Ishqbaaz by Ruchitha – Part 2

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Hi friends,,this is RUchitha,,,How r u?,,, I know you are angry on me as this episode is late ,,but Its because we have marriage in our family,,and guys u know shaadi time,shopping ,etc etc,,,,so please forgive me,,and from next I promise,I won’t do any late in posting,,And coming to FF,yesterday’s precap is wrongly posted,,we all know shivika’s shaadi is going happen forcibly,but yaar I don’t like it at all,,this cruel singh oberoi is not nice,,though he is cruel before but love& care used to be in that cruelty,,so In this happened I am going to stop shivika’s marriage,,,Here it goes…
Anika agrees to marr shivaay for sahil but still feeling that shivaay would not do anything like that,,,But her mind is not agreeing with it so helplessly anika agrees,she is crying ,too much,,,,,,they goes to the room (near mandap),,
In Room : Shivaay is signing her to cover face under veil ( purdah like thing,don’t know exactly what it is called ) ,,
Screen shifts to rumya,, rudra keeps a sad face,,soumya goes near him,,
soumya : hey hero,,,what hapenned?( hey hero,,kya hua?)
ru : Bhayyas wedding is going to happen!!! ( bhayya ki shaadi ho rahi hai )
so ” so you have to be happy,,right?( toh,kush hona chahiye ,right?)
ru: I will be happy if it happens with anika di,,( mai kuch hota agar yeh shaadi anikadi ke saath hot tho ,,,)
so : I too wish for the same,Anika di loves bhayya,,,but she is not realsing it yet,,How stupid?( mei bhi yahi charahi hui,,anika di bhayya se pyaar karthi hai,lekin realise hin huin,,ktni bewakuf?)
ru :as if you are realising about your love!!( tum kya,,tumko hua realise tere pyaar k bare mein?)
so : what??( kyaaa??????)
ru : haan,,you loves me but not ready to accept it( tum mujhse pyaar karthi hoi,,lekin tum accept hi nahi karna chahti ),,,soumya freezes for a second,,
so : do u know? even shivaay bhayya loves anika di,,, and you too love me ,but not accepting it……..( tumko pata hai? shiv bhayya bhi ani di k satth pyar kartha sirf teri jaise ,,realise hin nahi hua,,ki tum mujhse pyaar karte hoi)
rumya then comes into seses and what they have spoke,,they sees each other,,a eyelock,
dadi comes to them,,,O rudra ,,go and call your brother soon,,, rudra ,leaves with om to call shivaay,,,Omru knocks the door,,,,,,,,
Ru : bhayya,,,why are you taking this much time? your marriage is not still happened,,,don’t plan for any 1st night now,,( bhayya,,aap lop itni samay kyun laga rahe ho?shaadi nahi huin aapki ab tak,,suhagraat ke liye plan mat karna,,,)
OM taps rudra’s head…
om: shivaay?? are you ready?
shivaay opens the door,,He is catching anika’s hand ( for omru and all,it is tia ) ,,shivaay seems some tensed…
om : shivaay,,everything fine? Y u r tensed?(sab kuch teek hai na.tum intni pareshaan kyun lag rahe ho?),, after a very quite time…..
shiv : om,,woo,,( he is saying about anika,,but,,rudra comes in middle)
ru : om bhayya,,it is his wedding,,he will be that tensed…don’t worry,,( bhayya,,shaadi hai iski,,itni tense tho hota hai na)
the three,with bride goes to mandap,,dulha dulhan,,are asked to catch each others hands,,,( I think it won’t be in marriage but created it ,don’t know exactly what happens in mgre)..
shivaay sees anika’seyes..He remembers everything,,,The day ,when she saved him from the accident.The day when she saved rudra and all from electric shock,,THe day when she saved his papa and bade papa from CD case,,The day when she saved him from gayatri’s murder case,,,,,,all the memorable moments flashed around him,,,he then thinking,(say talking to himself)
shivaay to himself : Anika,YOu have been my protection wall,,,You saved me many times,without you I can’t even imagine myself,I misnderstood you,insulted you,now forcing you to do all this,Yet you protected me,, I,,I,really can’t live without you,,,,I am sorry,,
then he gives his hand to anika,,,ANika sees him to his kanjiankhen,,
anika remebers the moments,,,,,,,The day when shivaay saved her when she fainted in kitchen,the day when he saved her from goons even taking beatings..the day when he made her to drink water on karwachouth,,the day he saved her when she fainted in finding tia mystery,,,the day when he came to rescue her even without any information from the stalker,,,she remebered evrything,
anika to herself : Billuji,I know you can’t , actually You wont harm sahil for sure,,,and you saved me …you helped me whenever I have been a protection wall for me,,without you i am incmplete,yet I misunderstood you,I’m sorry,shivaay,,,
then she gives her hand to him,,they both tighten their grip,,and they sat,,,the rituals are going on,,,,, finally,,, shivaay is given mangalsutra…SHivaay don’t want to tie it to anika,,but he thinks about their family prestage,,he just want to this marriage should be stopped,,,his hands her going towards anika,,,just before he ties,,,they heard a sound ,,, shivaay sees the person coming towards them,,he stops and gets up leaving magal sutra and all behind,,,screen shows towards other side,,It is ACP RANVEER SINGH RANDHAWAN,,,,,,shivaay stands up,,anika is beside him,,she too gets up..,making sure no one knows anika is in bride place
shiv : See,,here,marriage is happening,,don’t start any drama now,,press is also here,so better be quite,,
randhawan: coool,Mr.shivaay singh oberoi,,,I am here not to arrest you,,but I am here to arrest your brother,,,Mr.Omkara singh oberoi,,
shivaay is totally shocked like anything,,,,rudra is near omkara,,
SHiv : whattttttt?????( kyaaaaaaaaaaa?)
randh: Haan,,,omkara did an accident 2 years back and successfully managing to hide it,,but now he himself says the truth,,,,,,,,
shivaay sees om,,he is seeing to the ground,, so shivaay thinks to blame himself,,,his eyes are filles with water,,shivaay is going to say something,,anika catches shivaay’s hand ,shivaay sees her,,she sees shivaay then family members..shivaay sees his family,,,then shivika have a eyelock,,anika nods her head,,shivaay too,,( anika understood shivaay is going to blame himself ,so She is trying to explain ,if he does so,who will take care of his family from this big shock) ,,meanwhile randhawan goes to omkara,,,asks him..
randh : say the truth,,,didn’t you do the accident?
Om remembers the kid,,and the day when he does the accident,,and his truth speeches,,and he says.
Om : Mr.ramveer singh randhawan,,( he is going to accept it ) but a voice of a girl comes from behind,,,,,,
The girl : I did the accident ,not omkara…..( mai hi kiya woh accident om nahi )
screen shows towards the girl,,it is Ishaana,,,,,,Shivomru shocks,,,

PRECAP : shivika hug,,,ishakara conversation,,, rudra seeing that riyan is forcibly marrying soumya,,,
I hope you guys like rumya ,ishkara ,shivika…,,,please review this episode,,,DO comment how you feel,,, If it is boring? I think it is somewhat lenghthy,,,share your views if you don’t like anything,,

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