Ishqbaaz by Ruchitha – Part 1

Hey guys,,as I didn’t got nice response for previous one epii of FF,,and I too don’t like previous one,,I would like to start new one….here it goes,,,based on current track,,

Anika goes to tia room,,and shocks to find another girl there,,,,
Anika:Who r u ? And Why are you here?
Mitra: I am Rashi mitra,,,My parents said me to marry Mr.shivaay singh oberoi ,, He is giving a lot of money to my parents and they also have some business deals,,,he said Tomorrow we will divorce.
Anika is shocked to hear this,,and understood tia went away with his husband and shivaay wants to save his family presitage so he does hires a girll
anika: But,did u like it ?
mitra: My parents said it to me and I have to do it
anika:so u don’t like all this? see rashi,, marriage happens only once in a lifetime and this sindoor ,mangalsutra r not any things to play with. U r a girl and they mean a lot to you,,Only because of ur parents ,u can’t sell your whole life to a man whom u don’t like,,
anika says all these and the girl starts crying in pain,,and she understood the value of her life
just then shivaay hears all anika’s words,,gets much anger comes inside,,,,,,just before he is saying anything,,,,,,,,,,,,Rashi comes to him,,,returns his check & files.
Rashi: Sorry,Mr.Oberoi,,,, I can’t marry you,,,and she leaves,,,,,,,Shivaay sees anika in much anger,,,,,He goes near her,,,,,
SHiv: Y u always invovle in other’s matters,,,,,?? Can’t you mind ur own business?
ani: so, for ur family ur gng to destroy a girl’s life then sry I can’t see it,,,
shiv: Wow,,, You are talking about girl’s life? A girl who can sleep sorry who slept with a man just for money talking about,,,,,just before he is competing ,,he got a hard slap on his face by anika……. he sees her,,,,she is having tears in her eyes aw well as anger

ANika: whattt???? I know u can think about me as gold digger,,,and all,,,but I didn’t know Ur think is thaat cheap…..?
shiv : Don’t act now,, Didn’t you sleep with daksh for 15 lakhs?
anika: Just shutt upp……Mr.Oberoi,,,What u r thinking about me? ( crying ) Just shut up,, sirf khandan hote tho kuch nahi hota,,,khandan ki tarah bada soch honi chahiya,,,aur ah,,,mei khandani nahi huin lekin meri soch itna nahi giri hui hein,,,, and that 15 lakhs,I have applied for a lon for my brotherr….And U r thinking about that night when I spent whole night in daksh room,,that night , not daksh soumya is with me,,,,,and i don’t know how can u think about me like that,,,,,
shivaay’s mind is totally blocked,,,he understood everything,,,Daksh’s plan and alll,,,,,he tried to apologise anika but he heard omru,,they were knocking door,,,
Ru: bhayya,,,, you are marriage is going to happen,,,,,,,come soon,dont plan any 1st night before marriage,,, Om pats his head ,, OM : shivaay,,come soon,,we are leaving,,
and they left,,,,,,,
shivaay sees anika,,,,,,,,,
shiv : YOu are going to marry me !!!
ani : Noo,,, just get lost,,,,, I left this job,,,,,,
shiv : you made Miss.Mitra leave,, so now U are the bride……
ani : don’t dare to think that,,,,,,,,,I am Anika,, and I won’t bend for any money,,
shivaay wrists her hand,,,takes her ,,gives her the dress,,,and ,,he shuts the door and leaves,,
anika cries a lot as she is helpless,,,gets ready in a bridal dress,,,,,,,,then she finds a way from window,,,she jumps from window,,and runss ,,,shivaay comes to the room,and finds anika is not there,,,he calls Mishra,,, and all,,,,makes a call,,talks.then,,, he rushes,,,,,,,, then screen shifts to anika,,she is running on a road suddenly a car comes and stops infront of her,,, she don’t have way,,so she turns left and just before running ,,another car comes and stops,,from right too same happened,,she truns back,,another car stops,, Shivaay comes out of it ,,,
shiv : the more you run from me, the more you run towards me,,come and marry me
ani : No,, I won’t
shiv : What if I say your brother is in my control?
ani is shocked and criedd toooo much
shiv : So,,coming,,,?
anika nods her head,,,,but in mind she is thinking,,No billu ji won’t do anything like that but what he just spoke??
ani : ok, BUt I just wanted to talk to tia once,,Shiv gives his phone,,anika makes call (crying still),,,shiv keeps on speaker
Ani : tia,, where are you ?
tia : Anika, ( Tia is crying too,,, as robin is taking her away hurting her but she don’tknow shivaay is lisening her words) YOu know i am married now My husband is taking me away..
ani : what?? But tia,, as you r leaving now,,shivaay is forcing me to marry him for his family.
tia : Then marry him anika,,,, anyways you too have feelings for him,,,and u are the first person who saves oberois in any danger,,,even shivaay is in love with you..but not realised it yet,,,, and daksh,,he is not good,,he is the stalker ,,and he obsessed with u,,,
ani : but tia,,
tia : anika,, on that day ,,the paksheesh and all,shivaay didn’t give that,it was my plan to make ur relation break,,and the words shivaay said to om about you are my words,,he don’t have anything in his heart r mind about u like that,,,,,and even the 2nd time when daksh stalked you,,I am the one who did cut your call and make shivaay know nothing about this,,,
ani : whattt tia ??
tia : I am sorry anika,,, Marry him,,he loves you,,,,,,just then call cuts,,,,,,,,
Anika sees shivaay,,shivaay takes his phone away,,marry me or else your brother,,,,Shivaay calls a man,,
shiv : I have said you what to do na about that kid,,
man : yes sir,, He is kept in that room,,and he leaves,,
ani : nooo,,,,,,,,, I will marry you,,,,don’t do sahil anything,,,pleassee..

PRECAP : shvika marriage,,,family members reaction,,dadi accepted anika,,,shivaay and anika feels guilt about their misunderstandings….RUmya moments,,,,

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  1. Rithik

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    Like it. I hope it will happen like this their misunderstandings should be cleared before marriage

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      I am sorry,,, It accidenlt got replied to you,,,, and thanks jazz for ur comment,,,,,, I too hope the same,,,,,,,

  3. Ruchitha

    Hey… The precap is actually..
    Precap : Ishana re-entry. . Rumya moments. . The Precap in this episode will not happen in next episode. .

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    It is so nice
    Why are you thinking it is not nice
    It is awesome
    Please update the next epi ASAP

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