Ishqbaaz OBros – Hum Saath Hain, Toh Baat Hain- FF By Luna (Chapter 3)

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Hi Friends, I’m back with the third chapter of this ff…Sorry for making you wait for so long…..Here’s the link of my previous two chapters.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Scene 1: Om says Jhanvi to get out of his room. Jhanvi starts crying.
Jhanvi: Om, plz listen to me.
Om(shouting): I said get out!!!!
Ishana enters.
Ishana: Om..what’s going on here??
Om: Ishana…you keep quiet.

Ishana: But…
Om: Ishana, I said…kep quiet!!!
Jhanvi(crying): Om beta…plz listen to me, for once.
Om holds Jhanvi’s hand and drags her out of her room. Ishanatries to stop him, but he doesn’t listens to her. Jhanvi cries.
Ishana: Om..what are you doing??
Om takes Jhanvi out of his room.
Om(to Jhanvi): From now on…you don’t have any place in my room and in my life.
Jhanvi(crying): Om…. (Om bangs the door on Jhanvi’s face and closes it….Jhanvi breaks down and bursts into tears….She kneels down on the floor and cries)
Jhanvi(monologue): Omkara….I know that I’m guilty…but for once, at least listen to me….I can’t live with your hate Om….I can’t live(Tears roll out of Jhanvi’s eyes)

Inside Omkara’s room…
Ishana: Om…what’s wrong with you?? She’s your mom!!!
Om: No…she’s not…she has died for me. Ishana: Why are you saying like this?? First will u tell me what happened???
Om tells Ishana the whole story. He tells her that Jhanvi had an extra-marital affair with a guy, with whom she had an illegitimate son, who is non other than Rudra.
Ishana: Oh My God!!! I can’t believe this.

Om: Yes….this is the truth…all these years, she hid this truth from all of us….It’s coz of her only…that Mr Oberoi had an affair with Svetlana….She’s the root of all troubles and sorrows in our life….An d I can’t forgive this woman.
Ishana: But Om….I think she’s guilty for her deeds…At least you should give him one chance.
Om: No Ishana…..I can’t forgive the people who cheat…..u know very well….I hate liars.
Ishana: But Om she’s your mom
Om: Being my mom isn’t enough for me to forgive her…I always said, that whenever I’ll have to chose between truth and my family…I’ll always chose truth.

Scene 2(Shivaye and Anika’s room): Shiavye is sitting on the couch. He’s tensed.

Anika(seeing Shivaye tensed): What happened to you??
Shivaye(looking at Anika): uh…what??
Anika: What are you thinking Shivaye?
Shiavye: uh..nothing.
Anika: Shivaye…plz tell me what are you thinking about.
Shivaye: Anika…I’m not thinking about anything okay…I was just..uhm…
Anika sits beside Shivaye and puts her hand on Shivaye’s hand. Shiavye looks at Anika.
Anika: Shivaye…plz tell me.

Shivaye: Anika, I said na….I’m just.
Anika: Tell me Shivaye.
Shivaye(taking a pause): Isn’t it strange?? All my life, I was only giving importance to blood, lineage, family…and today….when I see Rudra…all these things became negligible…just in a…flip of a second….(Shivaye gives a weak smile)…it’s …it’s amazing.
Anika: Shivaye…what are you saying…I’m not getting anything??

Shivaye: Anika…..Rudra knows that blood and lineage is very important for me…..He has seen me giving importance to it, his whole life….Now as he knows that he’s illegitimate….I don’t want him to feel insecure…I don’t want him o think that his elder brother doesn’t loves him.
Anika: Shivaye, why are you thinking like that? Rudra is your brother…you and Omkara are everything fopr him, and he knows that you both will always love him, no matter what.
Shivaye: Anika….I don’t want OBros to break, coz if they will break….then I’ll also break.
Anika: Nothing like that will happen Shivaye…and you can’t get weak Shivaye…coz if u will get weak, then there will be no one to take care of Omkara and Rudra.
Shivaye: Anika…It’s the first time in my life…that I’m feeling so afraid….I’m afraid….That…..that I can lose my brothers.
Anika: Shivaye…can I ask u something??

Shivaye: what??
Anika(taking a pause): Shivaye….Rudra is an illegitimate son Jhanvi aunty… does matters to you na?? You don’t see Rudra now, like before?? It’s true, right?
Shivaye(getting angry): Are you mad?? Do you even know, what are you saying??
Anika: Answer me Shivaye, now u don’t consider Rudra as your brother na??
Shivaye(gets up from the couch and shouts in anger): Anika….just shut up!!!

(Anika too gets up)

Meanwhile, Rudra was silently standing at the door of Shivika’s room and was listening to their entire conversation.
Anika(to Shivaye): I’m sorry Shivaye…but I just…I just felt to ask….
Rudra(in an emotionally choked voice): Bhaiya…
Shivaye and Anika turn back and get shocked seeing Rudra at the door.
Shivaye: Rudra…you… here??
Rudra goes to Shivaye and Anika and gives a weak smile.

Shivaye: Rudra…what happened?? You need something??
Rudra: I want an answer bhaiya.
Shivaye: A…Answer??
Rudra: yes…answer of Anika bhabhi’s question…that, whether me being illegitimate matters to you or not.
Shivaye: Rudra…

Rudra: That, you consider me as your brother or not.
Shivaye(shouts in anger): Rudra, have you gone crazy?? Of course you are my brother.
Rudra(in an emotional voice): Really??
Shivaye caresses Rudra’s cheeks and says, Rudra…what’s wrong with you?? I’m your brother…your elder brother and I’ll always love you…it doesn’t matters to me if you are my blood or not…’ll never matter to me…nothing will change between us.
Rudra: Bhaiya…..I’m not a kid…I can see…I can understand…and I know, you don’t consider me as your brother anymore.

Shivaye(shouts in anger): Rudra!!!! (Shivaye in anger, raises his hand to slap Rudra…but Anika holds his hand and comes in between…Rudra bursts into tears)
Anika: Shivaye…what are you doing??
Shivaye: Anika…you don’t come between us….I’m talking to my brother.
Anika: No, I’ll come in between…I’ll not let you slap your brother.
Rudra(crying): Bhaiya…I’m sorry…plz forgive me.

Shivaye: Don’t call me bhaiya….I don’t consider you as my brother na?? right!!! I don’t…I don’t…
Rudra(crying): Bhaiya…plz don’t say like this…..
Shivaye without saying anything leaves from there,
Anika and Rudra try to stop Shivaye, but he doesn’t listens to them.

After Shivaye leaves, both Anika and Rudra get tensed….
Rudra: What I’ve done?? I shouldn’t have said all this.
Anika: Rudra, don’t worry…your bhaiya will be fine after some time….
Rudra gets teary eyed and cries.
Anika: Rudra…plz don’t cry…your bhaiya is just angry…and you know na, when he’s angry…he doesn’t listens to anyone.
Rudra(crying): Bhabhi, I know….I’m really so dumb…how can I even think like that for Shivaye bhaiya ??
Anika: Rudra…first you should stop crying….it’s good that you have accepted your mistake…now you should go and say sorry to Shivaye.

Rudra: I’ll go alone??
Anika: yes, you…who will go with you??
Rudra: but bhabhi…u also did wrong na, by asking that question to Shivayebhaiya?? So you should also come with me and say sorry na(By saying this Rudra comes in his original avatar and gives a wide smile)
Anika(takes a pause and thinks for a while): uh…Sorry?? I have to say sorry to Shivaye??
Rudra: yeah..

Anika:’s a different thing for me and Shivaye…we fight like this daily.
Rudra: But bhabhi … you have hurt Shivaye Bhaiya…so you should say sorry na??
Anika: uhm…okay….fine..
Rudra: Great, now come..
Anika: Now only??
Rudra: yeah…come on (Rudra holds Anika’s hand and takes her with him)

Scene 3(Kitchen): Shivaye is in the kitchen…He’s cooking the food. Anika and Rudra are looking at Shivaye, standing outside the kitchen, hiding behind the door.
Anika: okay Rudra….let’s go inside.
Rudra: Bhabhi…you go first, and I’ll be behind you.
Anika: Rudra, you go first…he can’t be angry on you for a long time…but he’ll simply burst on me if he’ll See me.

Rudra: Bhabhi…I’m very afraid of Bhabhi…and right now…he’s very angry…lets go fropm here…we’ll come later on
Anika: uh….yeah…you are right…let’s get out of here
Suddenly someone pats Rudra from behind…Rudra screams in shock…Rudra and Anika turn back and sees that she’s Ishana…

Ishana: Hey Rudra, how are you? Why you got so afraid??
Anika/ Rudra(afraid): Ishana??

Shivaye hears Rudra’s scream and comes outside the kitchen. He sees Ishana, Rudra and Anika standing outside.
Shivaye: What are you all three doing here??
Ishana: Hi Shivaye…how are you??
Shivaye: Hi Ishana…you two(pointing at Anika and Rudra)…what are you both doing here??
Anika: uh…nothing…I just came to….to, help you in the kitchen.
Shivaye(rudely): Anika… First go and learn, how to cook food…and then come and help me in the kitchen.
Anika(getting angry): Listen…I know how to cook food okay.
Shivaye: You don’t know how to cook…you only know how to burn food. And Rudra…what do you want now??

Rudra: Bhaiya….I…..I… uh….
Shivaye(furiously): Listen…I don’t want to talk to anyone of you right now…so plz, just leave from my kitchen right now.
Om enters.
Om: Shivaye, Rudra…why are you all standing outside the kitchen like this??
Shivay3e: Nothing Om…I was just cooking.

Anika: Shivaye, why don’t you let Rudra speak…Rudra, you say…
Shivaye: Anika I said na….I don’t want to talk to anyone right now…not you, not Rudra, no one..okzy.
Om: Shivaye, is everything alright here??
Shivaye: Everything is fine Om….(looks at Rudra and says) Things have actually became better now.

Shiavye leaves from there without saying further anything.
Om: Shivaye, listen (Shivaye doesn’t listens and just leaves)
Om: Will anyone tell me, what’s going on here??
Ishana: Me too!!!
Soumya(entering the scene): Me three !!!!
Everyone gets surprised seeing Soumya.
All(surprised): Soumya!!!

Soumya(to Om): Bhaiya…why is bade bhaiya is so angry on Rudra and Anika di??
Om(looks at Rudra and Soumya): Even I want to know??
Rudra: O…actually what happened that….the story is actually short…..
Anika: ….But Complicated

To Be Continued….

No Precap…..
Thanks for reading……I hope you are liking this ff…appreciation and criticism, both are welcome.

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