Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 12]

Hmm… I asked in activity area if I should continue my ff or not, no response, so obviously not, so consider this as the last epi of my ff… enjoy your reading…

[Dedicated to “Surbhi Sharma” di and ” “Sara” di, read the note at last]

Scene 1 (Shivaay’s bedroom)

She: Shivaay, when you don’t love me, why do you pretend to love me?
Shivaay: look jaan, I don’t wanna argue today, I am very happy so please stop this.
She: please stop calling me jaan, there’s no one in the room so you don’t have to act here. My name is Annika and you can call me that.

[I know sab bade intelligent hai pehle se hi jante the??]

Shivaay: Annika, don’t raise your voice! I’m in good mood that’s why I’m talking sweetly, don’t force me to be harsh.
Ani: I know and that’s what I’m saying, you don’t need to be sweet to me. We both know that there’s nothing like husband and wife between us, so stop it “almost crying”

Shivaay melts a bit seeing tears in her eyes. Tears escape from her eyes. Shiv cups her face with his palms. He makes her look into his eyes.

Shiv: jaan, I don’t like tears in your eyes. I know you will never be able to accept me as you husband after what I did to you and you also know very well that I won’t be able to accept you as my wife. We are happily married couple just in front of the world, we have to pretend. But still I will try to keep you happy. Please don’t cry.

He wipes her tears.

Shiv: get ready tonight at 8pm, I have another business dinner, they want to meet you.

He goes from there.

Annika cries sitting on bed. (if you remember the prologue of this ff, this is the same scene)

Annika’ POV:
Why Shivaay, why? When you can’t accept me as your wife then why do you care for me? Why you always act so sweet to me? I can’t bear this pain. I donno if it was a right decision or not, but the night changed our lives. We are happy in front of the world, but in a corner of my heart, I feel pain. Each day, each hour, each minute, Each second.! “I donno why, but maybe it is better to die!!!”

POV ends.

Annika gets up from bed and goes to have bath. She didn’t have her breakfast because it was almost noon now.

Scene 2 (kitchen)
She wanted to make something especial for the family today {mai agayi na isiliye??} so she came to the kitchen. Rudy came there.

Rudy: “in his usual funny tone” bhabi,.. bhabi what are you doing???
Ani: oh Rudra, I just wanted to make something especial for you all today.
Rudra: why today bhabi?
Ani: I haven’t made anything from so many days to I wanted to make something today.
{Ha maine usse ane kaha diya????}

Rudy: so what are you making bhabi?
Ani: baked pasta for you, Aloo puri for him (unke liye), for Om pizza and for others I haven’t decide.
Rudy: wah bhabi! Apke “unke” liye especial aloo puri, hah? *teasingly*
Ani: nothing like that Rudra, I don’t know his choice, na. “sad smile”

Rudra understands that his bhabi was sad so he tried to divert the topic

Rudy: even I couldn’t understand his choice till now, pata nahi kya kya khate peete rehte hai, saira bano/ meri mano (Americano???), very very meet the ball which is spicy (he meant peri peri meatball with spaghetti???) aur bhi ajeeb ajeeb cheez

To this Annika laughs.

Rudy: bhabi always keep laughing like this and be happy. I love you bhabi. “He side hugs her”
Ani: I love you too. Now go to Saumya, she was looking for you.
Rudy: hein?? OMG! I totally forgot, we were suppose to go to lunch date! Sorry bhabi, don’t make my baked pasta now. Make it at night for my dinner. Now I am going. If I get late Sumo will kill me. Bye bhabi, love you, tata.

He runs from there

Ani: sambhal ke. Yeh Rudra bhi na… (Carefully! This Rudy na…)

Scene 3 (O.M garden)

Om: look Ridhima I already told you I’m not gonna change theme of my bedroom’s wall so don’t ask me to change it again and again.
Rid: Om do at least this for me. You are not telling your family about our relation, I’m not forcing you to do but please change the theme.
Om: Ridhima, don’t argue with me. I am not gonna change it. Please change the topic.
Rid: ok then, come with me for a dinner date today, please please please please!

Om smiles.

Om: ok. Anything for you.
Rid: yeah and that’s why you are not changing the theme of the walls. “Ha-dekh-hi-rahi-hu look”
Om: let’s not spoil our mood. I have to go to my gallery now. Bye.
Rid: even I’m going to hospital. Bye. Tata, love you.
Om: love you too. “Kisses her on cheek”
They both leave.

Scene 4 (some restaurant)
{Let’s keep the restaurant’s name as, “kha kha ke mote ho gaye restaurant”?????? sorry sorry, you all read}

Rudy and Somu are sitting and chatting.

Rudy: Sumoooooo “he calls her”
Somu: what?
Rudy: sorryyy
Somu: Rudy please, I won’t accept you apology this time, you always get late.
Rudy: Sumo please yarr, I was talking to bhabi so I forgot about our date.
Sumo: oh so now you are blaming bhabi?
Rudy: oh hello! I am not blaming bhabi, she is my pyaara pyaara sweet sweet bhabi after all. It was just that she was sad so I was talking to her.
Somu: yeah Rudy, bhabi is upset from the day of her marriage. Donno why? I really feel sad seeing her like this.
Rudy: me too. We even tried to get bhaiya-bhabi close but they scolded us saying what stupidity we are doing.
Sumo: hmm… let’s order something.
Rudy: you say what you wanna eat?
Sumo: umm.. I donno.
Rudy: ok let’s check menu….

They order food and eat it. After eating they go to many places. Finally they go back to home at evening.

Scene 5 (Shivika’s bedroom)
Annika is crying sitting on floor.

Shivaay was working on laptop on couch. Annika comes with food.

Ani: Shivaay, I made aloo puri for you.

Shivaay looks at her.

Shiv: why did you make food, Annika? And that too aloo puri? You know I don’t like all this, right? Who told you you to make food?

Anger was clear in his voice and eyes. Annika got scared.

Ani: Shi… Shi.. Shivaay I just wanted to make something especial for you. I didn’t know what you would like to have so I made aloo puri.
Shiv: “shouting” did I ask you to make? And what especial? You don’t have to make anything for me, you… you just… forget it! I’m going. I will have food outside.

He went from there. Food tray fell from Annika’s hand. She sat on floor and started crying. She was crying from noon to evening, cursing her fate, remembering how she had to suffer after her marriage. She was not that khidkitod Annika anymore, she was broken. Tej’s taunt, Shivaay’s anger and Pinky’s hatred all this effected her. She was not much effected by Tej or Pinky, she was effected by Shivaay. She was confused what Shivaay felt for her. Sometimes Shivaay was like a psycho lover. First he hurt her then take care of her. He was really unpredictable, when he was angry and when happy, no one could say. He was changed again.

Screen freezes on Annika’s face.

P.S: don’t curse Shivaay, you don’t know his POV till now so without knowing don’t say anything about him.


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      I am really happy you liked it but you know na that I can’t continue it with less comments. I will surely send you the links, thank you so much. Love you- Neeti

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      I am continuing because of the love you all gave me. Thanks for reading and commenting. Comments really matter to the writers. And that FB scenes are most important so you have to wait. I will also give Shivaay’s POV, you just have to wait and also comment regularly ?. Thanks again. Love you- Neeti

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