Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations- Part 6

Priyanka: Then did aunty not try to find out the reasons? Who told u that Annika and Chutki were dead?

Ranveer: My dad had left a sucide note where he had blamed himself for destruction of his family. He had further stated that I was sold off somewhere and I might not be able to reach home.2 days after that, fire broke out in Annika and Chutki’s grandparents’ home and all of them died. Maa was scared like hell and decided to go to her parents home with Nisha in Delhi…. I was repeatedly given drugs so I was unable to speak properly. It took me months to recover and Mahi was my only friend who helped me in my most difficult time.

(Saying this, Ranveer sits on the bed with his hands on forehead. Saumya and Priyanka sit down crying.)

Priyanka:( offers water to Ranveer) Drink it.

Ranveer: I don’t want. Puts her hand away.

Priyanka:(slightly raising her voice and without stammering says) Acp Ranveer Singh Randhawa just drink it. I know u r a very strong person but sometimes u should listen to others. Sometimes, just let the person inside u come out.

Ranveer:( narrows his eyebrows and is lost in her for few seconds) Takes the glass and drinks water. U did not stammer a bit.That’s a good thing.

Priyanka and Ranveer share a cute eyelock.

Soumya:( watching from the side and smiling slightly) Thinks these 2 are perfect for each other. Comes out of her trance as Priyanka called her name.So what has this to do with Dhruv and Roop? Y did u never look for Annika Bhabhi and Chutki?

Ranveer: My mother had always kept me away from her. However, we returned Mumbai after some time. Nisha and Kaamini were my biggest support during the most difficult times.Although Kaamini hated her son Mahi for reasons she never gave, neighter did I ask her. She always badmouthed Mahi,cursed him and kept him away from her.I knew I was the reason of my mother’s pain and somewhere I felt Mahi was similar to me. Mahi and me have a unique bonding. Later,I joined the Police force and Mahi used to earn money by doing odd jobs.

Priyanka: But How is Mahi exactly Shivaay bhaiya’s lookalike? Is it just a coincidence?

Ranveer: They are twins.Shivaay and Mahi are twins.

Priyanka,Soumya: What??

Ranveer: This is what mausi claimed. Mausi got a golden chance to take revenge from the Oberois so she accepted Dhruv’s money.

Soumya: Wait!! Kaamini aunty and Shakti uncle studied together in college right?

Ranveer: I had no idea about Mausi’s past until she herself revealed it to me after accepting the money. She always called Mahi as illegimate because he was born before Mausi’s marriage.Personally,I felt bad for both of them but they were like family to me so never had any ill feelings towards them. Mausi said that 28 years ago, Pinky aunty and she were pregnant with Shakti Oberoi’s kids. She had twins- Shivaay and Mahi but Pinky aunty’s child was dead in the womb itself. So Shakti oberoi,took 1 of the kids of Kaamini and replaced with Pinky aunty’s dead child. When Kaamini found out that both the kids were alive,she confronted Shakti who threatened her with dire consequences. Shakti Oberoi had killed her parents but spared Kaamini and Mahi. He asked her to leave the city as soon as possible.

Soumya and Priyanka were exchanging looks.

Priyanka:(Stammering) I cannot believe it. Shivaay bhaiya cannot be illegimate. This cannot be true.

Soumya: How can we believe Kaamini? If this was the truth, Shakti uncle would have never agreed for this alliance. He would have broken it at all costs.

Ranveer: Even I had these doubts. Since Dhruv was also present in my house, I pretended to agree with Kaamini. She already knew about Nisha’s accident truth. She immediately told ur pregnancy truth infront of everybody. Before Dhruv could doubt,I said that u were not pregnant and I had been giving u drugs to cause the symptoms.I cooked up stories and initiated Shivaay’s kidnapping. I knew that this was a big trap and to break it i have to part of this trap.

Back to present time

Priyanka dressing the wound on Ranveer’s hand.

Priyanka: Sorry, I am responsible for all of this.

Ranveer tries to speak but is cut by Priyanka in between………

Priyanka: No matter how many times u try to calm me down, I am responsible for all ur problems. I am the reason y u r walking on fire right now.

Ranveer: Agreed!!

Priyanka:(She goes on nonstop) what agreed? It was ur choice to walk on fire. Everytime,I have to keep a fake smile and keep lying to everybody. I spent most of my time with Rudra bhaiya and Soumya. Their cute fights make me forget my worries for sometime. Everybody thinks I m fine and have become stronger. But the truth is i am always worried about u.

Ranveer: (Amused and narrows his eyebrows) U r worried about me? This means Everyday u keep thinking about me. Interesting

Priyanka: No, I didnot mean this. I mean u r doing so many dangerous things so…

Ranveer: So ??? I mean I am a police officer. Its like an undercover mission. Sounds interesting?? Isn’t it??

Priyanka: Interesting hmm?? Like u have fun everyday rt. On a serious note, Mahi’s truth should not come out now.

This is all for today.

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