Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations- Part 5

Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations-Part 5

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Soumya: complications??

Priyanka: Are there more problems? Previously U said that Oberoi family can get ruined?

Ranveer: Currently Mahi is residing in OM as Shivaay. Shivaay is Kidnapped.Today U heard about his plane highjack ?That news is true.

(Soumya,Priyanka exchanging looks)

Soumya: This means Anika Bhabhi was right.Her dream was true.Shivaay Bhaiya is actually in trouble. V need to inform her. Ranveer do u know where he is?

Ranveer: That is the irony. I was one of those who planned his kidnapping. I, a police officer was so helpless that could not save Shivaay from the perpetrators.

Priyanka: (Holding Him) What do u mean? Is Dhruv behind this? Y r u helpless?

Ranveer: Dhruv is out of jail.He reached my home with his men. His men ramsacked my home. His men were trying to touch my sister inappropriately. He said it with clinching fists and tears in his eyes.

Priyanka: All of this is happening because of me. (She starts to feel helpless.)

Soumya: Priyanka stop crying.We need to get rid of that scumbag.

Ranveer: There s more to it. He bought Kamini.

Priyanka,Soumya together shout: What???

Ranveer: He offered her 25 crores and mausi accepted it. Kamini is not my birth mother. Infact I have no blood relation to her. She took care of me when my own mother was not ready to see my face. My own mother had always blamed me for destroying her family.(He gets tears in his eyes.)

Priyanka: Who is ur mother? Where is she? Ur eyes always reflects the pain in your heart. Tell me about urself.(She said it by holding him)

Ranveer: Today, I will tell you everything because our families have more connections than u think. I had been a trafficking victim. When I was 6 years old,I was kidnapped when I was trying to save my sister Annika.

Priyanka,Soumya (in Unision): What?? How is Annika ur sister? She just has 1 brother Saahil.She is an orphan.

Ranveer: I had 3 sisters. Annika,Ishika(Chutki) are my first cousins. They are daughters of my bua Tulsi Khandelwal and Sameer Khandelwal. 21 years back my entire family was destroyed.

Priyanka:( Goes near him and comforts him) Tell us everything.What happend? She holds Ranveer’s trembling hands and makes him sit on bed.

Soumya: Please tell us everything. Even Annika didi never told us about her past.

Ranveer: (Takes out a picture and shows the girls) Me and my sisters.

Priyanka: Recognises Ranveer and Nisha. After closely looking at the picture ,recognises Annika also.I guess the other one is Chutki.But where is she now? Annika never told us about her.

Soumya: (Slowly) What happend? How did all of u separate? How is everything connected to that scumbag? Do u know about Fake Shivaay?

Ranveer: I recently discovered the connections.Last few days,I had been working day and night.

Soumya: Tell us(Concern and worry evident on her face)

Ranveer: Sameer Khandelwal and Tej Oberoi were business partners. They were about to sign the land deal of bhavanipur.They had plans to build a steel factory which would give employment to all the villagers.This deal would have given more profit to Sameer uncle than Tej. There were also many local mafias opposing this deal. If the land deal was successful,that would have meant the end of mafia raj and stronger law and Order in Bhavanipur.

Priyanka: We have many factories in Bhavanipur now but I had no idea about any of the things. Occasionally, papa, chote papa and Shivaay bhaiya talk about disputes and problems in Acquisitions.

Ranveer: This land deal was responsible for destruction of my family.Since Sameer uncle was the major investor so he was taking care of everything. We lived nearby. Bua was excited and was making preparations for puja. Annika and Chutki were about to stay with us for few days.Bua and uncle were going to Bhavanipur for few days. Tej uncle was getting threat calls from mafias so he was sceptical but Sameer uncle was not ready to compromise about anything.He involved papa and told him to give police protection.I don’t know about this in detail.2 days later while returning from school,some goons were trying to make Annika sit in the car. I beat the goons with stones and started to scream for help.The goons got distracted and left Annika but took me instead.

Priyanka: Then what happend? How did u return?

Ranveer: (Tears in his eyes and with closed fists) I was tortured and sold repeatedly. They used to keep saying that I will have to bear the punishment of papa and uncle’s doings.I think I was sold 3-4 times for 2 and half years.That day,I heard one of them saying that 2 others along with me will be killed.I gathered courage and escaped along with 1 of them.We were caught and the other person lost his life while fighting them.I was about to quit but something in me said to keep going. I somehow reached CST station after running for hours and fell unconscious on Mahi’s lap.

Soumya:( slowly asking) Mahi?? Shivaay bhaiya’s duplicate.

Ranveer: Yes,He used to sell newspapers and was sitting there after entire day’s work.

Priyanka: 1 minute what has Mahi got to do with Kaamini and u? How is Dhruv and bua connected to all of this? Was Roop behind ur kidnapping?

Ranveer: I still don’t know exactly.Mahi and Kaamini helped me to return home. When I returned, I found out that papa,Sameer uncle,bua,Annika and Chutki were dead.There was a bomb blast in the car that killed Sameer uncle,bua Annika and Chutki. Papa had committed sucide because of his failure to save his family. It took days for even Nisha to accept me.

After some time Ranveer continues: Nisha revealed to me the events after my kidnapping- That day Annika returned back home crying.Papa and maa calmed and asked her what happend? Papa got very angry and went to the Police Station. Maa was crying badly and continuously tried calling Sameer uncle. He was not receiving her calls. Next day in the evening, they got the news of uncle and bua getting killed in the bomb blast. Annika and Chutki were taken away by their grandparents.They kept crying but no one listened to them.Papa was still looking for me. Maa and Papa used to get into bitter arguments everyday.Papa kept searching for me for 1 and half years.He finally got some clues and went to Bhavanipur.After returning from there,Nisha and maa found him hanging from a ceiling fan.

This is all for today.

My next part will have Priyanka tashan to Ranveer and more interesting turns

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