Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 37

Sorry guys. I am not married nor do I follow this tradition. The Oberoi family is going to fast for their partners. The fasting that married women do for their husbands’ welfare.

Everyone is up, eating before the fast officially starts.

R: How bad can one day of fasting be? There are religions where people fast for several days and they look fine.

D: Tell me how you feel at the end of the day.

Om comes downstairs and does not see Gauri.

D: Om, I told Gauri not too fast. She was not feeling well and plus you guys do not consider this as a husband-wife relationship, so there is no need. You can join Shivaye and Rudra later if you want once you get married to some other girl.

O(Thinking): I consider Gauri as my wife even though I have not openly told her it. I will fast for her but I am not going to tell them.

Gauri (In her room, thinking): Even though we are getting divorced, suppose I do not fast and something happens to Om, I will be living with guilt for my entire life.

O, G: Now, how am I going to get food with anyone noticing?

Everyone was in the dining room and Om goes to the kitchen to see if there is anything he can eat. He sees some rice and goes to take a spoon.

G: Are you fasting?

O: Me, now. Are you? Why are you asking?

G: I am not fasting. Dadi told me not to. You are about to eat that rice and only people who are fasting are supposed to eat it.

O: I am not going to eat it. I was looking around.

G: Then, why do you have that spoon in your hand?

O: (Om looks at the spoon and then quickly drop it in the sink) I am going to wash it.

G: Wash one spoon? Really?

O: Yh (He turns on the water, washes the spoon and puts it back.)

Gauri walks out and Om eats half of the rice assuming that no one saw him.

Gauri later comes inside the kitchen and eats the other half and washes the entire plate.

G: Now, no one will know there was rice here.

Little did they know, the entire family was watching them on a CCTV recording.
A: They remind me of Billu.

S: Me, How? What did I do?

A: Not you, they remind me of a cat. The cat thinks that it can eat its food without the owner noticing. But, the cat does not know that the owner is the one that put the food in the first place. Gauri and Om does not know that we are the ones that left the rice for them.

B: This is going to be so interesting.

It is afternoon and Om and Gauri are feeling very exhausted. Compared to the others, they ate very little and they were feeling light headed.

Om was going up the stairs when his vision became very blurry. Someone caught him from behind and took him to his room. As he sat down, that person went to get some water and gives it to Om.

O: Gauri, I do not want water.

G: Please drink this. You look dehydrated.

Gauri also feels light headed and sits down on the chair beside him.

Om takes his glass and decides to feed her water.

G: What are you doing? Are you trying to break my fast?

O: You are fasting? Why did not tell me?

G: Why should I tell you? (She did not want to admit it was for him.) Do not worry, it is not for you. It is for my future husband. I am praying that you will be my husband. Sorry.. I am praying that I will get a husband like you. (Gauri takes the water and asks him to drink it.)

Om had to confess. O: I am also fasting but just like you, Dadi told me that if I fast, that I will get a good wife.

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