Ishqbaaz – Rikara Art Exhibition OS Continuation – 7

The next round was the designing round. Their candidates were given a design and the materials associated to the design. They had to use the design to make the dress. And then present the dress to the panel. Gauri completed the task and it was her turn to present. The dress looked like an exact replica but then one of the panelist noticed a major mistake in it.

Panelist(P): This stitch was supposed to be this long but you made it even longer. You did not follow what we asked. We are a multinational company and we cannot have a junior like making these changes.

G: Sir, if you stitch it like, there is a high chance of ripping but with this stitch, it will last longer. Our clients want the dress to be durable and look nice at the same time. If I see a mistake, unlike like others, I will bring in my suggestion and make sure my company benefits from it.

P: But, you do not work here and we asked you to follow our instructions. You have not done it so please leave.

G: But, sir.

P: Leave

Gauri was about to walk about and but the panellist starts talking to see himself.

P: Yes, sir. Sorry sir.

G(Thinking): Is this guy crazy? Why is he talking to himself?

Then, she notices an ear piece in his ear.

G(Thinking): He is talking to someone, which means someone else is also watching this interview. What an ignorant person? Why cannot he just come and sit on the panel? He probably thinks he is some god. No wonder his employees are like this.

She looks around and finds cameras in the room.

P: Gauri, please wait. Sir has given you a job offer. Welcome to the company.

After the interview process, 4 other people got hired and the team manager, Keshav, showed them around.

K: So, this is the office where we will all work in.

Gauri looked around and it was just pretty. Paintings everywhere and each person has their desk. In the middle, there was another big table where everyone can collaborate.

K: I am so surprised that we got this office room though. This is the best in the entire building.

Gauri was so excited as she never expected to work in this environment.

G: Shankerji, thank you so much.

Gauri looks across and sees this room with tinted black windows. Curious, she walks towards and looks inside, but she cannot see anything. She goes to open the door.

K: Gauri, do not open that door. It is locked and that is where the CEO sits.

G: CEO??

K: The owner of the company. He never comes out and just sits in the room. We are not allowed to see him.

G(Thinking): God complex. (Says) So what if he wants to talk to us?

K: The only person that knows his identity is his PA so he would come out and talk to us if he needs anything,

G: What if we need to talk to him?

K: Then, you can email him or skype him, but the screen will be black. So you cannot see his face.

G: How will he leave?

K: People say that he has an elevator in his office. He leaves the office and never comes out of his room.

G(Thinking): Such a weird person. Oh well, like I care who he is. But, I need to thank him because he gave me this job. Maybe we can be friends later.

That is exactly what the people in the tinted room wanted. They wanted to be Gauri’s friends and expected even more from her. They were no other than Om, Shivaye and Annika.

A: Om, I cannot believe you bought this entire company just for her.

S: And, you did not even use the Oberoi name for this.

O: Before, she was my backbone and helped me out with all my problems. But, now, it is my turn. She wants to create an identity for herself and I am going to help her out.

S: But, will she not recognize you? The moment she leaves, she will quit the next minute.

O: I will never see her. I will be here and monitor her every step without her even realizing that I am helping her out.

A: At least, he is helping out his wife and not like you. (Annika takes the elevator and leaves the room.)

S: Om, you have to help me out. You know what she is hiding but no one is telling me. The entire family knows but why are you hiding it from me? (The illegitimate thing is still on)

O: Shivaye, this is between you and her. You first need to confess your feelings to her. Do you love her?

S: I… She is engaged so how can I tell her? She is not even mine anymore.

He takes the elevator and leaves his office. Om rests his head on his hands.

O: All the Obros’ love lives are in trouble. Why cannot we have a normal life?

Note to reader – Whenever they are in the office, Om will always be in the tinted room unless specified. From now on, this story will be called Support.

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