Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations- Part 7

Part 6

Ranveer: I know, I asked that idiot to go underground for few days.

Priyanka: Don’t call my brother idiot.

Ranveer: Huh!! He is my brother. I can call him anything I want.

Flashback starts

Ranveer: I knew that Dhruv ( a normal college student) cannot give so much money. Entire plan was also getting financed by Dhruv and Roop. Roop gets her monthly expenses from ur Dadi. So it was also not possible for her. They had some strong financers backing them. I needed to find out those people. Previously when I had raided his hostel room and his hideouts, I had found the tag of SAT industries on many of his equipments and stuff. I had asked the experts to find out about SAT industries. There were around 2500 industries with that name. I needed more precise info about it. I decided to stay close to Dhruv. Soon, I saw him getting international calls.

Soumya: International calls??

Ranveer: I,somehow managed to get those numbers and found out the details.SAT industries is a USA based company registered under Sameer Khandelwal.

(Priyanka and Soumya exchange looks)

Ranveer continues……

Ranveer: I was shocked to the core. It was then I decided to find out everything. I found out that only their grandparents had passed away. Both of them were taken to orphanages.I had done a detailed background check on Annika because somewhere I had felt a connection with her while on Gayatri murder case. It was then I matched the dots. Althrough, I got no information about the car blast. Some new facts were revealed.1 year later Tej Oberoi did the same land deal and built the steel plant. This was the new angle. Might be Sameer uncle and bua also survived and were financially helping Roop as she was enemy of the Oberois. Might be they also have misunderstandings. I still don’t know but I will have to find out.

Soumya and Priyanka were dead silent now.

Ranveer: What happend?

Priyanka: But how will everything get sorted out??

Soumya: u were right. Things are very complicated. Should we not tell this to Annika didi?

Ranveer: Not now. I have a plan which is very risky. Most of the kidnappers were of Dhruv’s gang but I have sent my trusted collegue. She is a undercover detective and my friend. As soon as she gets a chance, she will help Shivaay escape. I cannot directly expose the plan but someone else has to do it. There is a popular saying : ghar ka bhedi Lanka Dhayee, I will stay among them and burn them to ashes.

Priyanka: Then who will do it? What do u mean?

Ranveer: Since both of u know everything, 1 of u will expose Mahi, Kamini and me. V will only reveal some of the things. Drugs angle is a good 1.This will be enough to break our marriage. This drama will be shown on live TV. Bigger drama v stage, better will be the impact. If needed u ll slap me or throw stones on me.

Priyanka makes Ranveer sit on the bed and checks his forehead.

Ranveer: What r u doing?

She ignores him and offers him water.

Ranveer: I don’t want. What’s wrong with u?

Priyanka: ( shouts) U have gone totally mad.

Ranveer: No!! I am in my senses. I have thought about it. I will arrange everything. When the girl in the gang, gets the chance she will make Shivaye escape. I do have some controls with me and will switch off the cameras at that moment. Soumya will fall in their trap voluntarily and expose us in front of everybody.

Priyanka and Soumya shocked.

Priyanka: What?? No. I will do….

Ranveer cuts in between and says u r pregnant. 2 of u will fall in problem.

Priyanka: No I cannot let Soumya or even u fall in trouble. This s risky. What if Shivaay bhaiya or any 1 gets u arrested?

Ranveer: Nobody can arrest me. I m a police officer and have my own protocols. Whatever, I do I will be called for enquiry first. Proofs r most important for me and I will pass it to u as I gather it. As soon as I get exposed, I will go underground. The more ur family troubles me, it will be better. Trust me, this s the only way,everybody nd everything gets protected. The day Shivaay is rescued, Soumya will fall in their trap. I will give her a tracker and v ll keep monitoring her.

Priyanka: No Ranveer!! U r a police officer and u have experience but not Soumya. I will do it. What if they harm her or attempt to kill her.

Ranveer: Kamini and Mahi won’t kill anybody. I could have called some1 but if it s some member of family, it s better.

Priveer argument starts….

Soumya : (raising her voice) I m ready.

This is all for today.

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