Ishqbaaz – Phir se to love and be loved

Hi Guys…………….. This is Ansh

I’m Big fan of IShqbazz and I’am Sad it was ending

I have my version of Season 2 How it started and how the story goes on

Hope you like it all Ishqbazz fans


The man who send Anika and Shivaay at first place where there were meet first time and Story moves forward ,after facing
So many problems Shivaay & Annika got prove their love
The man bows his head for their love.

Everything becomes normal and they return to their home. After some days Annika got pregnant and Shivaansh was born

After some years, At the Premiere of Dhinchak Ishq Tera Mera…..
The girls shout SSO We love you. Reporter Film Diwani/FD says it’s a festival for everyone, Shivaansh’s film is releasing today,
all the celebs gave good wishes for SSO.

Reporters asks where is Shivaansh and why he is not arrived?
Shivaansh comes, wearing a stylish floral embroidered black suit and golden shoes. Bachna Ae haseeno…plays….
He throws hearts at his female fans. Reporter says Shivaansh doesn’t belong to any film family, his father
Shivaye Singh Oberoi was a leading industrialist,Whatever happened with his parents, anyone could have broken down,
but Shivaansh learnt not to lose from his Father and smiling from his mother, it means he got swag from his mom
and style from his dad, when they see Shivaansh from heaven, they would be feeling proud. Junior Khanna &
bodyguards stops the fans. Shivaansh hugs the girls.

Oberoi Mansion Showed and one woman scolding maids and says do work properly and i want everything Perfect.
Dadi was shown and asks today Shivaansh film was releasing and asks about are you ready for film. The woman says
that obviously it will become hit as my child was super star. A young man named Prem call that woman as Maa and
tells bhaya always do romantic pictures and I want to see him in full Action picture Dadi says is action not enough
happening in the house with laughing. The woman says by the way i want to do makeup as I’m going for watching
movie and big stars are coming. They both wave bye to her with laughing.

Dadi asks Prem about Radhika , Dhruv and Shivani . He says that Radhika went outside and Dhruv may be at college
and I don’t know where shivani will be. One girl was running behind goon and she was in blue jeans and yellow top
and beat him and says dialogue in Annika style and tell them not to trouble her friend.Shivani was introduced.
FB While shivani and her friend her walking. one man teases her friend and shivani slaps him and he runs away
while shivani was beating him .At mansion Sahil came and greet Dadi and Prem says hi papa and shivani comes
to house and tease Prem.Sahil asks about Shivaansh Preimere and Prem says We all are ready and maa was getting
ready from 1 hour and Radhika and Dhruv will join at theatre.Dadi wishes that Shivaay & Annika will be very proud
as their son success and he chooses his lifestyle to lead in his own way.

Reporters asks Shivaansh is this cinema will be hit like others. Shivaansh says we all work hard and give the best, you
all audience will like it
One reporter asks Who is your inspiration and What is your strength?
He says my inspiration and my strength is my family
One female reporter asks you have done mostly romantic movies are you single? And what you think about love
He smiles and says that when a girl like him meet him then he will marry her
Dhruv is shown in the college talking with his friends and he got call from Dadi and asks are you Started. He says that I
will join at venue and she asks to pick Radhika also Dhruv calls Radhika . One girl was making clay idols and got the
phone and revealed as Radhika and answers and she says yeah dhruv I’m Starting.

All the Shivaansh Family members enter the mall where security says reporters to go back as Interview finished
other celebrities also arrived and movie is going to start soon and all went into the theater.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    nice it a shivansh mannat ff?

    1. Annsh

      Thank you Jasminerahul

      I hope you will like it

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