Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support Chapter 23

They both get on the highway and Om follows them. With all the cars on the road, he loses him.

O: How am I going to find them? There are so many cars that look alike and it is not like I have a tracker on them.

And then, Om hears music. It was Jumme Ki Raat and he instantly knew who that was.

He quickly cuts cars and goes to the car that is playing that song. And there, they were. Gauri screaming at the top of her lungs. Her window open and using it as a foot rest.

O(Thinking): Gauri needs to understand the difference between comfort and safety but I cannot get out of the car.

Om continuously honks at them.

S: What the hell does he want?

G: There is so much traffic here and we cannot move so what does he expect us to do. Attach jet engines to the car and fly.

He continues the honking and Sahil honks back. It pretty much becomes a honking competiton in slow moving traffic.

O: Why are they honking me? They are pretty much following the way I honk. This is not some follow me competition. God, they are such kids.

G: This stupid guy. Let me get out and give him a piece of mind.

She opens the door.

O: OMG, she is going to come here and talk to me. I cannot see her now. Om quickly turns on his left signal to merge into the left lane but then she quickly closes the door. He turns the signal off.

S: You do not know who that person is. Let me go.

G: But, you have to stop the car and go. You will be blocking traffic.

S: Your safety is more important. Plus, it is moving so slowly so this short conversation will make no difference.

Sahil gets out of the car.

O: Why is he coming out of the car?

Sahil knocks on the driver’s side window. Om pulls the window down to a point where you can hear his voice but not see his face.

S: What a jerk? Open your window completely so I can talk to your face.

O: Uhh.. my window is not working. I just honked to let you know that it is not safe to put your feet out like that. It is comfortable and feels good to have the breeze on your feet but what if someone hits you. She will lose her mobility for life.

Sahil looks at Gauri and then her feet and realizes that the man is right.

S: I did not know what I was thinking when she did that. Thanks man.

Sahil heads to his car and then turns back and says, “Sorry for all the ruckus.”

Sahil gets into the car.

G: What does that driver want?

S: It is all because of you.

G: That pervert… I am going to tear him apart.

S: He was not honking because of that. He saw your feet outside and honked so you can realize the danger of your actions. Can you put your feet inside?

G: But, this is so comfortable.

S: I do not care. Safety first and also put your seatbelt on. I can turn on the AC if you want to feel the cold air.

G: No AC, I will get a cold.

Gauri takes her feet out and then puts her seatbelt on.

O: At last, she does what I have asked. Thank goodness.

Om follows them on the highway.

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