Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations- Part 4

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Soumya hugs crying Priyanka.

Ranveer:Just before getting runover by a car,I caught hold of her and moved her aside.She was trying to repeatedly kill herself by running away.I forcibly took her and made her sit in my car.She just kept crying.I kept asking her to be quiet and tell me her problem.She was not listening to me.I took her to hospital as she was about to get a panic attack.After doctor examined her,he asked me to immediately get medicines for her.After I left,She ran to the roof and was about to jump from there.I reached on time to pull her back.

Priyanka was crying badly and Soumya was holding her.

Ranveer continued …..

She did not bulge a bit.She was not ready to say anything.I was about to call Shivaay.I had to threaten her using her brothers.After that she narrated me the entire incident.I immediately arrested Dhruv and some of his gang members.I also raided his hideouts.I did not allow her name to come in front.

Soumya:Then what happend??

Priyanka: 2 weeks ago,he forced me to go out with him on a date.I was feeling quite unwell and fell unconscious.He again took me to the doctor.Doctor told I was pregnant.I was shattered to know this and thought of ending my life.It was him pulling me back again and he promised to take care of my child.

Ranveer:I had always wanted to marry her for seeking revenge of my sister’s condition.

Soumya: U have a sister??

Priyanka:Yes,Nisha who is in comma because of me.2 years ago,I was driving O bhaiya’s car and ran over his sister.We didnot inform anyone and O bhaiya became a drug addict because of me.I had asked him to hide the truth.

Soumya: (Shocked) Then y did u reveal it to him?

Ranveer:Narrating the entire incident of Priyanka’s confession of crime and how he played mind games with her to make her feel his pain.(All this is same as the show)

Priyanka:He always acted rude to me but whenever I am in problem he has always supported me.(She says it with smile on her eyes.)

Ranveer:(avoiding her) I called Shivaay and showed him Priyanka’s reports.I lied to him that the child was mine and promised him that I will take care Of Priyanka and the unborn child.(He says it by holding Priyanka’s tummy.)

Soumya:Then That jerk has escaped from jail? U can arrest him again right?Y to cancel marriage?

Ranveer:Things are more complicated here.

This is all for today.

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