Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support Chapter 16

Gauri’s phone rings but seeing that, it is a private number, she does not pick up. It keeps on ringing and then it stops.

O: Why isn’t she not picking up? Maybe her phone is on silent.

A: Gauri never puts her phone on silent.

B: Maybe it is because it is a private caller. She does not know who it is.

O: She is properly scared. I should not call her.

A: Maybe if you have showed this concern before, you would not have separated in the first place.

O (Looking at Annika sadly): You are right… I should not call her.

A: Whatever done is done. Just call her and get her back.

B: We need the second bahu of the O’bahus so we can compete with the Obros.

O (Smiling): Here goes nothing.

He calls her again.

G(Thinking): Who is this? I am home alone and I do not even if I should pick up.

She slowly takes her phone and takes the call.

G: Hello…

O: She picked up!!

G: What?? Hello… Who is this?

O: Oh, I am sorry…

G: If you do not identify yourself, I am going to hang up and call the police. I have friends in th department so she can trace you easily.

B(Whispering): That is my Gauri. Corner your predator just like that.

Om looks at her with a weird look.

B: Sorry, my police instincts. I am so glad that she is referring to me.

G: Goodb…

O: Gauri, it is me.

G: I know there is another person on the other end but I cannot recognize your voice. Please tell me your name.

O: It is Shanker.

G: Sir… I am so sorry. I did not who it was and I am home alone. I just got scared.

O: Gauri, calm down. If you start panicking like this, then you will end up doing something stupid. Just like what you did right now.

G: What do you mean, sir?

O: You just told me that you are home alone. I have never met you but you are telling me all these details. What if?

Annika and Bhavya looks at him, smiling.

A(Thinking): Man, these Obros. One time there are gentlemen and the next time devils. So unpredictable.

G: Sir, you gave me this job. You gave me a chance to education. Even though I have never seen you, I know that you are gold at heart. You will never even hurt a fly.

O(Thinking): But, I hurt you, Gauri.

G: Sir, I think you got my email.

O: I was about to but it fell in paint.

G: Paint?? (Flashback to when Om explained his paintings and sketches to her.) Are you a good painter?

O(Thinking): I cannot tell her that I paint. If she connects the dots, she might figure it out. No, it is actually my nephew’s paint. The son of my older brother.

A(Looking at him): What the hell!!

G: Who was that? There was another person speaking but they had the same voice as you.

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