Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 51

Om comes to Kesha’s house next day and it was a lot bigger than the Oberoi Mansion. As he entered, he noticed that there were no picture of Kesha or even the artwork that she bought.

O(Thinking): How can a person who loves art cannot have any pieces in their front hall? Maybe she has a room as an exhibition? I will have to ask her later.

A servant comes to him.

S: Hello Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Kesha told me that you will be here soon. She asked you to wait in that room. Her fiance is already there and she will be here soon. (Pointing to a room).

O: Kesha?? Isn’t she your madam?

S: When I started working here, she asked me not to call her Madam and instead to call her Kesha. She does not believe her using sir and madam and the purpose people have names is to call them by it.

O(Thinking): But, yesterday Kesha called us sir and madam… Who is this Kesha?

Om curiously walked into the room.

O(Thinking): The person who designed this house has a good sense of taste. Everything was just perfect. The light yellow paint colour, décor and lights. Simple but beautiful… Just like Gauri…

Om then sees a man with his back to him talking to another servant about food.

Man (M): Did you prepare the food that Kesha asked? She just came from the gym and expects her smoothie in her bedroom once she comes out of the shower. (And then another employee in a suit) So, from reviewing this proposal, it looks good right. So in that case, I will give to Kesha for a final review. It better be perfect or she will throw a fit. Also, Kesha will be visiting the orphanage tonight so make sure the kids’ presents are ready.

O(Thinking): Wow, Kesha seems to be very busy. Working out, business, community service. How does she manage all this? No wonder she is the owner of such a big empire. She is busier than Shivaye.

Om: Hello, sir. Kesha asked me to come here.

The man turns around.

M: Please do not call me, sir. My name is Ritik.

O: Ritik?? Gauri’s college friend? (He gives him a hand shake.)

R (Saying it cold) : Hello, Om. I never expected that she will invite you. She just said a painter will be here but if she said it was you, I would have said no.

O: I am here for professional reasons. So let’s not take personal stuff…

R: So you do not care about Gauri huh??? She sacrificed some much for you. Even though I never knew the relationship between you at that time, she would praise all the time on how you treat her.

O: How do you know about our relationship? If I never told you and you never knew about it from Gauri, then who did?

R: Information travels. So you are here for professional reasons right (Ritik smiles.) Why do not you set up and Kesha will be here soon?

Ritik brings a chair. It looked a throne with a red seat and gold frame.

O: That is perfect. You can sit there and Kesha can either stand beside you.

R: Here is half your payment. (Handing him money)

O: But, I have not started it yet.

R: Kesha asked me to pay half now and pay the other half once you are done. I am just following her instructions.

Om takes the money and puts it on the table beside him.

As Om was taking out his utensils, the door behind him open. Om can sense that Kesha is here but he first wanted to organize everything. He can hear the sounds of the heels. Now the girl was walking in front of him, and he looked up.

O(Thinking): This is not Kesha. (It was a short girl with silky white skin wearing a black see through dress.) It is probably Ritik’s or Kesha’friend but she looks overdressed for a visit.

Om goes back to organizing his paints.

Girl(G): Are you ready?

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