ishqbaaz overall character changes (analysis)

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First and formal I am not trying to offend or defend anyone.i am just here to give my opinion.
1.i am a ishqbaaz and dil bole obrois fenetic.
2.i am just showing my disappointment which is rare.
3.if u don’t want to read it then it is perfectly fine.
But tell me your opinion or if u agree with me.
The first character I am going to discuss is the person who I see everyday for 20 minutes for no reason.

1.anika-oh sorry anika shivaay singh oberoi
I have lot to say about her.i love anika I love how surbhi is nailing her character.but the whoever is changing her character I don’t like it.she used to be such chirpy fun loving girl empowerment but now she is like every other saas bahu drama character.she can’t stand up for herself or her the promos and start of the show she would be saying I can do my job and help myself and my brother but now she needed sso to help her . let’s not forget she is staying with the same men who called her characterless.
Let’s talk about shivaay singh oberoi for a moment.
2.sso-what can I say about him.nakuul Is doing very well portrayal of the character.
3.rudra singh oberoi-what can I say about my favourite character in the television in males.i love how much hard work he put into portraying funny,intense or pretty much any scene.i love his jokes.
4.soumya-i love her so much.a true definition of how true beauty can be.i heart her.seriously nailed the character.she is so freaking
intelligent.neha is doing the best job.she is my favorite lady in television and in ishqbaaz.

Ps.i love rumya
5.omkara singh oberoi-can’t describe the well
written character and kunal is doing the best.i just want to understand your poems.
6.gauri-from the news I have heard that shrenu’s character name is gauri.i am not sure.

I love ishqbaaz.i love the show.but I thought that the three brothers are going to save each other.can someone request writers that for once they show brothers saving each other and not bring anika in would be great.i am waiting for cooking show with the 3 oberoi brothers.
Ps.i love anika.but I am getting overdose of is like I listened to one new song way too much and now I don’t want to hear it again.i hope that doesn’t happen with her character.
Don’t mind errors.
Comment down below if u want to read a fanfiction on rumya because I am thinking of writing one.if I get like 10 comments I would think of writing.
My name is khushi.
I am 14.

I hail from United States.
I am freshman in DHS highschool.

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  1. Sally_blr

    Hey Khushi. you are absolutely right dear. Even I stopped watching the show fed of waiting for o’ bro moments. Now they have extended the time slot they want to concentrate on OMRU love stories also but I feel cheated because I started watching the show as it promised to show the bonding of OMSHIRU. And I’m out of it. You really said what I felt.

    1. khushilovesroumya

      Thank u I am fine it is ok if they are showing their love stories but they should at least show at least sometime the brother’s bonding but the whole ishqbaaz is being concentrated on shivaay and anika and they didn’t show om,rudra and soumya I am waiting for dil bole obrois.thanks

    2. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks a lot for comment.

  2. Khushi u r the best right u know what u r writing perfect… I have also stopped watching it utter nonsense its showing… Out of no where anika started loving shivaay who blamed her for one night stand…

    1. khushilovesroumya

      Thanks.i know and now she wants to meet him.i kind of don’t like anika’s character now.

    2. Khushilovesroumya

      Awwww thank u.i know and now she wants to meet him.

  3. Shrenu looks much younger than om.. Om is good looking guy but he looks much more in age

    1. khushilovesroumya

      She probably is lot younger than him.but I love om.but thanks

    2. Khushilovesroumya

      Let’s see what happens in dil bole obrois.i have some much questions about that show.but looking forward to it.

  4. Would loveeee to read a fanfiction on Rumya by you!!! Please do write one!!! And I also completely agree with you. ?Xx

    1. khushilovesroumya

      Awwww thank u I am starting writing probably in like 2 weeks when my mid term ends.

    2. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks nia.i will probably write in about 2 week when my mid term ends.

  5. afnanabdulkareem

    please change anikas dress code

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I can do nothing.but I agree with u.but thanks

  6. khushilovesroumya

    I can do nothing.but I agree with u.i loved the wedding and casual clothes of her.but thank u

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