Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support Chapter 21

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Om was sitting by his self in his room, sulking when Jhanvi and Tej came in. (Tej and Jhanvi are together, no Svetlana crap and Om is slowly getting used to Tej and starting to respect him as his father.)

J: Om, you have to stop sulking like this. Gauri is gone and you just have to bring her back.

T: You being sad is going to do nothing. You made the mistake so you have to repair it.

Om looks at his father.

O(Thinking): Just like what you are trying to do now.

Tej understood what Om is thinking.

T: Jhanvi, I think it is better if we have a father- son conversation. Let me talk to him, man to man.

Om looks at him in surprise. As a child, Om always wanted to talk to his father and have these typical father son talks. But, he never had the opportunity to open nor given the chance by his father.

Jhanvi nods and walks out.

T: Please forgive, Om.

O: Tej, I already did. Please do not make this awkward for me.

T: But, you never gave me the position that I wanted.

Om looks at him, sad.

O(Thinking): How can I? All of sudden, a man who has abused my mother now comes up to me saying that they are back together.

T: I understand that it will take some time to give me the Dad status, but at least give me the friend status. I am not your brothers who you open up to easily but still tell me your problem.

Om tells him his entire Shanker drama.

T: Wow, all this happened. I am so proud of you son.. I mean, friend. Om, I need you to understand the mistake I made. When I had true love in front of me, I did not realize it and did stupid things. At least, you did not do what I did but you need to go get her. The distance between you and her is increasing and you need to glue it back together.

O: But, I do not know how to.

T: What you are doing now is what a girl would ask for in a husband. You are building her future as a silent supporter. She does not realize it now but she soon will. But, there is still one thing I do not get. What is the problem?
O: She is going to Bareilly with Sahil. He does not know what happened so I am scared that someone at Bareilly might stir the pot. What if Kali’s henchman attack her again?

T: So go with her.

O: I do not get what you are trying to say. I am telling you that my wife hates seeing me and you are asking me to go with her in a car to Bareilly.
T: I mean, follow her. Take your car and follow her to Bareilly and come back. If anything happens, then you will be there to protect her.

O: That is such a good idea.

Tej gets up and walks towards the door.

O: Hey, Tej. Thank you for the idea.

T: No problem, son. (And walks out.)

O: Thank you, Dad.

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  2. Aashi9

    Tej-Om conversation was awesome
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    OMG…Om called Tej by his names..I am really wondering..How could you come up with two diff FF on regular basis thet too withot boring..Seriously I stay awake every nyt until ur ff gets updated..ONly after reading it I feel gud..u r really superb yaar..Keep u the good wrk..Waiting for Omri Meet..when will they meet?

    1. Hope95

      That is why the chapters are very short. Omri will meet soon.

  4. nice……..

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    Awesome….loved it to the core eagerly waiting for next part update soon

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    Very nice…

  7. Nice yaar… and tej convo is awesome…..unite rikara fast…..I am waiting…post asap

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