Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 45

It was the day of Gauri’s graduation. Everyone was in the living room and Gauri was coming downstairs, practicing her speech.

G: My name is Gauri Kumari Sarma and it is a pleasure…

O: Gauri, just remember that it is Sharma not Sarma.

G: I know Om, but it became a habit. Sharma (Smiles at Om.)

D: Gauri, unfortunately, the entire family cannot be there as we are all heading to a family. We tried to cancel but there are close friends.

Obviously that was not the reason. The entire family knew that Om was going to propose but they did not tell Om. They did not want to make it awkward for the couple.

D: Om, why don’t you drop Gauri today? It will be easier for her to travel so she can practice the speech on the way there.

Om did not know how to answer the question as he first wanted to know if Gauri was interested.

G: But, Om said that he had a client meeting today. I will just take an auto.

O: I do not have a client meeting today. I will take you there.

G: What? You said that you had a client meeting…

Om had to somehow manage the situation.

O: I said that… Oh yh I did. (Gauri gave me a confused look while everyone else starts quietly laugh). I mean I do not have the meeting now so I can drop you off.

Rudra comes down with his gym bag.

R: Can you also drop me off at the gym? It is on the way. Please.. Please..

Bhavya tries to make eye contact with him and shakes her head so Rudra can understand that they are trying to send them together by themselves but he does not notice.

G: You can come with us if Om is okay with it. I mean he is the driver. (Gauri then looks at Om and realizes what he said. Flashback to the scene when Om says that he is not the driver). I mean the person who is driving the car.

O: There is nothing wrong with that. I am the driver as I am the one driving the car.
Gauri just looks at him.

G( Thinking): You have changed a lot. I do not if it is for me but I hope it is. Whatever you say tonight, I will never forget what you and your family did to me.

O(angrily looking at Rudra): Come, let’s go.

All three of them head out.

A: Who wants to bet with me that Rudra will come up with a big bump on his head when he returns home? Om is going to beat the crap out of him for ruining this opportunity.

D(They all laugh. ): I hope when Gauri and Om returns, they will be holding hands together. It is time for happiness to shine in their lives. They both have faced a lot of misery in their life.

They were all quiet. Om was really angry at Rudra and since Rudra was sitting at the back, he kept looking at the rear window. Rudra can sense that he was angry and decided not to say a word. Om drops Rudra at the gym and head towards the hall.

O: This is a nice speech. I cannot believe you wrote this.

G: It is all thanks to Annika and Shivaye. They helped me.

O: Annika helped you? That would make sense as she is really good with all this emotional stuff.

They reach to the auditorium.

O: Good luck Gauri.

G: I would have better luck if you are there with me.

Gauri leaves and Om head home. He goes upstairs to prepare the final touches of their date. Om opens the drawer and picks up a small box. He opens it up and inside there is a diamond ring with a platinum band. On the inside of band, it says, “Rikara.” Om smiles and puts it back in the drawer.

It was afternoon and Om was getting ready. Gauri was wearing a blue salwar so he decided to wear a blue suit to complement her look. Everything was set and perfect. He takes the ring and goes downstairs.

As he was about to head out, he hears someone calling his name.

S: Om, I need to talk to you in private. Can you please come inside my room?

Both of the goes inside his room. Shivaye shows him a folder and Om reads it. As he reads it, his facial expression change and he tears up.

S: Om do not cry. It is not your fault. It was just the circumstances.

With tears in his eyes, he heads out and drives to Gauri’s graduation.

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