Ishqbaaz os: shivika reunion by summaya part 1

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Hey guys I’m back with and os on our heavenly couple shivika
This os is related to current track

So let’s begin
The morning of vikram and anika marriage
Note:here vikram is not bad he is just trying to help anika bcoz she saved his life

Anika room
Anika is sitting lifelessly on the bed thinking of ways of how to escape this wedding
Then vikram enters the room
She looked at him
Anika:I’m sorry
Was all she could utter
Vikram:not again anika I’ve told you it’s my
decision to help u bcoz u owe my life

Anika:I don’t know what should we do
Vikram:hmm I thought shivaay would stop the

wedding but he is happily making arrangements there
Anika:not happily he’s doing this to show that he is not affected when all of us know he is
Vikram:so what is next
Anika:I don’t know but we can’t get married
Vikram:ofcouse not anu
Anika looked up at him in surprise
Vikram:sorry actually I had a sister her name was also anika and I used to call her as anu so
in flow I said u anu

Anika:it’s OK u can call me that
Vikram smiled
Vikram:wait I’ve a plan
He tells something

Then shivaay enters the room
Shivaay:vikram anika u r not ready yet start getting ready it’s your wedding
He said with great difficulty
Vikram went form there nodding
Anika was there in the room
Anika:u r really happy that I’m marrying SOMEONE ELSE
Shivaay was hurt hearing the word someone else
Shivaay:r u happy by marrying someone else

Anika turned her face
Shivaay also left
Gauri was making anika ready
Gauri:what have u planned bhaujai
Anika:that I’m not going to marry vikram

Gauri:but how
Anika:don’t know if vikram succeds in his plan then everything will be fine but if he doesn’t
She gets teary eyed
Gauri :I believe he will succeed
Anika nods
After sometime

In evening
Oberoi mansion
OM is decorated beautifully for the marriage
Anika is sitting in her room dressed beautifully in a red lehnega with golden work on it and diamond jewellery
Any girl would look beautiful in OT and so was anika but the glow on her face was missing she was looking g pale and anyone could see the dry Tears on her cheeks

On the other side
Shivaay room
Shivaay is seen sitting distraught near the door

He was sitting with the support of the door
We could see that there were tears in his blueish green orbs
Those Tears clearly showed his mind state hoe he didn’t want his anika his love to go away from him he couldn’t see her getting married to someone else but here he is he has organized everything but is sitting in dark in his own agony
We could see how he was in despair

Shivaay:don’t do this anika I thought u would call of the wedding but it didn’t happen I know u don’t love vikram then why why
This was everything shivaay could say to himself
Rudra knocked on the door
Rudra:bhaiya come down fast anika bhabhi is already there

Hearing this shivaay felt like killing himself
He slowly wiped his tears and opened the door
Rudra:think once again bhaiya stop this marriage
Shivaay:it’s too late now rudra
Rudra:it’s better late than never bhaiya
Shivaay looked at him painfully hugged him and went down without uttering anything
Rudra was pained to see how his bro and bhabhi were suffering only bcoz of his choti maa’s insecurity
He also went down

Vikram and anika were sitting in the mandap
The whole oberoi family was in pain sad except that pinky ponky and nagini
Pandit:beta now put your hand over the bride’s hand
Vikram did as he WA told
Shivika remember how they did the same in their marriage and looked at eo teary eyed

Suddenly a girl came in and said
Pinky:what happen girl why r u stopping the wedding
Girl:how can u do this vikram how can you marry someone else while Briton a relationship with me
Dadi:what r u saying beta
Girl:dadiji I’m kavya vikram s gf
Thia came as a shock for the whole OM

Shivaay:but vikram loves anika
He said with hurt but hope that his anika won’t marry someone else
Kavya:yes he loves anika
This made everyone sad again

Kavya:but as a sister
Everyone had small smiled on their faces except pinky ponky and nagini
Ragini:what nonsense shivaay call security this girl is talking rubbish
Vikram:wait shivaay she is saying the truth
Vikram said while getting up for the mandap

Anika also got up
Vikram:I hair wanted to help anika as she is like a sister to me and we had no intention of getting married to eo but shivaay was hellbent on this
Anika:yes I saved vikrams life and that’s why I know him

Shivaay:then why didn’t u tell me before
Anika:ur ego always stopped u form confessing ur feeling to other I thought u will confess that u r effected but the greats wall of sso and his ego is more big than his felling I don’t believe u just saw in the temple that day and assumed that I’m getting engaged when I wasn’t I just took chandas place for a few time so that she could meet someone and come
She paused for a moment and saw towards shivaay who was in guilt for not trusting her again
Anika continued:I don’t know shivaay when u will confess that u r effected may be when I die u will conf

She couldn’t complete her sentence as she got a tight slap form shivaay
Shivaay:how dare u say like this huh don’t u dare say about dieing otherwise
Anika:otherwise what shivaay and as it is u don’t care about me u don’t love me u r not effected if I live or die

Shivaay shouted at the top of his voice which made everyone shiver but not his lady love .

Anika saw a shooter aiming gun towards shivaay
She pushed him and gets shot by the shooter
Shivaay was shocked
Shivaay:anikaaaa no no u ain’t leave me
Anika :shiv shivaay I umm I love u

And she close her eyes
Shivaay:omru bring the car
Omru ran outside and brought the car
Shivaay and gauri took anika to the car

All of them them reached the hospital

After sometime
The oberois were standing outside OT
Shivaay was sitting on the seat lifelessly and omru on either of his side consoling him while they themselves were broken

Gauri was leaning on the wall and crying for her anika bhaujai who was like elder sister to her
All other family members were sitting with grief and looking angrily at pinky for her deeds
Ragini had gone to her home already
Pinky was not able to bear everyone hatred eyes she was teary eyed by seeing anika love for shivaay but also insecure

Dr came outside and every rushed
Shivaay:how is my anika dr
Dr:she has lost lot of blood the bullet has gone straight next to her hair which is weak point we do t know if we can save her or not
Shivaay:no nothing will happen to her she has toxins back for me for her billuji

Dr:we can’t say anything she may even die
Shivaay:no don’t say it otherwise u don’t what I’ll do

Screen stops

Precap:Dr:we’re sorry we were not able to save your wife

So guys if you want me to continue this os then plz let me know in the comments section
Till then bubye

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  1. pls dont kill anika or make her memory loose

    1. Summaya

      You’ll get to know what will happen soon amy dear but whatever happens I won’t separate shivika bcoz the title itself tells about their union

      1. Harsita

        Please update soon

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      Thanks zaveesha

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  4. Hkaur

    Amazing. Pls make a miracle and save anika.

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    Superb yaar.. Plzz do post the next update ASAP

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    Amazing update

  7. Poor anika . Emotional chappy dear .plz post next asap

  8. Shabana

    Please don’t kill my Anika noo ????

  9. Lauren

    Amazinggggg dr… post nxt soon…

  10. Awesome…. Post soon…

  11. Niriha

    Awesome…update next part soon


    Dear Summaya
    Starting Is Intersting And Nice?Precap Shocking?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  13. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

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