mine that was an accident please don’t hurt her or slap her.. Says rudra with concern

Accident rudra are u serious? How a marriage can Happen with accident? Asks Tej

Actually…. Rudra narrates everything to them

Jhanvi i told u b4 that one day One of them Will get married and we will Not even Know.. And see it happend says Tej taunting jhanvi..

Dad its not fault of anyone so don’t scold mom says rudra

But we can’t accept this marriage says dadi

Dadi but they are legally married and They have marriage certificate too.. Says shivom

han dadi Please Accept na They’re married Because they’re Destined to Ap hi to kehti hai Na jo hota sab kismat ka khel hai says Anika

Ok beta but they’ve to remarry infront of Us with all rituals

Rudra complies with happiness

Somya Is still standing in shock with Tears in her eyes

Somya but you loves me na? So how could u stay with this Rudra? U can divorce him then we will marry somya please… Says reeyan with tears in his Eyes

Somya looks at him

Rudra sits on his knees somyaa..
She now looks at rudra

Rudra::: somya i know I irritate u Alot …. I tease U alot by calling u moti… I Hurted u alot I kniw im so bad But trust me i never Mean To Hurt u… I irritate my loved once Just.. . U can See i just irritate u and bhaiya O and bhabi Alot because u all are dear to me…. I calls u moti With love not with hate… And just I’ve right to call u moti If anyone else Tried to call u moti i will kill that person… You’re just mine… I know u hate me alot But i love u alot.. . It’ll be difficult For u to live with an idiot like me But… Please don’t leave me like This.. U know Last night i was just crying whole Night thinking About u that you’ll leave me… But I’ll not Let u leave me.. Somu Darling Please dont leave me I really love u allot.. If u want me to prove u that hiw much i love u then i can even prathas For u… ❤… U know how Much i care about my diet but i can Eat Everything for u like paratahs.. I’ll try my best to give U everything i mean every happiness of the world… SoMya this cry baby Really need u for rest of his life …. I love u to the moon And back To infinity and beyond forever and ever… (takes Out A Box from his pocket And opens it there’s a Ring Of white Gold With Platinum’s web there Is RS Written with small diamond ((beautiful na ?)) …)
Forwarding Ring towards somya
Somya Will u marry.. Opss sorry will u re marry me? I promise I’ll do Whatever u say Just please accept me ? rudra Is in tears… And somya too

She Nods in Yes with tears rolling down From Her Eyes With wide smile on her face
Rudra makes her wear the Ring…

And takes Out another bOx Its simple gold Ring With Platinum’s SR and there are blue stones In SR that highlights The SR

And hands The ring to somya Somya makes him wear the ring…

Everyone claps for them

Reeyan leaves from there in anger And tears…

Everyone Blesses them

Shivika,om,prianku teases them..

Shivom.. Aj bari dialogue mare mere Bhai ne and laughs..

They both hug eachother… Somya whispers In his ear i Love u too duffer

AFTER A Month they got married i mean remarry

I’m done writing now Just drop Ur comments weather negative or Positive
I was very Nervous while writing this i know this isn’t good… So olease say it In comments weather u like this or not….



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