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Hi guys am really happy that you people are liking the OS
A bigggggg thank you to all those who comment and also thank you if you read it.
So let’s start without delaying as some people wants me to make it lengthier so here you go…

After the FB ends.
Om: you did the right thing by making Shivaay marry his love but… Dadi the way in which Anika was looking at Shivaay after the marriage was completed her eyes only show hatred for Shivaay and as Shivaay didn’t say what happened after calling Mr Aggarwal and how he changed his decision to marry Anika instead, I felt that…

Dadi: billu has done something wrong with Anika. Even I know that billu will never proposed Anika so easily am also sure that you(to Shivaay) did something wrong
Dadi and Om looked at Shivaay who is not even aware of what was going on (he was lost on his thoughts thinking of how he insulting Anika before the marriage and Dadi and om’s sudden questions)
S: haa Dadi I did said something very wrong to Anika and you are right that I didn’t proposed her for marriage instead…
D: “instead” what? What have done billu.
O: answer Dadi Shivaay what did you said to Anika that makes her agree to marry you?
Shivaay told Om and and Dadi whatever happened between he and Anika and what he said to Anika and then blackmailing her about Sahil.
S: but Dadi I myself regret for saying that (telling Anika that she slept with Daksh) to Anika I …
Dadi slaps?him hard before he could finish his sentence.
D: yeh mera billu nahi hai… I have always know that you are rude and arrogant you can’t be nice to anyone except your family but never have I imagined even in my wildest nightmare that you could disrespect or insult a woman’s dignity.
S: Dadi it was just a mistake I didn’t meant to say that to Anika
O: wow Shivaay “it was just a mistake” I can’t believe it. You insult a girl and now saying that it was a mistake then correct the mistake.
S: Om.…you know Daksh told me that he would spend the night with Anika then I myself took Anika to the car and asked driver to drop her home and the next morning I went to Daksh’s and find Anika making the bed, Daksh wearing his shirt, he then said that he is going to give money to Anika… and I thought…
D: you thought that she will stooped so low for money no billu you wrong bohot galat … I gave that money to Anika as a loan.
Shivaay got shocked and realised that he have committed a blunder. He walks off from the room and head towards Anika’s room
D: stop Shivaay ( Shivaay turns to Dadi) you are not going to Anika I will go and apologies to her it was my fault that I thought that perhaps you loved Anika maybe you will married her but with her own consent.

Dadi went to Anika’s room but stop seeing her with Sahil. Anika was smiling with Sahil after all the mess she’s been to so Dadi doesn’t want to interrupt them right now she was about to go when she had a question that they all have been wanting to asked Anika.
Sa: Anika di will you forgive sso if he apologised to you?
A: Sahil! Come on now eat your breakfast we need to go somewhere and stop talking about that man.
Sahil smirk at Anika and Dadi also smile
D: so Anika and Sahil were talking about billu till now, Anika I know that you love my billu I also know you are the only one who can turn him from arrogant Singh Oberoi to lover Singh Oberoi and that will be soon.
Dadi left from there

Anika’s self thought: I love you billu ji but I feel like you can never reciprocate my love. She suddenly remember shivaay’s harsh words again and start crying uncontrollably.

Dadi went to Rudra and Om
D: Om you have to come and book travel tickets.
R: Dadi are you travelling?
D: not me… tumhari bhai aur bhabhi are going on honeymoon.
O: Dadi what are you saying? You know the situation in which they both got married and moreover it will be an insult and injustice to Anika.
D: I know that Om but they have to get some space and Shivaay have to apologised to Anika any how.
O:okay Dadi…but which place are they going?
D: no they are going to Goa.
The suddenly hear Shivaay shouting Anika’s name
S: Dadi did you see Anika anywhere?
D: haa she was in her room sometime back with Sahil, what happened billu?
S: she is not there Dadi but I know where she went.
R: so why are you asking us you have interrupt our…
Om cut him off before he said something o:shut up Rudra and Shivaay you go and bring and Anika.
Shivaay goes to Anika’s house.
Anika was sitting down with shivaay’s photo on a newspaper and hold it close to her heart but again shivaay’s words started to haunt her again, she tear the newspaper and throw it away.
A: I can never forgive you Shivaay Singh Oberoi I vow to punish you for all the insults and pain you have given me. I was happy before knowing any Oberoi but now you have made me lose my happiness as well as made me feel helpless to marry you, you forced me to be your wife now you should get ready to be my husband and fulfilled your duties as my husband. Get ready to face my wrath Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Anika gets up from her bed and keep a strong face.
“Knock…knock” she heard a knock on her door she went to open the door and find sso standing there.
A: tum!
S: yeah it’s me. What happened are you not happy to see your husband?
A: what are you doing here?
S:I should be asking you that… we got married yesterday and today you left you husband…didn’t you know you have to fulfilled your responsibilities as a wife. You were giving long lectures to Richa yesterday about marriage and today you forget you own words.
A: I very well remember that you are my husband and secondly I came here as it is my house. Do you have any problem with that too?
S:nope. So let’s go If you are done touring you house.
A: yeah let’s go
Shivaay turns to leave and Anika gave him an allowance victory smirk.

So guys I have tried to make this part a bit lengthtier hope you won’t get bored and plz ignored the spelling and grammar errors.

A bigggg thank you to all those who comment on the last update I really appreciate you support and am sorry for not replying to your comments.

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  1. Anujohnson

    Good going fama!!!

    1. Fama

      Thank you anu

  2. nice fama waiting for nxt

  3. Shivika

    It was wow…..i wish soon shivika come together as one…..pas hi kar bhi jo door hai unhe dobaara pas le ana……it was fantastic…….dear post nxt part soon

    1. Fama

      Thanks Shivika they will soon come together in my OS

  4. Yo you rocked im feeling that now our ani will turn a version 2 of sso

    1. Fama

      Thanks Saba

  5. Wow
    all hearts and diamonds for yu
    But try writing long episode

    1. Fama

      Thank you sooo much Hriday Hearts and diamonds and I tried to make the next one longer hope you like that one as well.

  6. Diyaa

    Nice!! Would love to see SSO get a taste of his own medicine. ?

    1. Fama

      Thanks Diyaa and you will soon see that

  7. Mukta


    1. Fama

      Thanks Mukta

  8. Akansha

    Nyc episode fama waiting fr d next… Its interesting

    1. Fama

      Thanks Akansha I will update the next part soon

  9. Priyanka_22

    Wow. Jhalli Ani is back wid a bang
    Make her strong enough to realize shivaay his feelings n mistakes
    But plz don’t make her negative fama
    More power to girls 😀

    1. Fama

      Thanks Priyanka she won’t be negative but to Shivaay she will have to be.

  10. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode….

  11. Shivika22kapoor

    Awesome epi and Shivaay deserves many slaps and not only one. And after watching today’s epi. I toh just want to kill him . Fama dear make Anika strong ? and make her show Mr. Billu ji that she is a sherni. (tigress.)
    Keep up the good work dear and pls post next asap.??

    1. Fama

      Thank you

  12. Bravo!!!!???you set fire
    First of all ?? your storyline i mean SSO targeting Sahil ,forcing, ruchi realizes everything matched to real IB seriously?

    Second I told ur ff is always a treat to not only me but others

    Third I guess this dadi and om scolding is there in IB too in fact tej shakti pinky the most will scold shivika so that also congrats I guess this honeymoon tickets track will not match but yaa it was ??? beyond awestruck awesome mindboggling…….?

    Sorry for late comments as I am suffering from cold body ache ? I saw this post yesterday night itself but didn’t opened it as I was?

    Must wait and worth wait OS for me
    Lots of love
    ??? shama

    1. Fama

      Thank you soooo much shama am really happy with your comments everytime.

  13. Priyali

    Wow… fama dear… u always kill it in each and every episode of your ff…
    Great great going!! ????

    1. Fama

      Thank you priyali

  14. Nor boring nor lengthy episode was superb ??

  15. Jayashree

    Superb 🙂

  16. Pri_24

    Shivay’s punishment, Dadi’s plan and Fighter Anika’s re-entry wow I like it…

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