Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations- Part 8

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Ranveer: U r ready?

Priyanka: ( Runs to Soumya) Are u mad? Don’t listen to him. He is mad.

Ranveer: R u sure? Der will be risk.

Soumya: All dis s important for Annika bhabhi, Priyanka, Shivaay bhaiya and u. All of u are like my family. Whatever happens, I will do anything and everything to help this family.

Priyanka: ( Looks at both of them) What will I do then?

Ranveer: U will take care of Nisha and champ.

Soumya: Champ?

Ranveer: Our child.

Priyanka blushes and they share a brief eyelock. Soumya coughs and brings them out of their trance.

Soumya: What is the plan?

Ranveer: For now, U will keep a watch on Mahi. I will tell u when there is a possibility of rescuing Shivaay. I will shift Nisha to some safe place. Also a trusted doctor has to be asked for help for giving fake reports of drugs and ur regular checkups.

Priyanka: R u sure? This will work. There is lot of risk.

Ranveer: All of us have to make it work.

Back to present time:

Priyanka: Have u found out Sameer uncle? Anika has told bhaiya about Mahi and his relationship.

Ranveer: What?? Then they will look out for Mahi. It is not yet time for Mausi-Mahi-Shivaay relation to b known. If Shivaay comes to know about Kaamini not being my birth mother but mausi then worse can happen. I have a plan to break Dhruv-Roop financially. I am found some evidences where the land mafias were instigated against Sameer uncle. I have to yet to find out who was the culprit.

Priyanka: Are u eating well? I try to spent most of my tym with Nisha. I have also being going on checkups regularly.

Ranveer: What happend? R u scared about the fact that culprit might b Tej.

Priyanka:( slowly) Papa and Chote papa have committed crimes to earn money. These revelations can change our lives forever.

Ranveer: What happend is past. V must look forward now. Anyways, Its almost morning I should get going now.

Priyanka: How will u go? Basement in kitchen or O bhaiya’s room?

Ranveer: I will jump from ur window. There r no security guards and cameras here.

Priyanka:( narrowing her eyebrows) Do u think u r a superman? U r using ur police training for sneaking out of a girl’s room?

Ranveer: K,I will go out of the main door.If ur family members especially ur brothers see me, den….

Priyanka: Acp Ranveer Singh Randhawa leave right now.
(She pushes him towards the window and waves goodbye).

Priyanka ‘s pov
What would have happend if 2 years back, the accident would have not taken place? V would have never met, nor there would have been so many revelations. For Shivaay bhaiyaa nkk is everything. Mahi-Shivaay bhaiyaa are twins,children of Kamini-Shakti. Kamini aunty’s hatered is justified. Years ago,choti maa gave birth to a dead child. Her condition was critical and any sort of stress could have killed her. Kamini aunty was hospitalized and had given birth to twins.Chote papa had taken 1 of her children and lied to chote maa that he was her son. He had made Kamini aunty so helpless that she had to flee from the city. Kamini aunty, Ranveer’s mausi and Nisha’s guardian loves them to the core. She had done so much for them.Ranveer who has faced so much in his life,lost so much,he should hate me but still chose to walk on fire because of me.

Anika’s call breaks her trance.

Anika: Priyanka,come to our room.

Priyanka: Yes,Bhabhi

After sometime

Shivaay: I had to ask u something about Ranveer.Did Ranveer ever tell u something about his past ?

Priyanka: (nervously moving her fingers inside dupatta) P-ast??

Shivaay: Prinku,Anika has gone mad.She is telling that Mahi s my brother. Also,there were some weird facts about Ranveer.Kamini s not Ranveer’s mother but his guardian. He was a trafficking victim.His entire record speaks about his glories and how he never quit in the face of evil.How can a brave and honest officer suddenly do all these things? It was Kamini who shot Annika not Ranveer and I was pressurizing entire police dept to search him.He had arrested Daksh and later sent him to mental asylum for treatment.

Prinku: (wo-h bhaiyaa) I don’t know.(Feels guilty….)

Anika: Had he ever told u any reasons for such revenge? I mean he was ACP and if he wanted he could have earned money through other ways. Its just that everything feels so weird. Had that cheapda not drugged u then things would be so surprising. I feel something s just not rt.

Prinku: I don’t know bhabhi. May I leave?

Shivaay: Han jao. Bekar mein Prinku ko pareshaan kar diya.V r thinking too much.He had the audacity to drug my sister and kidnap Soumya. He is a criminal for us.

Priyanka: (Runs to her room and cries……) Sorry bhaiyaa, I cannot tell u d truth.

Shivaay,Omkara,Rudra ,Annika convo

Shivaay: There is something not rt in the entire Kamini-Mahi-Ranveer incident. Mahi and my Dna matched.

Om-Ru: (surprised) What??

Precap: Rumya movements.

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