Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 40

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Then he gets a call. It was not from Gauri but from Ritik.

R: Hello sir. This is Ritik

O: I know who you are. Where is Gauri? Is she okay?

R: Sir, there is a problem. (A girl was screaming in the background.)
O (He hears the screaming and finally hears his name, Omkaraji!!): That was Gauri right!! What did you do to her? Is she fine?

R: She is drunk. Someone spiked her drink and was about to take her out but I stopped her. Can you please take her home?

Om quickly ran to his car and he was angry. How dare you spike her drink? I told Gauri not to take anything but she is very innocent. She trusts people so easily.

Om gets there and quickly goes to Ritik.

O: Where are those guys? (Ritik points to them. Om goes up to them and beats them up.) Do not dare spike a girl drink like that. Everything should be consensual. He drags them outside and the officers arrest them.

O: I do not want this to be public. I do not want the girl’s name to be in the media.

Officer: They are in possession of drugs so even if we cannot take them for the harassment, they are definitely going to jail for drugs.

Om then runs insides and hears a girl screaming, “Om!! Where are you??” He sees her scarf on the floor and picks it up. Fear shoots through him and run toward the origin of the voice. He sees Gauri on a table, dancing. She was swaying her hips and just dancing to the beat.

G (Drunk state): Om, there you are. Oh why are you not staying still? (She points to different directions and then her eyes fall on him) Finally, you have stopped in one place. (Still on the table, she crouches down to them.) You know, Om. I see you everywhere after taking that drink. You are so cute. (She holds onto his cheeks and squeeze him. Then she spreads her arms out and expects him to do something.)

O: Gauri, what do you want?

G: Lift me off this table. How do you expect to get down? I am going to die if I jump off.

Om laughs at her perception and lift her off the table. Gauri wraps her legs around his waist. They both look into each other’s eyes and their lips extremely close. Both were longing for a kiss but they did not want to be the first one to start it off.

G: Do not put me down yet. I want to leave and be with you. Just you and me.

Om takes her to the car and puts her in the front seat. He starts the car and heads home. Gauri tried to turn om the radio but Om turned it off.. Om knew that music and alcohol was a bad combination. Gauri will go crazy as soon as she hears a Salman Khan song.

G: Om, I feel sick. Can you please stop the car?

O: We are almost there. Give me twenty minutes and we will be home.

G (her face was pale): Omkaraji, I cannot hold it. I need to puke now! Stop the car!

Om sides the car and quickly runs to the other side.

O(Thinking): I should not have let her go by herself. I should have gone as her date or even bodyguard. Then I would not have let those a**h***s touch my Gauri. But, she did not even ask me if I wanted to go so I could not have barged in.

Om opens the door and takes Gauri outside. She sits down on a rock and even though she was sick, he was amazed by her figure. He just looks up and down and then snaps out of it as she needs his help and he is there checking her out. Then Gauri tries to take off the scarf but she is too drunk to do it.

So Om helps her. As he removes the scarf, he can see her white porcelain neck. He wants to badly kiss her passionately and lick her neck. Then wind blows and Gauri’s hair uncontrollably blows. She tries to fix it but she is too tired and drunk to tie it up. Om takes off the band that was holding his bun together and ties her hair into a ponytail.

His hand graced her bare back and Gauri gasped. She was also turned on at this point and turns around. They look at each other and Om cups her face.

G: Ewakk!!

Gauri starts to vomit and Om’s hands are covered in puke.

O (says): Gauri… (Thinking) Why does someone always try to ruin our perfect moment? First it was my family and now I am covered in Gauri’s puke.

G: Omkaraji… (Om does not look at her) Omkaraji…(Still no response. Gauri frowns and with a wicked grim) Heyyy Omkie Baby!! Turn around!!

O(Thinking): Did she call me Omkie baby? (He turns around.)

G: Omkie baby, you are so romantic.

O(mouth wide open in disbelief) : Gauri do you know the definition of romantic? How can a man covered in your puke look so romantic to you!

Om takes a water bottle and cleans up the vomit on his hands. But for the stuff on his shirt and pants, he had to go to the washroom. He takes Rudra’s gym bag that was in the trunk.

O: Gauri, listen up! I am going to that washroom there. I am going to lock up the car and whatever you do not unlock the car and get out. Stay in the car. (Gauri was playing with the seat) Gauri look at me. (Gauri looks at him with wide eyes.) Do not unlock the car and get out of it.

Gauri just nods like an eager kid and Om heads to the washroom. Before he enters he checks on Gauri to see if she is okay.

Om changes into Rudra’s clothes. All he had was a vest and shorts and for him it seems revealing as he always wore kurta and baggy pants. Then as he looks at himself in the mirror he notices that his face was extremely oily so he washes his face. He wants to look his best for Gauri. There was a strand of hair that destroyed his hairstyle so he used water to fix it up.

O(Thinking): I was never like this before. I did care about my personal hygiene but not like this. I am doing all of this for my Gauri.

Om looks at his watch and it was 12:30 a.m.

O(Thinking): I have been in the washroom for 45 minutes. Where did the time go? Gauri is still in the car and given her drunk state she would have messed up the car by now.

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